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Dental Premium Engineering & Supplies


re you paying too much for servicing your equipment


We Will Figure It Out For You! ✔ Prompt Services ✔ Quick Response Time ✔ Experienced Technician ✔ No Hidden Fees ✔ No Fix No Fee!

Services Charge 

Labor: Diagnostic check/examination/test,

repairs, services and maintenance $50/hr.

Dental Premium Engineering & Supplies specializes in servicing dental equipment. We provide prompt services to any area with a FAST RESPONSE TIME. There are NO HIDDEN FEES, no delays! We will only charge you when the job is fixed. As an EX-aircraft technical service engineer, Samson will service your equipment as precisely as he did on the aircraft carrying over 400 people! We also provide quality parts and dental equipment.

 Travel fee: Paid after completion of job max. $30 (Sydney metropolitan area - dependant on distance)

☛ISO 9001:2000 accredited Technician. ☛IA10 X-ray installation/service LIC NO.: 34167 KAISER, the most highly engineered dental chair and delivery system, provide advanced equipment with maximal ergonomics and ease of use for dentist. As one instrument is picked up from the table, LCD shows the instrument selected. The built in microcomputer make three positions available for three doctors respectively. $19,000+GST

DCI cart, DCI wall mount and cabinet Mounted system. DCI Cart $5000+GST DCI wall mount $5200+GST DCI cabinet mount $5300 +GST Email: Fax: 02 9570 6052 Mob: 0405203169

 Ultra flexible high/slow speed handpiece tubing replacement.

The air/water tubes are enclosed in ultra soft silica gel tubing. The enclosure provides an extra protective to the air/water tubes. *1 year warranty

Dp06-16 (Non Fibre optic) $77+GST Dp06-18 (Fibre optic) $117+GST  Foot control replacements.

 WP Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler handpiece. Cast from titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability, assembled with excellent piezoceramic, the handpiece has high and long lasting power and generates less heat. Interchangeable with EMS Autoclavable.

Bonus: 4 tips, 1xG01, 1xG02, 1xG03, 1xG04, spare “O” ring set. *1 year warranty.

$357+GST  WP Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler built in kits. Compatible with EMS UDS-N2 autoclavable, scaling and periodontic applications UDS-N3 autoclavable, scaling, periodontic and Endo functions

With chip air and water switch Dp04-03 $87+GST Bonus: 5 tips, 1xG01, 1xG02, 1xG03, 1xG04, 1xP1, spare “O” ring set, torque wrench. 1 year warranty.

 WP compact ultrasonic scaler unit with Endo function. Compatible with EMS, Static isolated. Bonus: 5 tips -1xG01, 1xG02, 1xG03, 1xG04, 1xP1 and 1xE1 Endo chuck, spare “O” ring set. *1 Year warranty.

UDS-L Endo: $787+GST

 EMS Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler control block replacement. With Endo function $347+GST, without Endo function $257+GST.  Endo chucks and files for EMS and SATELEC.

120°Angle file Holder for Shank dia 0.8mm U files E1 for EMS E1-S for SATELEC


UDS-N2: $577+GST, UDS-N3: $697+GST

No chip air and water switch Dp04-04 $74+GST  EMS Ultrasonic Piezo scaler tubing replacement.

 WP compact ultrasonic scaler unit, scaling/periodontic. Compatible with EMS, Static isolated.

Bonus: 5 tips, 1xG01, 1xG02, 1xG03, 1xG04, 1xP1, spare “O” ring set. *1 Year warranty. UDS-K: $597+GST

95°Angle file Holder for Shank dia 0.8mm U files E2 for EMS E2-S for SATELEC


NITI ENDO files are available from #15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. A set of 6 of each size $60+GST Pick one of the size $12+GST Endo file wrench $10+GST Scaler tip torque wrench *1 year warranty $17+GST Dp06-28 $127+GST Email: Fax: 02 9570 6052

 Scaler tips for EMS and SATELEC.

