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PRESIDENT’S LETTER Dear Friend and Supporter, Few social issues are more pressing than that of protecting our children. The children’s advocacy center (CAC) model has emerged over the last three decades as the preferred response to child abuse in Texas. Through the CAC multidisciplinary team approach, a child impacted by abuse can readily access the vital ingredients of safety, justice, and healing that make up the recipe for restoration. The CAC model is intentionally built on cross-sector collaboration, coordination, and partnerships in order to leverage every part of our communities across both the public and private sectors at the local, state, and national levels. The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas (CACTX) continues to lead the fight as the membership organization for the nation’s largest network of 71 CAC programs. As a father and a Texan, I have answered the call to invest my time and energy in being a part of this collective impact to protect children. You have also played a critical role in the collective success detailed in the pages of the CACTX state fiscal year 2018 Annual Report. Together, we have made great strides over the last year alone. In fact, the Texas network of CACs closed out this past fiscal year with the largest-ever annual increase in child victims served. But there are still unserved children in need of CAC services. Now, more than ever, each and every one of us must continue to sustain and build upon this collective success in furtherance of restoration for abused children across Texas. We look forward to working in partnership with you in the coming year as we continue the fight together. Sincerely, Jeff Jeter, Past President

OUR STORY The state fiscal year 2018 story of the Children’s Advocacy Centers™ of Texas, Inc. (CACTX) and the network of 71 children’s advocacy centers (CACs) in Texas is one of significant impact achieved through strategic and intentional systems-wide collaborations to achieve safety, justice, and healing for child victims of abuse. Put another way, this year’s story is one of collective impact. “Collective impact” is “the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem” and “require[s] many different players to change their behavior in order to solve a complex problem.”1 We can think of no better example of collective impact than the Texas network of CACs, their multidisciplinary team (MDT) partners, community supporters, funders, elected leaders, other nonprofits, schools, and many others. Why? Because “substantially greater progress could be made in alleviating many of our most serious and complex social problems if nonprofits, governments,

businesses, and the public were brought together around a common agenda to create collective impact.”2 At CACTX, we know this to be true as we see the indisputable success of the best practice, public-private partnership CAC model at work every day. A clear measure of the success of the collective impact of the CAC MDT model in FY18 is the increase in the demand for CAC services—the largest in Texas history—and the bold response by CACTX and local CAC programs across the state. But we didn’t do it alone. It took all of us, collectively, to positively impact the lives of 58,432 Texas children and their families, achieving a 22% increase in children served from FY17 to FY18. Our vision is big—to reach EVERY CHILD with EVERY SERVICE by making EVERY EFFORT. We continue to strive toward that goal and are making substantial progress every year. We know we will realize new heights of collective success in the fight to protect Texas children if we are all in this together.


John Kania and Mark Kramer, “Collective Impact,” Stanford Social Innovation Review, winter 2011, https://ssir.org/articles/entry/collective_impact.










Children Served Total Children Served by Texas CACs Through the Years

58,432 47,893 43,244

39,977 28,026 25,209




















• Every Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) region in the state • Child Care Investigations • Adult Protective Services • Health and Human Services Commission Provider Investigations • Countless medical and mental health professionals

Each of the six core CAC specialized services experienced substantial increases in FY18:

• Joint Investigation Coordination: 266,419 DFPS reports of abuse and neglect reviewed • Forensic Interviews: 44,389 children forensically interviewed

Services Provided in FY18

• Family Advocacy and Victim Support: 51,352 families received family advocacy services • Trauma-Focused Therapy: 22,517 children and 9,514 non-offending adult caregivers received mental health services

• Medical Evaluations: 8,090 children received medical evaluations • MDT Case Review: 33,673 cases were reviewed by the MDT (facilitated by the CAC)



WHO WE SERVED Since 1995, the Texas CAC network has

served 772,915 child victims of abuse, providing critical services needed to place each of these children on a path toward safety, justice, and healing.

67% sexual abuse 17% physical abuse 7% child witness to crime 4% neglect



Ages of Children Served:

Types of Abuse:

2% other 21%






2% sexual & physical abuse <1% fatality

98% of child victims KNEW

their alleged perpetrator

HOW WE ACCOMPLISHED IT “Unlike most collaborations, collective impact initiatives involve a centralized infrastructure, a dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants.”3 In FY18, CACTX worked to shore up each one of those five conditions of collective success to “assemble and coordinate the specific elements necessary for collective action to succeed.”4

Common Agenda CACTX continues to lead the Texas CAC network and our countless MDT partners and other supporters in striving toward our ultimate shared vision of reaching EVERY child, providing EVERY service, and making EVERY effort. This vision will allow us to accomplish our collective goal of ensuring safety, justice, and healing to ultimately achieve restoration for every child victim of abuse in Texas. This collective vision continues to make Texas a national leader in the CAC MDT approach.

