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Volume 5 + APRIL 2008


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Welcome to the Spring edition of the INsider. In this issue, we want to talk about how you can get the most from your spring cleaning. Whether it’s sorting through the clutter in your home or in your financial records, we can help you get organized – and make a little money while you’re at it. Sound like fun? Then come on in to the INsider.


real advantages Now you can get the cash you need no matter where life takes you. We take pride in the fact that we have over a hundred ATMs in the Kansas City metro area, because they make getting the cash you need a lot more convenient. But when you have so many cash machines all over town, sometimes it’s hard to remember where to find one. That’s why we’ve created the ATM Locator. This bad boy has a map of all our CommunityAmerica branches and a list of every local CO-OP Network ATM. That way you can find a CommunityAmerica cash machine no matter where you are. And, when folded up, this little guy is small enough to keep in your purse, your wallet, your glovebox or wherever you hide away all your useful stuff. We’re giving the ATM Locator to every new CommunityAmerican, but if you’re a current member and want to get your hands on one, just stop by a branch and ask. We’d be glad to hand one over. For the more tech-savvy CommunityAmericans, we’ve got a digital version, too. Sign on to to check it out.

The ATM Locator: Just another real advantage from CommunityAmerica.


Leaves don’t have to be the only green you see this summer. Sure, summer usually means no school and lots of fun. But with just a little effort, any kid can make some extra cash during the warm months. Whether it’s a lemonade stand, selling some old toys at the family garage sale or mowing a neighbor’s lawn, there are a variety of jobs that can help you spend, save or share more than you thought possible this summer. Read below for some of our favorites.

Sweet product, sweeter profit. Ahhhhhhhhh – there’s nothing better than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. So how better to make some bucks than by selling pitchers of your own? Just have mom or dad help you mix up a few batches and set up a simple stand on the corner of your street. Or, for a boost in sales, set up your stand near a local park or playground. You’ll be surprised how much the right location can increase your profits.

of cool pets and make some money at the same time. And the best part of all – all you need to get started are two legs and a love for man’s best friend.

Like babysitting without the back-talk. During the summer, lots of families head out on the one-week excursion known as summer vacation. But who waters the plants and collects the newspapers while they’re gone? That’s where you come in. Most times, house sitting is as easy as doing a couple simple chores like feeding pets and turning the lights on and off. Now if that’s not easy money, we’re not sure what is.

Sun, fun, and free licks, too. There’s no question that dogs LOVE to go on walks. They also usually love the person who walks them. So why not contract to walk the neighbors’ dogs? It’s a great way to make friends with lots


It all starts with security. Accepting cash, checks or money orders online is the quickest way to a big SNAFU. In fact, payment fraud is the number one way sellers get scammed online. Lucky for you, Sarge knows the biggest, baddest way to a secure transaction outside of a team of Navy SEALS: It’s the best way to make sure you always receive payment in full before you ship your product. And since PayPal is an official partner of some of the big auction sites like eBay, it’s so easy even a private could use it. Go to to sign up on the double!

Want to find out who you’re REALLY doing business with online? Then try checking out buyer or seller feedback before you do business. With the feedback system, you can look at a potential buyer or seller’s transaction history as written by other folks who’ve done business with them. If a user has more than one or two negative comments or ratings, it’s best to steer clear. Instead, just look for people with impeccable ratings who you know will treat you right.

Keep your friends close, and your stuff closer. Sure, you may be anxious to get that old junk out the door once you sell it online, but hold on one second, soldier. Before you mail that merch to a buyer, make sure you have the agreed-upon payment amount in your hand (or bank account). Even if a buyer swears on his mother to pay you later, don’t be fooled. He’s likely just a scammer out to take your stuff without paying up. So be cautious, because once you send that package out the door, there’s no way to get it back.

I N S IDER + APRIL 2 0 0 8

Hey troops – Sarge here. So, you’ve finally gotten your act together and cleaned out that war zone you call an attic, and now you want to sell the old gear online. Before you get started, be warned: there are a lot of creeps out there waiting to take you for a virtual ride. Not to worry, though. Below you can find the training you need to keep your bank account safe when you buy and sell online.

Get to know your fellow soldiers.


THE INSIDE SCOOP ON YARD SALES At CommunityAmerica we always try to help you clean up your finances. Now we want to help you clean up your home, too. That’s why this year we’re helping you pull off the perfect sell-a-ton-and-make-a-little-while-you’re-at-it yard sale. THE PRICE IS RIGHT That coconut tiki head from college may be priceless to you, but to somebody else, it’s just a lamp. And it’s not worth 25 bucks to ANYBODY. When you price your merchandise, don’t look at things in terms of what value they have to you. Look at them in terms of what value they might hold for Joe Yard Sale. For more pricing tips, go to:

NOW THAT’S WHAT WE CALL CURB APPEAL Even though your treadmill only looks like failed fitness dreams to you, it has major stopping power for any passer-by who’s been thinking about how to drop that extra ten pounds lately. Display that baby (or any other cool item) at the front of your sale, and you’ll attract a lot of customers who would otherwise do nothing more than drive on by.

TEAM UP FOR A BIGGER SALE (AND PROFIT) Don’t have quite enough stuff to justify throwing a fullblown sale? Well, chances are Sally down the street feels the same way. The perfect solution: team up to make a big, bad, bodacious sale. Splitting up all the set-up, take-down and change-making responsibilities can save you a ton of time and effort. Or, if you really want to up your customer count, get together with your local homeowners association and organize a neighborhood sale. You’ll be surprised how much an organized effort can increase your business.


