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Volume 1, Issue 2

21 March 2009

Dates to Remember:


5.14.09 Spring Training Seminar for the 2009-2010 school year

9.12.09 Tahoe Activities Director Conference, September 12, 2009.

10.6.09 & 10.7.09 October 6 & October 7, 2009, Fall training for junior high and high school officers in Woodland.

Inside this Issue Technology and Resources—new online resources for Area A


CADA Round-up— Conference summary


AREA Award Winners


Lesson Ideas—lesson idea w/handouts


Advice from a former ASB President


Modesto Conference Registration



1)Register for the spring student conference in Modesto before April 7th.

It was so great to see so many of you at the convention. I know how hard it is in these economic times to be allowed to go anywhere. Thanks for making CADA a priority. Area A traveled the furthest, yet had strong representation.

2)Register for the South Lake Tahoe Adult Conference before the end of the year. 3)Check out the lesson idea provided in this publication.

We are working hard to go to a “paperless” system of communication. With Matt Soeth on the Area council, our communication through technology is growing in leaps and bounds. Check out the technology information in this newsletter. Hopefully, you have received this newsletter via email, but it can also be viewed on the CADA webpage Please let us know if your email address changes so we can keep YOU up to date. We don’t want you to miss our spring student leadership conference in Modesto. It is a great opportunity to train your leadership students is anticipation of next year. You will find all of the information in this newsletter.

4)Read the article about technology and see what we are doing to better sup port you in the classroom 5)Go online and download additional resources.

you out with your program. Don’t hesitate to call on any of us. We are working to establish a “coaching” program. Look for updates in the Area A Newsletters. Happy Spring!

Also, with the CADA Convention fresh in your mind, register for the Tahoe Adult Conference BEFORE the school year ends. It is a valuable weekend, located in a beautiful place, and you will go home with more ideas than you can possibly use. It is also a chance for those of you working on your certification to fulfill one of your requirements. Thank you to all of you for allowing me to serve for another two years. The first two were pretty rocky as the difficult times with my family were, at times, overwhelming. I finally feel as if my feet are planted and heading in the right direction. With all of our commitment to student activities, I hope Area A continues to shine. You all make a difference everyday in the lives of your students. Let’s stick together as we struggle through this difficult time. I am always available, as are the council members, to answer your questions or help

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NEW RESOURCES FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT One of the new resources that the Area A Board wants to provide to its members is more resources to use in your classroom. Often there are great discussions we have with other activities directors at conventions, interleague events, or a phone call seeking out help for an every day problem or curricular need. However, sometimes it is hard to get that person on the phone when you need something the most. At the same time, what resources do you have at school? Is there a book you need to get or a lesson idea that you lost the handout to? Well, that is about to change. Very recently, CADA Area A started looking at using online social networks as a means of communicating and getting info out to its members. One of the first places you can go is Facebook. Have an account, you can join the Area A Fan page. On the site there are links to videos and other learning tools you can use in your classroom. Also, for more on the spot updates, you can subscribe to CADA_ Area_A on Twitter which will see various postings from event reminders, web links, and blog posts … that’s right, blog posts. One of our main focuses at Area A is to offer more professional development, and a quarterly news letter as well as the conferences we offer each year. Collaboration is the key to being a great educator, and we want to offer you more. As an activities director, we are often isolated on campus as not everyone understands the work we do. Right now, there is someone on your campus saying, “ASB sure makes a lot of posters, do they do anything else in that class?” However, we know better, and it helps to lean on people who understand your problems. At the end of the article will be the links to the various sites that are now available for you to use as a resource. Come and join them, get

involved in the discussion—or start a discussion— and help us, the Area A board, to better serve you. One other big change to come will be podcasting. We will be travelling around and speaking to many activities directors, speakers, guest educators and professionals in the field of education for motivational pieces, lesson ideas, and great stories and experiences. Our first podcast will be Ron Jones. We are also working with speakers like Tyler Durman for future podcasts as well as articles for this newsletter. Please check out these sites, there is more great ideas to come as this is the beginning of what we hope will be a new and interactive Area A.

