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The hottest grime collective in the industry are giving us an exclusive interview about being signed to the Boy Better Know label by grime king Skepta. We also get the exclusive on their ‘beef’ with The Movement clique and the low down on their debut album .


he hottest collective in the grime scene have just been snapped up and signed to Boy Better Know records and have wasted no time in joining in on the ongoing feud between Boy Better Know and The Movement collective. Yes, we are talking about ‘Organised Grime’ who hail from Camden Town, East London. The crew, formed in 2007 became highly popular in the underground grime scene and consist of four members who are GudBoy, Dynamik, Sniper and Loony Toon. The crew regularly started to build hype around their name later that year by joining Boy Better Know on their Rinse FM radio slot on Sunday evenings, forming an affiliation with that collective. ‘OGs’ is what they’ve dubbed themselves, have been featured

on Logan Sama’s Kiss 100 show, and their movements got them a feature on BBC Radio 1Xtra with DJ Cameo. They appeared on Tim Westwood’s Radio 1Xtra slot usually aired on Saturdays and spat highly contreversial bars, taking direct shots at ‘The Movement’ members including Ghetto, Devlin, Wretch 32 and Scorcher. OG’s became a sensation when they released their acclaimed mixtape ‘OG Season’ to rave reviews. Their skanking and shanking bars became underground hits and their lyrical ability to spit highly credibal bars bought them to the attention of Boy Better Know member Skepta who agreed to sign the four talents to the ‘BBK’ label. OG’s have recently released their debut video ‘Ur Mum Luvs Boyz’ and it is set to storm the charts, you can see it on MTV Base. We interviewed Loony Toon to get his thoughts on being signed to Boy Better Know and his thoughts on the ‘beef’ between Boy Better Know and


MIC CHECK EXCLUSIVE!! Written by Gurdial Singh e-mail me at

The Movement and between Skepta and Ghetto and more intense and has even sparked death threats he said towards OG members from a highly hot headed ‘Im delighted that we’re nally signed to the best lamovement member, Ghetts. bel in UK music today and I think we can now only go Although controversy surrounds the new clique, forward and progress and show the music scene the fans and critics alike are waiting to hear their detalent that we know we have’. but album ‘The Monarchs’. The album, the When asked about the feud he replied ‘the most anticipated of 2009 in the grime scene movement are waste and there dumb blud, has been con rmed as an official project by Ghetts Ghetts trying to diss us, Ghetts f*** you’. Sniper, who said F*** You!!’ The feud took a turn for the worse after the ‘Yeah yeah de nitely, we’re dropping our OG’s insulted The Movement click on Westalbum in late 09 and will spark the brain of woods Radio 1 Xtra, even goin as far to say the scene. Its about movements this year and that Ghetts and Devlin have had homosexual interwe’re going all out for our debut album’. The album course, mentioned in a track named ‘Ebony & Ivory’. is set to feature special guests such as Kano, Bashy, Despite efforts to end the feud from neutral DJs such J2K, Skepta, JME, Dot Rotten, Griminal and P Money as Logan Sama and Tim Westwood as well as artand we will all be waiting for their controversial deists such as Kano, Durrty Goods and Dot Rotten, the but album to drop in stores, later this year! war between OG’s and The Movement has become



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