Shared Measurement System CACTX is committed to using data to inform services and the investment of resources. 3




• Continued to devote resources to Strategic Vision Advancement to fuel data analysis, assessment, and benchmarking to help CACs and their MDT partners identify areas of success as well as gaps in order to reach every child in need. • Hosted cross-disciplinary strategic expansion workshops in order to share customized data reports aimed at assisting CACs in identifying where resources and services should be directed to maximize impact.

• Completed the Phase I development of

Collaborate, a uniform case management system, which will allow for greater data integrity and information sharing among CACs and between CACs and investigative partners.

• Initiated the revision of the Texas Standards for CACs, the minimum program standards by which all CACs in Texas are governed. • According to the CACTX-developed Outcome Measurement System,

»» 95% of MDT members reported that the CAC MDT approach resulted in a more collaborative and efficient case investigation, and »» 94% of caregivers felt that the CAC facilitated healing for their child and for themselves.



Mutually Reinforcing Activities The cornerstone of CACTX and the CAC model is crosssector collaboration and coordination aimed at cultivating meaningful partnerships at all levels in order to maximize positive outcomes for child victims of abuse and their cases.

• Commenced the first-ever Statewide MDT to

fortify the MDT response and strengthen joint investigations of child abuse. The SMDT worked to identify and develop solutions to systemic challenges related to child abuse investigations, prosecutions, assessment, and intervention.

• Collaborated with DFPS to implement Senate Bill 1806 passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, which requires DFPS referral of high-priority child abuse cases to CACs for facilitation of the coordinated MDT response, a key factor in achieving the largest increase in the number of children served in Texas CAC history. • Testified at state legislative hearings and engaged with local, state, and key federal leaders to raise awareness of needs of CACs, MDT partners, and child victims of abuse. • Participated in seven statewide task forces and other round tables on child welfare topics. • Opened the 71st Texas CAC in Parker County. • Executed the first-ever CACTX/DFPS statewide memorandum of understanding memorializing our partnership and commitment to work together.

• Collaborated with the Office of the Governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team to enhance the CAC MDT role in child sex trafficking response. • Presented on CAC and child abuse investigation topics at key MDT partner conferences at the state and national levels, such as presentations for all DFPS Special Investigators; Texas District and County Attorneys Association Crimes Against Children Conference; and National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference.

Continuous Communication Building trust and relationships is central to all CACTX’s work with a focus on adding as many individuals and entities to our cause to raise awareness of child abuse, the complexities of child abuse investigations, and the importance of reaching every child in need.

• Launched the Community Leaders Forum

initiative to engage local community leaders and elected officials in the issue of child abuse and the complexities of child abuse investigations in their communities.

• CACTX and member CACs worked closely with local, state, and national partners in responding to natural disasters and crisis situations, such as mass shootings, that impacted Texas communities. • Published Houston Chronicle op-ed titled, “Rauls: Honor women athletes who spoke the truth.”

• Hosted the 5th Annual Women of Courage luncheon with more than 300 attendees. • Grew Women of Courage membership to 70 dedicated ambassadors for children. Through Women of Courage, the My Safe Space: A Room Makeover Project continued into its second year, allowing 44 CACs to restore children’s living spaces after allegations of abuse. The project transformed 60 spaces and impacted the lives of 125 Texas children. • Engaged Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott in CAC efforts through tours of CACs across the state, private briefings, inviting her to serve as our special guest at the Women of Courage luncheon, and hosting our Women of Courage at the Governor’s Mansion for a Women of Courage volunteer initiative. • Trained nearly 226,000 adults and 227,000 children in recognizing, reporting, and preventing child abuse through over 10,442 community awareness presentations. • Moved community awareness materials to an online ordering platform for local CACs who ordered over 57,900 awareness materials to share in their local communities. • Engaged public stakeholders through a panel discussion for two films related to child abuse at the Austin Film Festival.

Backbone Support Organization The mission of CACTX is to restore the lives of abused children by supporting CACs in partnership with local communities and agencies investigating and prosecuting child abuse cases.

• Delivered 138 trainings to 1,955 child abuse professionals, resulting in a 13% increase in participants over the previous year.

»» Launched new trainings to support CAC

staff in supervisory and leadership positions, including the Leadership Conference and a workshop for program directors.

»» Hosted several regional advanced trainings for direct-service staff, including a polyvictimization training for family advocates, advanced child exploitation forensic interview training, and a networking forum for mental health clinicians.

»» 100% of participating CACs reported

satisfaction with the CACTX Training Program.

• Hosted a series of membership events including a Directors Summit and Committee of the Whole Executive Meeting to build connectivity and reinforce our unified vision. • Engaged private and public funders to support CACTX efforts to build capacity in furtherance of our strategic vision.