AREA A Facebook Fan Page: 1)Network with other activities directors 2)Lesson Ideas 3)Post Discussions 4)Announcements/Calendar of Events 5)Video Posts and Pictures from Area Events

AREA A Twitter: 1)Up to the minute announcements 2)Blog Posts and new content 3)Video Resources like YouTube to use in class 4)Post your own ideas and links

CADA-FARI 2009 RECAP I will start off by saying that I am very biased when I say that CADA-Fari 2009 was one of the best conferences I have had the opportunity to be a part of.. In fact, this is the only conference I have been involved with when it comes to planning and presenting. I would not have thought possible six years ago at my first CADA. As Skipper in Training Matt, I got to work with many great people on stage and behind the scenes with the general session. These are the people who make this conference such a great retreat for the educator in need; whether it is lesson plan ideas, collaboration, or a chance to speak with other positive people in the world of activities who understand the type of impact our work has on students and schools.

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fact that he could not have his tiger at the show. If he had his tiger there, he would have done much better. In spite of that setback, the other animals were neat, seeing the African Serval unfurl itself on the table; or the New Guinea Singing Dog howling with the audience; and it would be hard to forget the look on those brave volunteers faces as they realized they were holding a 60 pound snake. A big thanks to the San Diego Zoo whose animal Ski handlers were incredibly nice to work with back stage. ppe r

Lastly, hard to forget Mike Smith who knocked his endnote right out of the park. He could not have done a better job of One of my favorite experiences at this semi- closing out a convention. He was right when he said that nar was seeing Tyler Durman speak and exthe impact we as teachers make on a student’s life is incalplain why “ASB students are like BBQ culable. By the way, the poem that Mike read so emphatichicken.” His analogy was perfect, even the cally on stage was “It Couldn’t be Done” by Edgar line, “then that makes junior high students Guest. You can find it at like sushi,” made me laugh at it’s appropriate- guest_couldntbedone.htm. ness. Tyler was one of many speakers who gave workshops and spoke with conference A big thanks must go out to Steve Southard who was very goers at this years CADA. supportive of my creativity as we worked closely on the script with Patty Judge. Also, to Ron Ippolito who was a The Drum Cafe’ was mastermind behind the curtain to make sure people were in amazing with their high the right place when they needed to be. The announcers, intensity rhythms, engag- whose silky smooth voices guided ing the crowd in a unified us through many announcements, beat. I’m sure many a were Jim Nyberg and Wayne Judge. person in the crowd was Congratulations to Patty Judge for sore the next day from putting on a great convention. Her pounding on a drum for hard work created a wonderful exover an hour. As for the perience for the almost 1300 condrummers themselves, all vention goers there in San Diego. very nice people. I had a Patty Judge, welcoming chance to talk to them af- Again, a big thanks to the many people Some safari goers having a ter the show and they were who worked behind the scenes both at little fun with the fire. adventurers to the convention. very friendly. The calthe state level and the Area level who luses on their hands were CADA-Fari a fun and enjoyable experience. I would have incredible - definitely the sign of an experito say I am very excited about CADA 2010, The Spirit of enced drummer. New Orleans. It looks to be another great convention. Dan Stockdale had a little trouble on Thursday, though not entirely his fault. He had to re-write his whole entire speech based on the

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CONGRATULATIONS TO TAMARA GIVENS THE BOB BURTON SPIRIT AWARD WINNER The Bob Burton Spirit Award is the namesake of Bob Burton the activities director. The author of “Spirit Works, Turn it On” and long time presenter Bob made a tremendous positive impact on thousands of students at hundreds of schools throughout the United States and Canada. He was dedicated to sharing ideas for improving the climate on high school, middle school, and elementary school campuses. This award was presented to a member from each area who has made spirit work, makes a positive difference, and emphasizes inclusion. For Area A, that person was Tamara Givens. Each year, schools visit Tamara’s program to learn about such things as curriculum, class organization, grading policy, constitution, student mentors and elections. She recently initiated a “School Culture” program last

year with her student body at Granite bay. Also, her “Grizz Nation” is a powerful force at sporting events and Aca Dec where students paint their faces and cheer for the home team.

