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Corey Daniels December 8, 2010 Principles of Public Relations

Learning Landscape

Situation The situation facing Learning Landscape is that the majority of the Denver Public School playgrounds in Denver lack sufficient play areas for children to enjoy during recess or during after school activities. The majority of the school yards were in bad shape. Most of the playgrounds mainly had bad conditioned asphalt and little shade. This caused a huge problem for children because during the summer when kids go out and play most the playground areas would get to hot and that would wear down the children easily, and with no added shade that would force the kids to go home early instead of staying out there and enjoying the weather and spending time with friends. Parents like the fact that their children would also use that play time to stay active and exercise. Child obesity is a huge problem in society right now and the more the kids are active with the appropriate setting the healthier and more fit they will be. Also injury would play a huge factor as well, with the torn up gravel in the asphalt, children would be prone to injury. Most of the equipment used on the playground wasn’t age appropriate which could cause more injury. Learning Landscapes will help communities with these things which include a playfield, playground equipment, gardens, trees, shade structures and a gateway to their neighborhoods.

Corey Daniels December 8, 2010 Principles of Public Relations


To help with these challenges I have some objectives. I want to launch a program in Denver that not only helps improve school yards, but it would build a community in rural neighborhoods. I want the playgrounds to do much more than to serve students during a normal school day. I want this to serve as an environment for family functions and as a community gathering spot as well as a recreational retreat for families on evenings and weekends. What I want to do is to create an environment where schools can be supported by communities, where they can serve families outside of school hours. With Learning Landscapes, I want to create a unique playground that goes along with the environment surrounding the schools. With a unique design for the playground, kids from the surrounding communities will be able to feel more at home while playing on a creative playground system. The most important thing that I want to touch base on is getting the community involved. Getting the individual community involved in funding the project gets people excited and creates an ownership with their community. The community members can also take part in helping building this special project. Adding unique features that match the area will really touch base with the kids and the community. Learning Landscapes wants to put more emphasis on education by adding educational feature so the kids getting a better idea of how important it is to learn such things as Geography. Some examples of

Corey Daniels December 8, 2010 Principles of Public Relations

this can be seen with, world maps, also a map of the United States featuring the fifty states. For math we place number lines and fractions incorporated into asphalt games,

Target Publics The public(s) that I am trying to reach are the public schools in Denver, who are in need of a educational and environmental friendly playground. I understand that schools in Denver are not getting the founding they need to be able to re-build playgrounds. I want to touch base with the parents, students and children who live in the surrounding areas. I want to reach out to the schools in Denver who lack the appropriate playgrounds environment. By doing this I can raise awareness on how important it is to keep children be active by interacting with other children and having fun getting into shape without stress. The communities around the schools need to get involved too. Having volunteers encourage these children to be active is very important. By addressing this issue though public meetings and touching base with public schools will help get this point across. The need is to create a happy and safe environment that children can go outside and play and exercise with the appropriate playground and a safe environment.

Core Message We tend to forget that a big part of growing up for young children is simply letting kids enjoy being kids by playing and having fun without a care in the world. Kids learn values of

Corey Daniels December 8, 2010 Principles of Public Relations

making new friends, living in the moment and also stay healthy and active through the short time they are playing with friends and family. By Building these playgrounds kids have a great chance of learning the importance of being healthy and learning of each other.

Additional Key Messages. I strongly believe that the playground area for Denver schools should not only provide our students with a fun and safe place to play and get some exercise, but should also serve as an extended learning environment. Communication Channel Ben McKee is a Community Relations Backpack Journalist works for the community, neighborhoods, and works a volunteer. He does stories on children and kids in surrounded neighborhoods in local areas in Colorado. Ben McKee is the perfect person for this this press release because him and the rest of his press help reach out to the children and help support the community for children. Ben stories help people like us gain more awareness of what’s going on with young children in surrounding communities in Denver. His telephone number and e-mail is as follows: E-mail - Telephone number - 303.871.1442.

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