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“What more sacred, what more strongly guarded by every holy feeling, than a man's own home?” Cicero

Home is the place where all dreams start. Rêve d’Or shapes dreams in golden glimpses and glamorous shades of colour by revisiting the ancient art of gilding in gold, silver and copper. Timeless and elegant elements which we believe will bring exquisite hints of emotion to home interiors. Rêve d’Or detail pieces are created one by one by passionate master craftmen with years of experience.

Screens and Wall panels Ideal to divide and define spaces, Rêve d’Or screens and wall panels are finished exlusively in gold, silver, copper and coloured leaf as well as noble woods and high gloss varnishes. All Rêve d’Or pieces are suitable for humid environGold leaf screen Fully opened: 1,75m x 1,65m x 0,02m Closed: 1,75m x 0,65m x 0,06m

ments such as baths and kitchens.

Bespoke quality Virtually any color and dimension may be manufactured according to your project needs. Rêve d’Or screens and wall panels are produced in Portugal by experienced artisans using EU certified materials such as wood materials, metal leaf and varnishes. Gold leaf Wall panels

Finishings color palette

Gold leaf

Copper leaf

Dark copper leaf

Silver leaf

Gold leaf patine

Copper leaf patine

Silver leaf patine

Golden silver leaf

Rose leaf

Aquamarine leaf

Light green leaf

Dark yellow leaf

Ametist leaf

Safira leaf

Emerald leaf

Ruby leaf Portugal

Rêve d'Or - gold leaf  

Rêve d'Or catalogue - screens and wall panels in gold, silver and copper leaf.

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