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TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 Club Management Committee Welcome .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 Club Contacts .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 Life Members.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 Club History .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 Mission Statement and Club Philosophy .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12 Registration for 2018 and Club Membership.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 13 Membership / Registration Fees 2018 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 13 Payment of Fees .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 14 Coaches 2018 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 15 Junior and Senior Training & Playing Times .. .. .. .. .. .. 15 KEY INFORMATION Allocation of Players to Teams & Capping .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 16 BJRU Competition Rules .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 17 Game Levels .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 17 Player Information .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 Proof of Birth Date .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21 Safety Equipment .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21 GENERAL INFORMATION Abusive and Offensive Behaviour.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 22 Alcohol Policy .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 22 Brisbane Junior Rugby Union (BRJU) Calendar .. .. .. .. .. 23 Blue Cards .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Canteen .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Club Logo .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Club Merchandise .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Clubhouse and Fields .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Cyril’s Tales .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Coaching / Referee / Touch Judge Courses .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Code of Conduct .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 23 Committee . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Drop Off Policy .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Donations and Expertise .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Entertainment / Social Functions .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Fundraising .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Game Draws.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24 Ground Locations .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25 Home Games .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25 Inclement Weather / Game Cancellations.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25


Insurance .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 25 Match Officials .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 26 Office .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 26 Parent Responsibilities .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 26 Safety Precautions .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 27 Team Lists .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 27 Team Photographs .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 27 Team Responsibilities .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 27 Team Rosters .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 27 Team Write Ups .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 Training.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 Transport .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 Uniforms .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 Website .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 Women & Girls Rugby .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 28 APPENDIX 1: CHAIN OF COMMAND FOR ENQUIRES / COMPLAINTS APPENDIX 2: CHILD & MEMBER PROTECTION POLICY APPENDIX 3: JUNIOR RUGBY CODE OF CONDUCT APPENDIX 4: JUNIOR GROUND LOCATIONS APPENDIX 5: FACILITIES & JUNIOR TRAINING LAYOUT


A Word From Our Chairman On behalf of the Caboolture Rugby Union Club, I would like to extend to all a warm welcome for the 2018 season. Over some years, we have worked to ensure that our rugby club continues to be the leading club within our region, catering for players of all ages. This year we are aiming to ensure that we have at least one team in every grade from under 4/5, through the various junior age categories and into the senior colt and suburban grades. Our Golden Oldies complete the 2018 line-up. Unfortunately our attempts to develop our women’s teams continue to present problems. 2018 will see our club continue to develop in our core business; playing the great game of Rugby Union, with success on the field and increasing numbers of active participants. Crucially, it is our rugby community development that has been and will be the catalyst for our playing success. Without the input and support from a wide-ranging group of people including staff, sponsors, volunteers, parents, friends and game day supporters, our club could not function. We are not alone in this respect, all clubs need this type of input. What does set us a little apart, is the importance that club culture plays within this club. Next time you are around the place, take note of the level of commitment that people are making to our club as well as the longevity of support that many have and continue to demonstrate. Of course there is room for improvement. If a club fails to recognise this, the club is usually in some trouble. Caboolture Rugby Union Club remains committed to continual improvement in all aspects and works with a number of local and state organisations to ensure that this improvement does occur. The club management would like to thank you for your past support and to ask for all to continue to show the support and commitment that this club and our players deserve. All the best for season 2018. Please take the time to read through this handbook. The information included is designed to make the season successful and enjoyable for all. If any material requires further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the management team – our details are listed below. 2018 – The season of the snake! Wayne Hooper Chairman







Wayne Hooper

0419 153 448

President (Seniors)

John Flew

0433 574 546

President (Juniors)

Shelly Christensen

0418 768 592


John Kaeser

0450 441 453


Neville Briers

0488 753 427

Sports Club Rep

Kevin Kaeser

0419 177 247

Senior VP

Paul Smith

0416 009 820

Junior VP

Paul Bennett

0434 057 721

Senior player Rep

Imran Thaggard

2016-2018 CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Non Voting Rights Position