She continues, “One of our most spirited events on campus is Powder Puff, juniors vs. seniors. We have made the week a whole spirit week, with a Powder Puff rally, dress up Tamara said of winning the days, lunchtime activities, that award ”I was so honored to culminates in the game Friday receive the Bob Burton award, night and the Sadie Hawkins because Bob has been such an inspiration to me these past 10 dance Saturday night. We have over 130 girls per team, years that I have been an Acwhich is about half the girls tivities Director. One of my from each class playing. And, earliest memories of Bob was after I presented my first work- we fill the stands with undershop several years ago. He classmen and other juniors, came up to me afterward and seniors and parents, who love gave me his card and said he the competition. “ learned a lot and thanked me for my information! I thought, "Ah, he can't learn ANYTHING from ME!" He was just so encouraging and kind and I was just honored to have him at my workshop!”

Congratulations to Tamara on her award which is recognition well deserved.

Tamara Givens, Bob Burton Spirit Award Winner

I thought, "Ah, he can't learn ANYTHING from ME!" He was just so encouraging and kind and I was just honored to have him at my workshop!” Tamara on meeting Bob Burton

Congratulations to the Area A Award Winner Matt Soeth The “Area Award Winner” honors a CADA area member for contributions to their area, rather than to the program at any individual school. The nominee could have been active in CADA through the years in a variety of ways: by serving as a contributing member of the Area Council, working at cheer or leadership camps, by presenting or presiding at a convention, by processing convention assistance with the area table, by presenting at the area conference, by helping organize the area conference, etc. Over the past year Matt has contributed to the area newslet-

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ter as well as helping out at the various area conferences. Said Matt, “Since my first CADA conference six years ago, I have wanted nothing more than to get involved with this great organization which supports teachers in their efforts to teach students. I am surprised and excited that my fellow area members feel I have made such a great contribution to Area A.”

Matt accepting the award

“Since my first CADA conference six years ago, I have wanted nothing more than to get involved with this great organization which supports teachers in their efforts to educate students. “ Matt Soeth

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT “Successful Leaders READ their people and then LEAD their People!”

This letter’s professional development piece comes to us via Kim Karr who teaches at Excelsior Middle School in Byron CA. The first two pages of her activity are here in this letter while the Personality Brochure is posted on the Area A website. This is the activity she uses to start each year with her Leadership students. If you have questions, feel free to contact Kim at

Kim Karr of Byron Middle School

What will this personality quiz say about you and your students?

4. I am more… a. A perfectionist b. The life of the party c. Strong willed d. Easy going


c. d.

c. Goals d. Sympathetic Realistic Low-key Organizes Unique

Note: Amount of times you chose a letter is how strong that personality is!

Total: A’s ____ B’s ____ C’s ____ D’s ____


7. What shape are you attracted to the most?

b. Friendly Risk-taker Exciting

b. Childlike c. Active d. Caring Busy Curious Mediator Charmer Competitive Indecisive

6. A. Talented Lists High Standards

5. a. Tidy Dependable On time

Word Clusters: Just choose the set of words that best fits you.

3. I like… a. Facts and details b. To be with people c. To get right to the point d. To build relationship

2.I best describe myself as… a. Very neat and organized Talkative-always telling stories Always in need of a change Patient-a good listener

1. I work best… a. Independently- every thing needs to be perfect. b. With a group-it’s a lot more fun with a bunch of people c. Being in charge- always winding up as the leader It doesn’t matter- as long as everyone enjoys it

Don’t care what the person next to you is writing! This is just for you.

What’s Your Personality?

Melancholy Sanguine Choleric or Phelgmatic

Are you a…

We all love quizzes!

It’s a Personality Quiz!

