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Corey Daniels Service Project Paper Transitioning College to Career

Service Project Paper

The service learning project that I did was called ECTA which stands for empowering communities to transcend adversity. ECTA is a mosaic of people and projects around the world who are challenging adversity through simple, grassroots solutions for the problems of those most in need. The had a simple mission which is ECTA does assist communities in five charitable programs located in Denver, Colorado as well as these following countries; West Bengal, India, Wild Coast, South Africa. This nonprofit organization also added two charitable programs; the Intefit and the Art for Aid. ECTA main focus is helping equip the less fortunate in countries who are not able to help themselves. Some examples are Accounting services, ensuring that project financials are subject to periodic review and are geared towards long-term sustainability and Administrative services - in everything from payroll to making copies, ECTA is there to support project members just to name a few

("Empowering communities to," 2009). ECTA also has a Facebook page and was as a twitter page so that you can view many more activity that they are doing to assist countries.

My role for ECTA was to create a fundraiser to provide awareness about this nonprofit organization and raise money through an event which 100% of the proceeds would go to support the ECTA programs. The fundraiser that I came up with was called “Discounts for Donations.� I wanted to target students from the Auraria Campus who attended Metro State University of Colorado Denver as well as Community College of Denver. My idea was for ten dollars the

Corey Daniels Service Project Paper Transitioning College to Career students from those schools would purchase a card (printed by ECTA) with 100% of the proceeds going to support ECTA programs. Each card will have five marking boxes. Students present these cards at a business that I talked to for a discount of twenty percent off of a drink or appetizer up to five times (with an employee checking off a ‘marking box’ on the card), helping to increase business while supporting worthy non-profit causes at the same time. Some of the business I talked to was Starbucks coffee, Einstein Brothers beagles, cinnaroll in the Tivoli, and also North Café in the North Classroom building,

Over all the experience working with Brenton was amazing, I do appreciate the fact that he was always positive and always there to assist me and sacrifice his time to listen to my ideas. Creating a fundraiser was challenging, I have to admit it was way out of my comfort zone but Brenton was always there for support. Being able to create and express ideas to business and even to Brenton was nerve wrecking, but it got me more comfortable with myself and my ability to be able to express my ideas and just to be heard. I think this was a great learning experience especially If I want to continue my interest in the public relations field. I have to learn to be patient, a lot of business have turned down my proposal for my project, but it’s also helped me improve my drive to keep moving forward and come up with some more ideas. If anything I really want to thank Brenton for putting up with me helping me out. It’s a bummer that it didn’t work out the way I wanted it, but he continue to stay positive and encouraging. I do hope that future students get a chance to work with Brenton. And I do hope that I continue to stay apart of ECTA and contribute as much as I can.

Corey Daniels Service Project Paper Transitioning College to Career This has also giving a more positive outlook in communication. I feel like being able to have the ability to assist cultures and families less fortunate than we are is something that I feel address and educate to people in society. Doing this service learning project and being able to major in Communication has giving me a different outlook and something to look forward to doing in the future. We all have the ability to make a change in the world. You can’t do it by yourself or make a dramatic change but being able to help a family or two goes a long way. It takes discipline and sacrifice but at the end I’m sure it will be worth it. I have a lot to think about in the future for my career but I think after this course and service learning project this is a huge start.

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