Events Coordinator

Katrina Banks


Planning and Infrastructure

Todd Hoffman

0417 898 833

2016-2018 CLUB ADMINISTRATION Position




Rugby Manager

Grant Dwyer

0415 058 588

Administration Officer

Suzanne Butler

0410 074 127




Suzanne Butler and Grant Dwyer

Child Protection Officer

Tania Merrilees

Canteen Coordinator

Megan Gensch, Kym Clarke, Shannen Wyatt, Courtney Clarke

Junior Events Coordinator

Katrina Banks

Fundraising Coordinator Members Draw

Tahni Blewett

Grounds & Clubhouse

Zeek Prlja

Marketing Coordinator



Paladin Sports Via the Club Rugby Manager

Club Photographer

Trevor Gensch

Saturday Jnr Club Rep Sunday Jnr Club Rep

Vacant (U6-U9) Liam McGrath (U10-U16)

Sponsorship Officer


Uniforms Coordinator

Kym Clarke

Women’s Coordinator


Life Members Bill Kasch (Dec)

Gus Whittleton

Steve Tansley

Steve Payne

Peter Smith

Kevin Kaeser

Chris Heath

Grant Lawrie

Paul McDonnell

Mark Hilleard

Julie Kaeser

Adam Hopp

Mick Farr

Andrew Gibbs

Paul Smith

John Kaeser

Life members can only be nominated by club members, committee or any active life member. The nomination will be assessed to the following principles and judged by the clubs Management Body: •

Have been active in the club for significant years as a player, coach, administrator, Volunteer.

May have held an executive position (Pres., VP, Sec., Treas. Registrar) on the committee for a duration during those years.

Have regularly attended club meetings over these years.

Have regularly assisted with the hands-on running of the club on game days and special events such as the annual sevens carnival.

Have assisted with the junior development of the club.

• •

Have always upheld the ideals of the Caboolture Rugby Club i.e. fair play, good Sportsmanship, and positive relationships with other club members and visiting teams.

Have positively promoted the club in the wider community.

The decision on the life membership will be by a majority vote of the Management Body with consultation with active life members.


If the nomination is for a committee person, the voting is to be confidential and managed by the President. If the nomination is for the president, the voting is to be confidential and managed by the Vice-President. Any new life members are to be announced and presented with their life membership and a life member pin/patch and gift at the annual presentation night. Any new life members are to be added to the life member honour board in the club house.


CLUB HISTORY The Caboolture Rugby Union Club was formed in 1982 by several local Squash Players and from this modest beginning of one team we have grown to 4 Senior Teams and 11 junior teams. In 1985 the junior ranks were started. The Juniors (under 6’s to Under 15’s) have always played in the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union competition and have secured numerous premierships and minor premierships, the most recent being our Under 13’s of 2011, and our U15’s in 2016.  In 2018 our senior teams will continue in the Brisbane Competition, and will be defending the Barber Cup win in 2016, striving for back to back premierships. Our teams will represent our Club in the Brisbane Sub Districts Division. From 1998 to 2002 the seniors, while playing in the Sunshine Coast Competition secured a Premiership and prior to this were in three grand finals whilst playing in the Brisbane Division 2 competition.  The Club won a Colts premiership in the Sunshine Coast Competition in 2001 and has supplied many players to the Junior State Regional Championships and the Senior Sunshine Coast and Queensland Sub-District Teams. In 2011 our Women’s team and in 2012 our A Grade team achieved Premiership status. The most recent assault on the Brisbane Sub-Districts also resulted in a commendable 2016 premiership trophy. We have achieved steady growth and have a reputation of enjoying Rugby both on and off the field. Our senior side had played in the Hong Kong 10’s from 1987 to 1998 and our 1999, 2001 and 2003 Under 16’s teams completed a tour of New Zealand.  Continuing from these New Zealand tours, our Under 16’s in 2004 toured Sydney, our Under 16’s in 2005 toured Central Queensland and our Under 16’s in 2006 toured Fiji, all playing successful games. In 2015 our U14’s continued this tradition after embarking on a successful New Zealand tour in September. We have strong membership in the Over 35’s Rugby team “The Fossils”, many of whom attended the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in Scotland in September 2008 & Argentina in 2015.  They are a very social bunch who have a lot of laughs and sometimes play rugby. We are one of the six Sub-Clubs affiliated with the Caboolture Sports Club Limited, which assists through funding our ongoing facility and player development. Our adult members are automatic Sports Club members when you sign on and pay your fees and we encourage you to use this modern, friendly venue as your local meeting place.  Mr. Kevin Kaeser is our current Sports Club Representative, one of the seven Sports Club’s Directors. 


