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Employers become more efficient with electronic Records of Employment (ROEs) Access – The first time the Primar y Officer accesses the ROE Web account, he or she will have two login options. The Primar y Officer can log in using a GCKey, the new Government of Canada secure credential, or a Sign-In Partner identification that enables users to access online government programs and ser vices using a login they may already have with a financial institution.

Are you still filling out paper Records of Employment (ROEs)? Forget the paper! ROE Web is a secure and easy-to-use Web-based application that lets payroll administrators create, submit, and amend ROEs online, faster and at a lower cost. Ser vice Canada developed ROE Web to make it easier for employers to fill out ROEs and simplify the processing of workers’ Employment Insurance claims. ROE Web lets employers and payroll ser vice providers create, amend, view, print, and s ubmit electronic ROEs online.

Sign in and start enjoying all the benefits and security of ROE Web! Learn more

The benefits of ROE Web include: • increased productivity and time savings; • reduced paper burden; • filing flexibility; • improved ROE quality and accuracy; • ease of use; and • security.

To learn more about ROE Web and how to register, or to get answers to frequently asked questions, visit ser or call the Employer Contact Centre at 1-800-367-5693 (TTY: 1-855-881-9874).

Follow these steps to get started using ROE Web Whether you are a large or small company, you need to register with Ser vice Canada to start issuing your ROEs electronically through ROE Web.

Remplissez-vous encore vos relevés d’emploi sur papier? Finissez-en avec la paperasse!

Complete – The registration form, which is available on the Ser vice Canada website, must be completed and signed. On the form, an ROE Web administrator, called a Primar y Officer, must be named to manage the ROE Web account on behalf of the organization.

Pour réduire les formalités administratives imposées aux employeurs, Ser vice Canada a créé RE Web, qui facilite la production de relevés d’emploi et simplifie le traitement des dema ndes de prestations d’assurance emploi des travailleurs. Le système permet aux employeurs et aux fournisseurs de ser vices de paie de créer, de modifier, de consulter, d’imprimer et de transmettre des relevés par Internet, plus rapidement, tout en économisant.

Visit – The Primar y Officer must visit a Ser vice Canada Centre and provide two pieces of identification (one with a photo) and the registration form.

Voici quelques-uns des avantages qu’offre RE Web • Économies de temps et d’argent; • Moins de paperasse; • Souplesse; • Amélioration de la qualité et de l’exactitude des relevés d’emploi; • Facilité d’utilisation; • Sécurité.

Activate – Within 20 business days of submitting the form, the Pr imar y Officer will receive an activation code and instructions on how to activate the ROE Web account.


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