• Worked with individual CACs to craft and operationalize effective and efficient budgets related to delivering direct services to children and families at the local CAC level. • Processed 1,637 requests for reimbursement totaling almost $45,000,000 in funding as the pass-through administrator for state and federal funding for CACs. • Conducted 33 site visits and desk reviews to evaluate compliance with both grant management standards and the Texas Standards for CACs. • Conducted thorough legal and security reviews related to HIPAA and its application to CACs as well as its impact on the new uniform Collaborate case management system. • Launched the new Grants Management System to streamline the application, budgeting, and reimbursement processes for member CACs. • Processed thousands of technical assistance requests from CACs, MDT partners, funders, elected leaders, and the public. • Launched our newest toolkit, Demystifying the Law: Legal Resources for CACs in Texas. • Invested in additional staff to enhance public affairs, grant management/compliance, and programmatic initiatives. • 100% of member CACs reported satisfaction with the value of their CACTX Membership.



WHAT’S NEXT While we are proud of what we have accomplished together to serve more child victims of abuse each year, there are still tens of thousands of children in Texas in need of CAC services. This existing need to continue to do more fuels our work toward our ultimate shared goal of reaching EVERY CHILD with EVERY SERVICE by making EVERY EFFORT. As we look to the future, the best estimates available show that there are over 100,000 cases of child sexual abuse and physical abuse in Texas every year that could benefit from critical CAC services or a CAC-facilitated joint investigation response. With time and adequate resources, we can close the gap and reach every one of these children. We are confident that with the sustained investment and support of the public and private sectors, our

CAC network can continue to build on our collective success to serve each of these child victims of abuse. It will take every one of us coalescing around our uniform vision, amplified by BOLD action focused on scalability; diversification of resources; expanding both breadth and depth of services while maintaining quality; and, perhaps most importantly, sustainability for the future. We are ALL part of this BOLD solution to ensure that Texas children who are affected by abuse have access to safety, justice, and healing through our collective impact. Together, we can create more awareness of the complex problem of child abuse, change the conversation to make it more inclusive, and support the collective system for which CACTX is the backbone support organization.

Please join us as we seize the opportunity to DREAM BIG for Texas children.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FY18 Corporate and Foundation Support Swalm Foundation Kozmetsky Family Foundation T.L.L. Temple Foundation The Meadows Foundation AT&T Altria Billy Millwee & Associates BNSF Railway DentaQuest RWH Foundation

Superior HealthPlan Charter Communications Mindy Ellmer Magellan Health Public Blueprint Denise Rose Jackson Walker Occidental Petroleum Alliance For Children Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

Supporting Public Partners

Special Thanks

• Office of the Governor—Criminal Justice Division • Office of the Attorney General—Crime Victim Services Division • Texas Children’s Justice Act • Texas Health and Human Services Commission • National Children’s Alliance • Southern Regional CAC

We are humbled by the continuous generosity of our Women of Courage who serve as

ambassadors for children victimized by abuse through community awareness, promoting prevention, and financially strengthening

programs, such as My Safe Space: A Room Makeover Project, through their $1,000 annual membership commitment.

CACTX FINANCIALS STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES For the period September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018




Membership Dues


Other Income/Investment Income





Management and General







Receivables, net


Fixed Assets, net


Prepaid Expenses/Other Endowment/Investments TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES

Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses TOTAL LIABILITIES

EXPENSES Program Services


Cash and Short-Term Investments

SUPPORT AND REVENUE Grants and Contracts *






$7,863,601 $7,863,601



Permanently Restricted


Temporarily Restricted TOTAL NET ASSETS


$3,097,974 $11,128,564


CACTX benefited from additional revenue from endowment distributions and prior year contributions.

*93%, or $46 million, of the grant and contract revenue received by CACTX is awarded to local CACs for the delivery of services in their communities.

CACTX LEADERSHIP FY19 CACTX Board of Directors Executive Committee: Jim Kimbell, President Gina DeBottis Metts, President Elect Revlynn Lawson, Vice President Billy Millwee, Secretary Blaine Brunson, Treasurer Jeff Jeter, Past President Michael Keener

Board Members: Kim Abernethy, Cary Baker, Elizabeth Brock, Michelle Carter, Meredith Delk, Jane Donovan, Julie Evans, Cleve Glenn, Lee Hon, Tracy King, Jessica Mahaffey, Dave McGee, Denise Merriman, Lindsay Mullins, Rhonda Pierce, Denise Rose, Terri Smith, Laura Squiers, Lasse Wagene, Leslie Ward

FY19 Leadership Staff Joy Rauls, Chief Executive Officer Sally Allen, Chief Development and Marketing Officer Catherine Bass, Chief Strategy Officer Cherisse Robison, Chief Financial Officer Irish Burch, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives Alex Cantu, Director of Operations Kaley Friedenthal, Director of Grants Administration Christina Green, Director of Public Affairs Lindsey Jordan, Director of Programs Ellen Morrissey, Director of Center Advancement

The achievements reflected in this report were made possible through the hard work and commitment of an extraordinary team of committed professionals working on behalf of our Mission and Vision each day as members of Team CACTX. We are honored that these professionals have chosen to dedicate their talents to ensuring safety, justice, and healing for Texas children. To learn more about Team CACTX, please visit www.cactx.org/staff.

1501 West Anderson Lane, Bldg. B-1 Austin, Texas 78757

P 512-258-9920 F 512-258-9926


Every Child. Every Service. Every Effort.