Mission Statement Caboolture Rugby Union Club’s mission is to compete, promote, administer, and develop the game of Rugby Union in the Caboolture and surrounding region.

Vision Statement Caboolture Rugby Union Club’s vision is to be widely recognised and respected as a club with a strong club spirit, high member retention and strong development pathways that exist from junior through to senior club level and to prepare its players, coaches and officials for higher level selection. Our club will be recognised for its strong planning and ongoing growth, including providing quality facilities that meet our current and foreseeable needs. Our club’s influence on our members will be acknowledged for our positive contribution to the development of people’s lives beyond the sporting field especially in the areas of moral development, self-respect and respect for others.

Objectives / Drivers Caboolture Rugby Union Club’s objectives are the key drivers for our success. In adhering to our mission and striving to fulfil our vision, we must collectively focus our activities and actions on achieving the following six objectives. For each objective outlined below, a detailed action plan is provided later in this document which identifies goals, tasks, owners, time frames, resources and targets. Objective 1. Coach & Official Development – Recruit, develop, support, encourage and recognise appointed coaches and officials within our club Objective 2. Player Development – Design, deliver and maintain a player development program that nurtures our players at all levels of competence and provides a structured pathway of development for those striving to advance to their next level of rugby. Objective 3. Facilities & Equipment – Provide the appropriate facilities and equipment to meet the needs of our membership now and into the future. Objective 4. Governance & Administration – Maintain a resilient management structure and administration processes that meet the current and developing needs of our club, while at all times having strong leadership, thorough on-going planning, honest and ethical practises, and having a realisation that the club’s success relies predominantly on maintaining a committed voluntary workforce. Objective 5. Marketing & Communication – Maintain a strong marketing focus for our club, and maintain effective communication links both internally to our own members and externally to our various stakeholders. Maintain a strong commitment to community engagement in a variety of ways and especially to our neighbouring schools. Objective 6. Financial – Create and deliver realistic operational and capital development budgets that meet the short and longer term needs of our club and its members. Maintain existing and find new stable sponsorship.


2018 CALENDAR Please refer to our website for up to date details on all events

REGISTRATION FOR 2018 Registration Fees and Club Membership

When paying the player registration fee(s), you will be required to join the Caboolture Rugby Union Club. The Queensland Incorporated Associations Act states that all members of the club MUST be financial members. When becoming a financial member of the Caboolture Rugby Union Club, you also have the option to become a member of the Caboolture Sports Club and will receive a membership card for 2018 directly from the Caboolture Sports Club by mail. The Caboolture Rugby Union Club recommends that parents / guardians of junior players must become Members of the Club. If registering a player or players under the age of 18 years, one or both of the parents of the player(s) become Ordinary Members of the Club. In the case of registering as a player 18 years of age or older, you become a Player Member. If you wish to join the Club and do not fit into either category, you may become a Social Member for a fee of $25.00. All financial members registered as Ordinary Members. Player Members, Social Members of the Club and Life Members will be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. We are excited that you have chosen to join us here at Caboolture Rugby Union – the growth of North Side Rugby – in 2018. Below you will find the options in order to register yourself as a volunteer, social member or your child as a player, including the costs involved. Caboolture Rugby is proud to provide a sliding scale of fees for families inorder to maintain a level or affordability to be involved in such a great sport. Age Group

1st Player

2nd Player

3rd & Subsequent



U4-5 Development















$185 Refunded at end of completed season





In order to access these, you will need to register your eldest child first. At the end of this registration, you will be given the option to add additional children. Please do this in order of birth. NB There will be no discounts for U6 or U18 players as these levies have already been highly discounted.


