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Company N conducting laborator y/facility/data exper t review.





Our clients over the past 22 years have been industrial, commercial and private business from all types of backg rounds including Phar maceutical, Petro-Chemical, Pesticide, Ag rochemical, Chemical Manufacturers, Gover nment, Forensic Consultants, Law Fir ms, Regulator y Consultants, and Industr y Groups.

Tandet is NOT a tr ucking company. Tandet is a company that is focused on assisting our clients move their g oods to their customers: effectively, efficiently and effor tlessly. Our operation is unique in that we can help our clients through a number of different, but interconnected ser vice types.

ISI’s scientists and chemists are, as consultants, in a unique position to assist industries with a wide variety of problems. T he suppor t and use of our in-house laborator y combined with well over 100 years of consulting experience allows us to find, and test solutions to industrial problems setting us apar t from both testing laboratories and ar mchair consultants.

Tandet NationaLease: Exper tise in tr ucking equipment specification and manag ement, maintenance and operations, assisting our clients that prefer to operate, but not own, their equipment. We provide these ser vices at our own facilities, customer facilities or across the continent with priority re pair/ser vice access at over 800 affiliated locations and over 2000 re pair contractors throughout Nor th America.

T he company has been conducting physical/ chemical testing and providing scientific suppor t of New Substances Notification for submission to regulator y bodies in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia since 2004. Work that ISI has conducted has been acce pted by Environment Canada, Health Canada, Pest Manag ement Regulator y Ag ency, Veterinar y Dr ug Directorate, REACH, NICNAS and the FDA. W hen requested, testing can be conducted to comply with OECD GLP.

Tandet Dedicated: Exper tise in Dedicated Ser vices for those clients that would prefer to have dedicated tr uck equipment suppor ting their client ser vice operations, utilizing dedicated personnel, without the headaches of the details. T his exper tise is delivered through managing: drivers (hire/dehire/ motivate), insurance, licensing, fuel purchasing, claims, accidents, workers compensation, driver incentive prog rams, safety, HR suppor t and all other activities required for operating tr uck and trailers. Exper tise in the areas of tanks, f lat deck, van trailer and refrig erated for both tr uckload and less than tr uckload operations.

Our newsletters (Watson’s Notes) may be of interest and can be found on our website, www. investig T hey demonstrate some of our capabilities, our diverse client base and areas of special interest.

Tandet Bulk Logistics: We have exper tise in Bulk Logistics deliver y across town or across the continent, with one way or semi-dedicated ser vices for all liquid and dr y bulk products. Including but not limited to: TDG (hazmat), chemicals, petroleum based products, waste, food g rade (Kosher), and more. Our units car r y self-contained dispensing systems for liquid or dr y products. We provide all equipment configurations.

Call or e-mail us if you have a question or require a solution.


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