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Volume 2, Issue 1

9 September 09

Dates to Remember:

09.12.09 Adult Conference Lake Tahoe

10.06.09 HS Leadership Camp Woodland

10.7.09 Junior High Leadership Camp Woodland

03.06.10 CADA State Conference Reno, NV

Inside this Issue Validation means more 2 than free parking.

How to use YouTube in the classroom


Woodland Registration 5

Your Area A Board Contact Info


COORDINATOR’S MESSAGE Suzy Krzaczek Dear CADA Area A Members, Welcome back to another challenging, but rewarding school year. I hope you all had some time to relax this summer and are ready to hit the ground running. With the state budget crisis, we know the year will be challenging for all involved in extra curricular activities. You have a huge support group with your “CADA Family”. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and suggestions. We would love to see you here in South Lake Tahoe September 12-13 for an energizing and valuable advisor conference. Feel free to call me directly at 530 318-8905 if I can help you with this. We have changed the fees to the original cost (see flyer in newsletter and website). There will be no longer be an additional expense for registering late. We just want to get each and every one of you here. October will be here before we know it. Please plan on bringing your students to the conference in Woodland on October 6 for high school and October 7 for middle school. Again, please see the flyers in this newsletter and on the website. The lowest price is the one that will apply. Remember, “Life is not about avoiding the storm, but rather learning to dance in the rain”. My personal goal for the year is to learn to dance in the rain (or snow). Wanna dance with me?

Sincerely, Suzy Krzaczek Area A Coordinator


1) Call Suzy to register for the Tahoe Conference (530) 318-8905. 2) Register for the Woodland Conference 3) Look in to securing your room at the CADA state conference. 4) Check out the new CADA Website 4) Check out the new CADA pages on Facebook and Twitter



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USING VIDEOS IN THE CLASSROOM By Matt Soeth I recently came across a video on YouTube called “Validation.” It’s a short film that follows the exploits of a parking lot attendant who not only validates parking, but also validates people. As the story goes, the guy is a huge hit, with people coming from all over just to get “validated.” It’s not long before the attendant gets noticed by his boss, his bosses boss, etc. In time, this lone person is credited with peace in the middle east, complementing George Bush on his Golf Swing, as well as giving kudos to Saddam Hussein on his mustache. However, in spite of all this, the attendant has one problem, he must get his picture taken at the DMV, and as the movie clearly states, there is no smiling at the DMV. Our attendant, Hugh, tries will all of his might to get the gloomy photographer to smile, but to no avail; and Hugh must go on his way to try and find his smile again. In the end, Hugh gets the girl to smile, and it’s a happy ending for all. I did this lesson with my English Students, and worked from several angles. 1.

2. 3.


I asked the students to write down everything the attendant (Hugh) said on the left side of a T-Chart. On the right, I asked them to work on what it means. By the end of the video, the kids should have a full page of quotes from Hugh. Then, the kids had to write on the right side of the chart what Hugh meant in his quotes.

The first time around your students will be very concrete, I only

had two students break the mold and read into what he meant a little bit. For example, when Hugh says, “You, you are awesome.” He is not really just saying that the person is awesome, but he is building up in that person a sense of greatness and uniqueness that wasn’t there before. From here we started talking about compliments, and how often during the day some people go without getting a simple complement. We talk about the power of complements and how that affects peoples attitudes.

“Validation” A Short Film on YouTube.

At one point in the film, when Hugh is down, it is because of an interaction he has with the photographer at the DMV. This leads to a great discussion about how are attitudes and moods can affect those around us, good or bad; and while not foolproof, a good attitude can have a big impact on the people around us. Please, take what I have done and use it for your own resources. I’m sure there are many things you can do with this great video. Also, this will be a great first assignment for downloading a video from YouTube, which you will read about in the pages ahead. To find the film, google Validation, or simply click on one of the photo’s on the right.

TJ Thyne as Hugh Newman, the now unpahappy parking attendant.

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FROM YOUTUBE TO CLASSROOM There is nothing more exciting than finding a great video you can use in your classroom on YouTube. It’s free, it’s there for the taking ... but it’s blocked on your school server. Firewalls are a blessing and a curse, and districts have many reasons for having a firewall in place. One way to get around it, use a YouTube ripper. A couple of terms you need to know before you get going. There are two types of files you will be working with flash video (.flv) and windows media files (WMV). Most Youtube videos on the web are stored as flash video files. To download it, you need a ripper. One of the most consistent rippers I have discovered is at The website has directions on it should you get confused, but all you need to do is paste in the URL (web address) for the YouTube video. Once this is done you will need to save the video to your computer. This is the tricky part, because you will need to add .flv to the video. For example, if the video is saved as “vacation.” When you save the video you will need to save it as “Vacation.flv.” After saving the video as an .flv file, you will need to download another program. That program is YouTube Downloader, another free program on the net. You can download here from cnet. is the best way to go if you want to get the video the first time every time.