What does your membership include?

• 2018 Club Polo Shirt • Shorts • Socks • Training Tee • End of Season Medallion or trophy • First Aid at all home games • ARU/QRU/BJRU Levies & Insurance • Caboolture Sports Club & the new North Lakes Sports Club Membership • Player development sessions & Junior Academy (U10 - U16) • Sponsor Discounts • End of Season Fun day

Paying of Fees

RugbyLink have activated a payment system this year much like a direct debit. You will have the option when paying to pay the minimum at the time of the transaction, with a payment plan to follow, or pay the fees in full. Fees will no longer be payable over the counter at the club house. 1. 2. 3. 4.

All registrations must be completed online and must be accompanied by a credit/debit card payment of their mandatory levy (Participation and Insurance). You can register online and pay your fees in full (including club component). You will be able to get a discount for families; however the discount cannot be reduced lower than the mandatory ARU Levy. You can register online and pay only the mandatory ARU Levy and then pay the remaining fees by way of the RugbyLink Payment Plan. Junior Players with a QGrant “Get Started” Voucher will need to register and pay online then send the voucher to Caboolture Rugby Club and a refund will be direct deposited to your bank account. When you provide the voucher, please also provide the club with your bank details in order for us to transfer the money as quickly as possible.

The majority of players/families will be able to register online in the comfort of your home. There will be people who may want to take advantage of coming to the club and completing registration and payment online at the sign on where assistance will be available.

If you do not have access to credit or debit card facilities Option 1: You will need to arrange to provide your cash + 1.8% credit card fee to a relative/friend and use their card to process the registration Option 2: Purchase a Load & Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card for $6.95 from an Australia Post outlet and pay online. You will need to load the card with the amount you wish to pay + 1.8% credit card fee + $0.09 for the Load & Go transaction fee. (To do this for a $300 registration would cost you $312.94) Option 3: Pay the fee you wish to pay online to the Rugby Office plus an additional fee of $20 to cover the credit card fee and the administration of processing the payment on a 3rd party credit card.

If you are unable to pay your fees due to financial hardship You should contact the club registrar to apply for a payment plan that is mutually agreeable between both the club and yourself.This will be managed on a case by case basis and will only be considered after completion of a formal application.


Should you have any questions in regards the above information, please contact the club on 07 5498 6400.


Please refer to our website for coaching appointments.

TRAINING TIMES 2018 2018 JUNIOR SUNDAY TEAMS, TRAINING STARTS ON WEDNESDAY 17TH JANUARY 2018 2018 JUNIOR SATURDAY TEAMS, TRAINING STARTS ON WEDNESDAY 14TH FEBRUARY 2018 All junior teams train the Kevin Kaeser Oval on Wednesday & Friday nights. Team Specific times and extra training nights TBA by via team coaches. JUNIOR GAMES START: Under 6 to Under 9 Saturday April 21st Under 10 to Under 15 Sunday April 22nd Under 16 to Under 17 Sunday April 22nd U18 Saturday March 24th Cabrugby Club Challenge V Caloundra Under 6 to Senior – 3rd March (Caloundra) Cabrugby Rumble Under 6 to Under 9 – 18th August (Caboolture RUC) City to Surf Junior Carnival – 24th June (Gold Coast) 2018 SENIOR TRAINING Colts, Reserve Grade and A Grade train on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. SENIOR GAMES START: Colts, Reserve Grade and A Grade Saturday February 25th Trials v Wide Bay (Bundaberg)

GAME PLAYING TIMES & BALL SIZES Junior start times and ball sizes as follows: Day




Start Time

Each Half

Half Time

Ball Size

Under 6


15 minutes

5 minutes


Under 7


15 minutes

5 minutes


Under 8


15 minutes

5 minutes


Under 9


20 minutes

5 minute


Under 10


20 minutes

5 minute


Under 11


20 minutes

5 minute



Reset Fields


25 minutes

5 minute


Under 12


Under 13


25 minutes

5 minute


Under 14


25 minutes

5 minute


Under 15


25 minutes

5 minute


Under 16



10 minute



12.00pm 1.30pm 3.00pm

35 min each way 35min each way 40min each way

FOSSILS TRAINING & PLAYING TIMES The latest Fossils draw and lots more information about our “Golden Oldies” team is available on their website: Training is typically every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm. Bar facilities available.

