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Investing and developing in the future of UK primary care

Creating a better healthcare experience MedicX is a leading healthcare premises development, management and investment company in the United Kingdom. We are one of the country’s largest and most respected investors in primary care premises and have an outstanding reputation as a long term funder and owner of healthcare buildings. Since the completion of our first healthcare property, our vision to deliver innovation and excellence in healthcare has remained paramount. Working with our clients and partners across the country, we stand at the forefront of new industry developments by delivering premises of the future. State-of-the-art design and a clear understanding of primary care enables us to deliver sustainable buildings with the flexibility to meet the current demands and future needs of healthcare.

We have successfully built a portfolio of approximately 130 primary care properties across the UK and are now focussed on London and the South East supporting General Practitioners, CCGs, and NHS England to enable primary care service provision through the development of premises for the future challenges of primary care.

Primary care forms the cornerstone of London’s healthcare system

59% of primary care premises in London are below minimum standards set by building inspectors*


dangerously below standard*

As mentioned in ‘A Framework for Action (2007)’, it is clear that the hospital is not always the answer, inviting opportunity and growth for the primary care market. However, the report also concluded that the NHS is not using buildings effectively, highlighting a real need for change in the way we develop London’s care provision.

MedicX has over 25 years of experience… …in developing primary care facilities. We’re working closely with CCGs, NHS England Local Area Teams and other stakeholders to address the points mentioned in NHS England’s London Call to Action (2013) Raynes Park, consultant room

• It is incredibly difficult to find

Our buildings are developed

suitable premises in some

with the aim of enabling

parts of London.

integration and co-location of community healthcare

•M  any practices in London

services and equipping the

remain relatively small and

whole primary care team for

could benefit from shared

the NHS of the future.

economies of scale across some services, functions

The focus from NHS England

and infrastructure.

means that we work primarily on developing premises to

Tooting, pharmacy

•L  ondon has an especially high

deliver services to patient lists

number of single-handers and

above 10,000 and premises that

GPs nearing retirement as well

are more than 50% undersized

as a significant shortage of

or unsatisfactory in terms of

practice nurses.

functionality or condition.

Projects delivered in the last 18 months


Raynes Park



8,000 list

14,000 list

15,000 list

6,300 list

1,400m² GMS

1,100m² GMS

1,100m² GMS

600m² GMS

460m² sublet to Kingston FT

265m² sublet to ophthalmologist

230m² APMS

Integrated pharmacy Services include GMS, full range

400m² sub let to St Anthony’s 200m² sublet to Create Pilates

Integrated pharmacy Integrated pharmacy

Services include GMS,

Services include GMS,


services, community

minor operations,


phlebotomy, community


of enhanced

anticoagulation services and travel clinics.

Integrated pharmacy Full range of GMS and FT outpatient services across public and private sectors.

MedicX Investments 5 Godalming Business Centre, Woolsack Way, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1XW t. 01483 869500 | f. 01483 869519 | *Source 2010 Freedom of Information request by Pulse to PCTs

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