Actor Other Sanguines: Robin Williams Fergie Richard Simmons

Ashton Kutcher

Other Melancholies: Christina Aguilera Hillary Clinton

All-American Rejects

Tyson Ritter

Common traits: There are the dreamers who have the elaborate ideas but cannot form them alone. Very social; always in need of being around people and always prevents dull moments. Likes spontaneous activities and likes to plan but is less timeoriented. They are big risk takers who make quick decisions. They also have a memory for color. These are the talkers who are always telling stories. Can be identified by the colorful, childlike personality. Easily making friends, they inspire and charm others.

Ashton Kutcher

B’s - Sanguine

Common traits: These are the most commonly the visionaries and never accepting boundaries. They want to know the “bottom line.” Very detail conscious. Work best independaly so everything is done perfectly. They are deep, thoughtful and analytical-serious and purposeful with genius intellect. Like lists, charts, graphs, and figures. They are orderly and organized, and economical with deep concern and compassion for others. Being compulsive they don’t always finish things.

Tyson Ritter

A’s - Melancholy

Your Personality type

Keanu Reeves Actor Other Plegmantics: P. Diddy Michelle Branch

Oprah Dr. Phil Donald Trump

Other Cholerics:


Chris Brown

Common TraitsThey are easy going and not a risk taker. Likes to build relationships and is calm cool and collected. Being good listeners they have many friends and are supportive. They also, however, require the support of other people. They make careful decisions, are less time oriented and people pleasers; always wanting to do what makes everyone happy. Trying to please everyone cause the inability to make decisions-make them seem “wishy-washy”. Low-key personality, patient and well balanced. They are always happy no matter where they are.

D’s - Phlegmatic Keanu Reeves

Common Traits: Gets right to the point. Limited on time because they are always busy. Always wanting immediate results, works best independently and comfortable with multiple-choice questions. They are risk takers. Needs to have the power; and has the ability to run anything. Thrives on competition and has a compulsive need for change. They are usually right -having the ability to see practical answers in life’s problems

Chris Brown

C’s - Choleric

Your Personality type

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Central Valley Student Leadership Conference Thursday, May 14, 2009 MAIL-IN REGISTRATION FORM Please check the box next to the fee that applies to you:

CADA Member

CADA Member

Online on or before 4/17 $35 per student and/or advisor

Mail in on or before 4/17 $35 per student and/or advisor

No on-site registrations will be accepted.

go to Registration postmarked or faxed April 18 – May 7:

CADA Member $45 per student and/or advisor Please check to see if you are a CADA member before registering. CADA membership for an individual is $100.00 & $230.00 for a school. By mail - If you would like to renew your membership or join CADA for the first time, enclose a separate check for dues. If you are not sure of your membership, you may call CADA Central at 1-888-USE-CADA.

Name of School: ______________________________________________ _____ Junior High (6-8 graders) ______ High School (9-11 graders) Address of School: ____________________________ City:_______________ Zip Code: _____ School Phone number: ___________________________ Fax: ___________________________ Name of Advisor(s): ____________________________ E-mail: __________________________ _____# of Level I Leaders (first year leaders actually doing the work independently or with others) _____# of Level II Leaders (leaders who serve as managers by coaching, teaching, and coordinating the work of others. They include class secretary, treasurer, appointed members, committee chairs, and some commissioners. _____# of Level III Leaders (leaders who oversee, coordinate, coach, and serve as resources for the Level II Leaders. They include presidents and vice presidents who are responsible for keeping the group on course.

