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Integrated System for CNC Education

CAM Lab is a set of 4 software products designed to make students proficient in all aspects of CNC machining. CAM Lab is designed to provide a structured learning system to develop skills in machining, programming and operation of CNC lathes and machining centers. It comes with specially designed illustrated teaching manuals and materials. It is widely used for CNC training in training centers of manufacturing companies and in technical educational institutions. CAM Lab is developed by Cadem, 3 times winner of the CMTI award for design excellence for CNC software.

CNC machine simulator

CAM software for automatic programming

User comments Prof. Nagaraj Updhaya

Professor, Manipal Institute Technology, Manipal We bought CADEM software ten years ago and are planning to increase it to 25 seats. Cadem’s seeNCmill and seeNCturn simulates all canned cycles and subprograms, which is required to teach manual part programming. We found CADEM CAMLab to be unmatched by any other software. Moreover, CADEM is a truly Indian product.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Professor, Anna University, Guindy Campus I have used CADEM in industry and after seeing all the software available, we bought CADEM, because it meets the syllabus perfectly. Moreover CADEM is a 100% Indian product and widely used in industry. Apart from reliable software, CADEM’s CNC work books and Programming guides are most useful for faculty to teach and prepare for class.

Dr. N.V. Raghavendra

Professor, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

Manual program simulation software

We use CADEM software and I can say it is the easiest CAM and NC program simulation software to learn and teach. NCyclopedia multimedia software makes teaching machining operations easy. Students find it very easy to learn and master CNC technology when they use CADEM software.


Multimedia CNC teachware

President, M.S.Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore At MSRAS we had bought CADEM exclusively because of the superior manual program simulation capabilities of CADEM CAM Lab suite of CNC software. To teach CNC technology using NCyclopedia is very effective and easy. doNC CNC simulator is the ideal and most economical tool for training and skill development.


NCyclopedia NCyclo

Learning CNC machining technology using Multimedia teachware NCyclopedia is a teaching tool that enables a trainer to teach CNC milling and turning technology in a highly effective manner through hundreds of videos, animations, diagrams and explanations written in simple, easy to understand language. It covers the complete range of topics in CNC machining technology. NCyclopedia has content from real life machines, tools and machining situations from the best shop floors in industry. Videos and animations have been created exclusively for training. What the trainee learns Machine construction, working of various parts Machining operations, tool paths, cycle time Cutting tools, inserts, ISO nomenclature Tool holders, clamping, tapers Cutting parameters selection, tool wear, tool life Work holding in turning and milling, fixture basics CNC programming - canned cycles, subprograms, tool radius offset

seeNC Mill / seeNC Turn seeNC

Learning manual CNC programming using Simulation software seeNC Mill and seeNC Turn support ISO programming format on controls like Fanuc. They are designed to impart the whole range of skills required for programming. They come with teaching material that eliminates the teacher's job of making teaching notes, presentations and programming exercises. What the trainee learns Programming syntax in ISO format, for basic motions and subprograms. Lathe canned cycles G70,G71,G72,G73,G74,G75,G76,G90,G92,G94. Milling canned cycles G73, G74,G76,G80,G81,G82,G83,G84,G85,G87 Tool selection for various operations from tools database. Checking the correctness of the tool path through graphical simulation. Optimizing the tool path and cycle time.

CAPSmill / CAPSturn CAPS

Learning CNC programming through CAM software CAPSmill and CAPSturn are designed to teach the whole range of skills required for machining on a shop floor. They come with tutorials that simplify the learning process. What the trainee learns Programming using CAM software. Cutting parameters selection for various machining operations. Cutting tools selection for various machining operations. Process planning, machining operations sequencing Post processing for popular controls like Fanuc, Sinumerik (Siemens), etc. Cycle time calculation and optimization. Making shop docs - process sheet, tool list, etc. Spindle power - calculation and optimization.

doNC doNC

Learning CNC machine operation using multimedia machine simulator doNC is a CNC machine simulator software, designed to impart training on operating CNC machines. Like a flight simulator, it enables a trainee to learn machine operation without an actual machine. Trainees can safely and efficiently practice their machine operating skills on a PC, and get ready to operate real CNC machines in a very short time. doNC simulates popular CNC control systems exactly, with real-life audio and visual effects. What the trainee learns All machining operations CNC console operation like MDI, Jog, spindle on/off Tool offset setting on the machine Single block checking and starting cycle Safe operation of machine Avoiding collisions and accidents


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CAM Lab is designed to provide a structured learning system to develop skills in machining, programming and operation of CNC lathes and mach...