G01 for EMS $30+GST

G02 for EMS $30+GST

G03 for EMS $40+GST

G04 for EMS $40+GST

P01 for EMS $40+GST

G01-S for Satelec $42+GST

G02-S for Satelec $42+GST

G03-5 for Satelec $56+GST

G04-S for Satelec $56+GST

P01-S for Satelec $56+GST

Dry suction system

DS-750 suction system for 1 surgery Low noise level:<65dbA G01/G01-S to remove supragingiva calculus/deposits in all quadrants. Max.vacuum: 0.16mbar G02/G02-S to remove supragingiva heavy calculus/deposits. Rated vacuum: 160L/min G03/G03-S to remove supra & subgingiva calculus in all quadrants. Max. volume displacement: 83m3/h G04/G04-S to remove supragingiva calculus/deposits in all quadrants. Condensation Separator P01/P01-S to remove calculus in deep periodontal/subgingiva. 1 year warranty +1 year free parts support. DCI 3 way syringe, non autoclavable  DCI 3 way triplex

DC3479 $195+GST

DCI 3 way syringe, Autoclavable

DC3379 $380+GST

DP 3 way syringe, DCI compatible. Non autoclavable, with 2 tips * 1 year warranty.


 Oilless Dental Air Compressor (Noise Free)

Dp06-18 $117+GST

 LED curing light. This particular LED curing light is connected to your EMS scaler tubing and gets power from the scaler controller. It is convenient and easily controlled. It continuously produces measurable 1000mV/cm2. Comes with one fibre optic tip. *1 year warranty. $600+GST

 DCI 11mm HVE valve handpiece- Aluminum.

DC5070 $120+GST DC5150 $90+GST Dp09-04a $77+GST compatible  Europe style 16mm HVE valve handpiece-plastic.

Dp04-31a $22+GST

 DCI saliva ejector valve handpiece- Aluminum.

DC5090 $105+GST DC5660 $70+GST Dp09-04b $60+GST compatible  Europe style 11mm LVE valve handpiece-plastic.

Dp04-31b $20+GST

DA5001: standard, 550w, output 115L/min@ 6 to 8bar, 25L tank, noise<55dbA. $2017+GST DA5001D: DA5001+dryer, $2750+GST DA5001C: DA5001+noise proof box, chair side silent means you can put the compressor right by your dental chair side, noise <45dbA, $2217+GST 1 year warranty* + 1 year free parts support.

For 2+ Surgeries: DA5003D: Triple-head 3x550w, with dryer. output 345L/min, 80L tank, noise<57dbA. $4297+GST Email: Fax: 02 9570 6052

 Euronda Autoclaves.

E7 I8L $7500+GST 24L $9000+GST

E9 18L $10500+GST 24L $13500+GST Aqua Filters $800+GST

The E9 ‘Inspection’ performs all ‘B’ type cycles in full compliance with EN13060 standard. Simple programming ensures precise safe sterilization of all kind of loads: solid, hollow, porous, even wrapped in double surgical packing. *2 years on parts+1 year on labor.  L & R Ultrasonic Cleaners The innovative SweepZone Ag line features a technology that creates uniform cleaning power, eliminating hot spots and weak areas. Automatically controlled frequency changes create an ultrasonic cleaning “grid” which literally “sweeps” through the entire tank, unlike the pattern created by traditional ultrasonic systems. The result is total cleaning, which means constant power and conUltraDose Single-Dose Super sistent output. Concentrated Cleaning Powder *2.5 years warranty. and Solutions. Q140 3L $1100+GST It eliminates inaccurate measurAg200 4L $1450+GST ing, messy spills and slow-dissolvAg950/310 13L $2400+GST ing tablets. Ag952/650 24L $3800+GST UltraDose Powder $65+GST Basket for 3L $168+GST General purpose cleaner Basket for 4L $200+GST $65+GST Barrier Milk $52+GST  FARO EDI lights and Ceramic Handpiece Plaster/Stone remover $65+GST Tartar/Stain Remover $65+GST FARO EDI operation lights from $2000+GST FARO Trilogy ceramics Turbine Handpiece from $1050+GST.

Enquiry for details Email: Fax: 02 9570 6052

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