# of students attending

_____ X $___________ = $___________ Indicate numbers of students:

# of advisors/chaperones _____ X $___________ = $___________ TOTAL REGISTRATION = $__________ Total number attending


Dues CADA/CASL ($100-individual, $230-school)

____ # of 6th graders ____ # of 7th graders ____ # of 8th graders ____ # of 9th graders ____ # of 10th graders ____ # of 11th graders

= ________ (by mail - separate check)

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: __________________ Make checks payable to CADA

Check # : ____________

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California Association of Directors of Activities 3540 Soquel Avenue, First Floor Santa Cruz, CA 95062 Dear Parent/Guardian, We are pleased that your child will attend a CADA student leadership conference. Please review CADA’s “Parent/Guardian Privacy Notification” and “Digital & Video Photography Policy”. Complete the bottom portion and return to your child’s teacher/advisor. Thank you! Parent/Guardian Privacy Notification During the course of this CADA/CASL activity, participants may be photographed and/or videotaped by the CADA/CASL organization. These photos and takes may be used for the promotion of this or other CADA/CASL events or for training purposes. In certain cases students or school advisors may be permitted to photograph students from their own schools. Digital & Video Photography Policy The taking of digital or video photography is prohibited during this CADA/CASL activity unless prior authorization has been granted by the Organization. This is done for the privacy and protection of the participants. In most cases it will be the policy of CADA/CASL organization to allow the photographing of participants for the purpose of publicity at the photographers own school and or his/her own participants. Suzy Krzaczek Area “A” Coordinator

Name of CADA conference attendee: _______________________________ School: _______________________________________ Advisor: ______________________________________ Name of parent: ____________________________ Signature of parent/guardian: ________________________________ date: _____________

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CONTACTS Area A Coordinator:

Matthew Soeth

Kim Karr

Suzy Krzaczek

Tracy High School

Excelsior Middle School

South Lake Tahoe Middle School

315 East 11th Street Tracy, CA 95376

14301 Byron Hwy.

(209) 830-3360

(925) 550-4013

(925) 634-5120 fax

2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96150 (530) 541-6404 x 230 Area A Assistant Coordinator Allison Gadeke Sierra Middle School 6768 Alexandria Place Stockton, Ca. 95207 (209)953-8749 Area Council Members: Bill Battaglia Bidwell Jr. High School 2376 North Avenue Chico, Ca. 95926 (530)891-3080 ext. 408 Kellie Fisher Galt High School 145 N. Lincoln Way Galt, Ca. 95632 (209) 745-3081 Tom Palmer 1401 Indian Ln. Concord, Ca. 94521-2902 (925) 689-8709

Byron, CA 94509 Carrie Stepp Central Valley High School 4033 Central Ave Ceres, CA 95307 (209) 556-1900 Ron Jones

Lori Sato Encina Preparatory High School 1400 Bell Street, Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 971-7538 (916) 971-5360 ext. 4809 – vm

PO Box 543

(916) 971-7555 – fax

Loomis, Ca. 95650

(916) 652-7758 Steve Southard Sonora High School 430 North Washington Street Sonora, Ca. 95370 (209) 532-5511 ext. 156 (209) 533-1158 fax Jo Forsyth Diamond View Elementary School 850 Richmond Rd. Susanville, CA 96130 (530) 257-5144 (530) 257-7232 fax

7B - San Joaquin, Stanislaus counties Anna Ripken Wicklund Elementary School 300 Legacy Dr. Mountain House, Ca 95391 209-836-7200 ext. 2132 7B - San Joaquin, Stanislaus counties Linda Cooper Ceres High School 2320 Central Avenue Ceres, Ca 95307 209-538-0130 ext. 502

CADA Mission Statement

From: Suzy Krzaczek South Lake Tahoe Middle School 2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96150 Phone: 530-541-6404 E-mail:

CADA Area A Coordinator

It is our goal to promote the attitude and belief that a well-balanced student co-curricular program is an integral and vital part of a well -rounded education for all students. By providing both intensive training and diverse resources, CADA provides our adult members the tools to increase the effectiveness of their student leaders. As our student organization, CASL works to provide its student members with the leadership skills necessary to develop, implement, and evaluate co-curricular programs on their own campuses. It is also the intention of CASL to provide assistance in developing leaders with integrity and ethical decision making skills, so that they may be active participants at the local, state, and national levels. These two organizations work side by side in their commitment to training and providing opportunities for students to be effective leaders.

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