DON’T bring that stuff back in this house, young lady! Sure, it’d be nice if you sold every last coffee mug and old cassette at your yard sale, but it isn’t exactly likely. So what do you do with all the leftovers? Taking them to the curb for the next trash day is the easiest solution, but if you’d rather take a more environmentally friendly approach, just drive them over to the nearest thrift store. That way your old stuff finds its way into the hands of someone who really needs it.

PRE-OWNED MERCHANDISE VS. OLD JUNK What’s the only difference between the two? In most cases, it’s as little as 30 seconds of wiping, scrubbing, rinsing or polishing. So if you want to maximize your profits (and why on earth wouldn’t you?) then make sure everything you sell is looking its best, or at the very least respectable.

put...the blankie...down We know, we know. Little Billy’s toddler toys hold some sentimental value, but now that your boy has graduated from his tricycle – and high school – it’s time for most of the old stuff to go. When you’re deciding what stays and what goes, here’s a good rule of thumb: if you haven’t used something in the last six months, then there’s probably no reason to hold on to it.

Want to really move some merchandise? Then you’d better make sure a lot of people know that you’re trying to sell it. Classifieds, flyers at the local grocery store and signs placed around the neighborhood are great ways to advertise. And if you’re feeling particularly tech-savvy, try posting a few ads online: and are great places to start.

I N S IDER + APRIL 2 0 0 8





Now that you’ve got your home all cleaned up this spring, why not try and get your finances all cleaned up too? It’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, we’ve broken it down into three easy steps.

1. Trash what you can While it’s commendable that you save all those receipts, bills and miscellaneous papers, do you think you really need all of them? You’d be surprised how much financial clutter comes from old records that you just don’t need anymore. I mean, we know the good old days hold some fond memories, but is there any reason to keep that bank statement from August of ’88? Probably not – so shred it up and get it out. “But what financial stuff do I need to hold onto?” you ask. Don’t worry, we’re one step ahead of you.

2. Keep what you must When it comes to financial records, sometimes all the rules and regulations are hard to remember. That’s why we’ve created a handy list of common documents and how long you should keep them around. Cut out the list below and put it near your financial records. That way you’ll always have a cheat sheet of what you need to keep and what you can afford to get rid of.

3. Organize EVERYTHING Whether it’s in a file cabinet, a bunch of labeled shoeboxes or a stack of manila folders, make sure you have a place for everything. And while you’re at it, cut out the handy-dandy list below and slap it on the front of your financial storage space. It’ll help things stay organized and let you know when you can place them neatly in File 13. Just make sure to shred first, because the right information in the wrong hands can lead to big (and we mean BIG) trouble.


The keep it/toss it cheat sheet Tax Records W2s or 1099s – keep for seven years.

Bank Statements Quarterly and monthly statements –

Credit Card Information Receipts – keep until the end of each month.

receive annual summary. Annual statements – keep three years.

keep until year’s end. Yearly statements – keep for one year, until you receive the following year’s. Sign up for e-statement for an easy digital backup.

Investments Monthly and quarterly statements

Bills Monthly bill statements – discard as

Pay Stubs Pay stubs – hold until you get your end-of-

– keep for one year, discard when you receive annual summary. Trade confirmations (purchase or sale of mutual funds and stocks) – keep three years.

soon as the check clears.

year tax statement.

Retirement (401(k), IRA) Quarterly statements – keep until you

Mortgage/Auto statements – do not discard until you no longer own the item.

Statements – keep monthly until you receive the next month’s.

Tax-related transactions – keep with your tax documents for seven years.

Wanna catch a ballgame while you catch up with your credit union? Then come on out to our Annual Mem ber Meeting on Thursday, June 26 at CommunityAmerica Ball park. Last year’s event was a big success, and this year’s will be bigg er, better and even more fun. So unless your name is Negative Nan cy, Debby Downer or Grouchy McSmartypants, mark your calendar s now and come check out what promises to be one of the most awe some events of the year.

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WE’VE GOT THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF YOUR ADDITION PROBLEMS. If you need a little extra cash to cover life’s expenses, check out the 3.99% APR* home equity LINE OF CREDIT from CommunityAmerica. With our great rate, you can use the home you have to get the things you need. Because after all, that new kitchen isn’t going to build itself. 800.892.7957 + = JOIN IN® * APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory rate of 3.99% APR for the first year of the loan. Following the 1-year intro period, the APR will vary for the remaining life of the loan based on Prime Rate published in the The Wall Street Journal Money Rates Table plus a margin. Advertised APR is for “A” and “B” borrowers at a maximum loan to value at 80%. Maximum APR is 18%. Rate is subject to credit qualifications. Actual rate may vary. Home value is based on County tax assessment when available or Automated Valuation Methods (AVM). Member may choose to pay for a full appraisal if tax assessment or AVM is disputed. Property must be a single family home and owner occupied. Member must carry insurance on the property that secures this loan for an amount equal to or greater than the first and second mortgage amounts. Flood insurance may be required if property located in flood zone. Minimum loan amount is $10,000. Maximum loan amount is $100,000. Offer available to members who do not have existing HELOC. Members with existing HELOC will not be eligible without qualifying and may be assessed an origination fee of $150 for transferring their existing CommunityAmerica HELOC to the promotional rate. Early loan termination fees may also apply. Offer not valid in New York or Texas. Offer subject to change or expire without notice. Consult a tax advisor concerning tax-deductibility. This credit union federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

INsider | Vol. 5 | April 2008  

In this issue, we want to talk about how you can get the most from your spring cleaning. Whether it’s sorting through the clutter in your ho...