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12 October 2012

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RTI Completes 7 Years...Govt wants to Dilute It ..!!

 RTI Completes 7 years on 12th Oct 2012

On the Occasion of completing 7 years and good governance. of RTI Act, Prime Minister Dr ManmoHowever RTI should not be looked with han Singh made a very negative remark such a limited perspecand declared governtive. Misuse of the Act by ment’s intention to dilute some “Non-common citior restrict the law by exzens” or people with empting information unvested interest is still der the name of Privacy. small in percentage. Large He further said that PPP number of common citiproject related information should be zens are asking for information related looked as information that will hamper budgets, welfare schemes, list of beneinvestments. This is not only unfortuficiaries, procedures of giving benefits, nate gift to RTI act, but also shows that subsidies, information of NREGA, government has not yet changed its wages, muster rolls etc etc. which mindset from “privacy’ to transparency, needs to be disclosed proactively, but

 SC passed order that Commission should have at least one retired judge  Public hearing by NCPRI at new Delhi

 Over 13000 cases pending at Gujarat Information commission cases

pending at GIC

Inside this issue: Students & RTI


Voter’s Right to 2 Know Sanitation 2 Scheme and RTI

MAGP conducts Audit of Gujarat Govt Websites. Gujarat government’s Websites discloses only 10% of the information out of 17 manuals supposed to be disclosed as per section 4 of RTI act. MAGP conducted an audit of the Govt websites which revealed that 80% of the websites are not updated . While 70% of rural and 55% of urban population are seeking information which government has to anyway disclose proactively. However citizens do not get this info even after filing RTI , appeals and complaints. This leads also to pendency of cases at Gujarat Information commission Level.

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RTI Samachar

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RTI applies or SEZ—Karnataka High court In the remarkable judgment by Karnataka High court passed an order that Special Economic Zone falls under the definition of Public Authority as per section 2(h) of RTI act. Shri H. Sundar Rao had sought information from Mangalore Special economic Zone which was denied by it saying that it does not fall into the purview of RTI as it is not holding “substantial” funding from the Government.

Modes of Payment of application fees in Gujarat :

HC however interpreted that “substantial funding” should be read to take within its sweep all funding provided by the appropriate government either from its own bag or funds that reach the authority through appropriate government. With its concurrence or its clearance. Thus Mangalore SEZ company is a public authority and should provide information to citizens under RTI act.

1. Cash 2. Postal order

Voter’s Right to Know Campaign.

3. DD

Gujarat Elections will be held in December. MAGP RTI helpline gets around 10 calls per day to inquire about model code of conduct, queries on Voter Identification as well as information regarding probable candidates.

4. Pay order 5. Revenue stamp, 6. Court fee stamp, 7. Non-Judicial Stamp 8. Electronic stamping

MAGP will now provide guidance voters on their rights, & responsibilities so that they make their informed choice. Information regarding code of conduct and instructions from Chief electoral Office will be disseminated via SMS, RTI Helpline - 09924085000 as well as via Voters may also send their queries to mail to .

9. Bank Challan 10. Franking

Want reimbursement ? Submit a photo with your toilet…!! This strange condition was put by district official to all beneficiaries of “Sanitation Support Scheme” . Residents of Saladi village had to spend Rs.200 to click one photograph of their besides their toilet to get 2200 reimbursement from government. This continues till Bhadresh Wamja helped them to get correct info for implementation of this scheme, where in government official admitted that such a strange condition was added to save themselves from field visit. For verification

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Extra story / message from editor


कीचड़ को कीचड़ से नहीॊ धोया जाता . उसके लऱए लनर्मऱ जऱ की आवश्यकता होती है . आर .टी.आई इस्तेर्ाऱ साफ़ हाथं से करना


जरुरी है …


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This is first issue of RTI Samachar. This is currently in English & its an E-publication. But soon it will also be available in Gujarati too...

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