You can open the flv file using this program, however, our goal is to convert the file to play on Windows Media Player. Once you have installed the YouTube Downloader, open the file and choose convert file. You can then save it as a windows media file and you are good to go. You can also use YouTube Downloader to rip videos from YouTube, however, it doesn’t always work. If you use downloader9, you will be more successful and get the video you want from the net. Once you have the file saved, transfer to a disk and take it to school to play at work or on your laptop. Hopefully this works for you, should you have any questions, please feel free to email me, One other thing to be aware of, pixilation. Essentially, if the quality of the video is low, it will look blurry and blocky on your screen. Play with it and you will learn what works and what doesn’t work. Happy Ripping!

YouTube Downloader from Cnet. Just click convert and you are on your way.

CADA Area A High School-Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Middle School-Wednesday, October 7, 2009 North State Woodland Student Leadership Conference Name of School:__________________________(High School or Middle School) Address of School:__________________________________________________________ School Phone #:___________________________ Fax #:____________________________ Name of Advisor(s):________________________Email:____________________________ CADA Member Schools: # of students _____x $29 (by 9/25/09) =_____ _____x $45 (after 9/25) =_____ # of advisors _____ x $29 (by 9/25/09) = _____ _____ x $45 (after 9/25) = _____ Non-CADA Schools: # of students _____ x $39 (by 9/25/09) = _____ _____ x $ 55 (after 9/25) = _____ # of advisors _____ x $39 (by 9/25/09) = _____ _____ x $55 (after 9/25) = _____

Please register online or complete and mail this form to CADA, c/o Tom Palmer 1401 Indian Ln Concord, CA 94521. Enclose a check payable to CADA. No refunds will be given. NO PURCHASE ORDERS ACCEPTED. IN ORDER TO REGISTER AFTER SEPTEMBER 25, YOU NEED TO CONTACT TOM PALMER DIRECTLY AT (925) 689-8709! The difference in fees is required by the CADA by-laws. The late registration fee is to encourage early mailing for registration in our planning for facilities and food. If you are interested in joining CADA for the first time, contact CADA Central at 1-888-USE-CADA (1-888-873-2232) List topics you would like to see covered in an Advisor’s Session:

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CONTACTS Area A Coordinator:

Matthew Soeth

Suzy Krzaczek

Kimball High School

Lori Sato

South Lake Tahoe Middle School

(209) 830-3360

Encina Preparatory High School

2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

1400 Bell Street,

South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96150

(530) 541-6404 x 230

Carrie Stepp

Central Valley High School

4033 Central Ave

Area A Assistant Coordinator Allison Gadeke Sierra Middle School

Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 971-7538 (916) 971-5360 ext. 4809 – vm (916) 971-7555 – fax

Ceres, CA 95307 (209) 556-1900

Anna Ripken

6768 Alexandria Place Stockton, Ca. 95207 (209)953-8749 Area Council Members: Bill Battaglia Bidwell Jr. High School 2376 North Avenue Chico, Ca. 95926 (530)891-3080 ext. 408   Kellie Fisher Galt High School 145 N. Lincoln Way Galt, Ca. 95632 (209) 745-3081   Tom Palmer 1401 Indian Ln. Concord, Ca. 94521-2902 (925) 689-8709  

Ron Jones

Wicklund Elementary School

PO Box 543

300 Legacy Dr.

Loomis, Ca. 95650

Mountain House, Ca 95391

(916) 652-7758

209-836-7200 ext. 2132

Steve Southard

Linda Cooper

Sonora High School

Ceres High School

430 North Washington Street

2320 Central Avenue

Sonora, Ca. 95370

Ceres, Ca 95307

(209) 532-5511 ext. 156

(209) 556-1920 ext. 5380

(209) 533-1158 fax

Jo Forsyth Diamond View Elementary School 850 Richmond Rd. Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-5144 (530) 257-7232 fax Kim Karr Excelsior Middle School 14301 Byron Hwy. Byron, CA 94509 (925) 550-4013 (925) 634-5120 fax

CADA Mission Statement

From: Suzy Krzaczek South Lake Tahoe Middle School 2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96150 Phone: 530-541-6404 E-mail: Facebook (click here) Twitter (click here)

CADA Area A Coordinator

It is our goal to promote the attitude and belief that a well-balanced student co-curricular program is an integral and vital part of a well -rounded education for all students. By providing both intensive training and diverse resources, CADA provides our adult members the tools to increase the effectiveness of their student leaders. As our student organization, CASL works to provide its student members with the leadership skills necessary to develop, implement, and evaluate co-curricular programs on their own campuses. It is also the intention of CASL to provide assistance in developing leaders with integrity and ethical decision making skills, so that they may be active participants at the local, state, and national levels. These two organizations work side by side in their commitment to training and providing opportunities for students to be effective leaders.

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September 2009 Area A Newsletter  
September 2009 Area A Newsletter  

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