KEY INFORMATION ALLOCATION OF PLAYERS TO JUNIOR TEAMS The Caboolture Rugby Union Club policy on allocation of players to junior teams is based on the philosophy of developing Rugby players of all levels and ensuring players enjoy their Rugby in a team environment where they can; • Feel part of and play an active role in their team. • Learn and develop individual and team Rugby skills. • Build on these skills year on year while playing Rugby. • Experience the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing and learning from these experiences. • Develop and demonstrate the level of sportsmanship that is expected of them by their Rugby community, Team Coach, Team Manager and Club. The President Juniors has the final say on all decisions regarding the allocation of players to teams and the reason for having this process in place is to give players as much playing time as possible and ensure your child’s Rugby experience is a rewarding and enjoyable one. Priority in making these decisions will be given as follows: Where there is more than one team in any age group, team numbers will be kept as even as possible. Each team will consist of players with compatible skill levels to ensure that all team members gain the maximum benefit from their playing experience.

U6’s to U9’s

Siblings will be placed in the same colour teams so that they will play at the same venue on any given day except where the BJRU Competition Registrar dictates otherwise i.e. Ballymore days for U6, U7, U9’s. Friends will be placed together in teams wherever possible however the above point (U6 to U9’s


Siblings) will take precedence over this.

U10’s to U17’s

Where there is more than one team in any age group, in the first weeks of training and prior to trial games, players may be interchanged between teams to balance each team in relation to playing positions i.e. two half backs in one team, no props in another etc. At the last training session before trial games our team allocation process will be concluded and in line with BJRU policy, there will be no further player interchanges between same age teams during the season. Parents will be advised of the outcome of the player allocation process.


The BJRU Competition Rules, which has parts pertaining to specific age groups and contains the rules that govern how the competition is to be conducted can be found at: 1. or 2. BJRU Competition Rule book is held in the Canteen and the Club office. It is there for your use, but please do not remove it from the Clubhouse. Please remember to stay behind the sideline barrier when watching games during the season. This is a BJRU rule for the safety of the players and the spectators. Don’t hesitate to ask any visitors to abide by this rule. Team Management and Parents are especially asked to ensure they read the BJRU Competition Rules and understand the consequences to their Team, players and themselves if they breach the rules. “Ignorance is not an Excuse” You can find the Clubs Code of Conduct at Appendix 2.


There are five levels of Rugby played at Caboolture Rugby Union Club: The ‘PATHWAY’ (Kids, Youth, Colts), Senior “Open” Rugby & Over 35’s or “Golden Oldies”.

Under 6 – Under 12 Ever dreamt of being the next Wallaby like Israel Folau, David Pocock or Adam Ashley-Cooper? Well the Try Rugby Kids Pathway has been designed specially to help get you started and on your way to a lifelong involvement in this great game called Rugby Union.

Aim and Philosophy The aim of the TryRugby Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players is to provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games. These modified rugby games progressively develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their physical maturity and understanding of the game.

What are the benefits? The Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players has been developed to: Increase activity levels for maximum participation and enjoyment. Meet the developmental needs of young Rugby players in line with the safety focus of the modern


game. Provide an integrated and consistent approach to the development of U6 to U12 players, coaches and referees across the country from 2011 and beyond.

Game Styles

Under 13 – Under 18 In Australia all 13 – 18 year olds play to modified laws designed to make the game safer and more enjoyable. These Australian U18 Law Variations continue the progression from the Kid’s Pathway (U6 – U12) through to junior representative opportunities at local club, school and regional levels. In this age range the priority is to provide the players with opportunities to learn by trying it for themselves and the stages through this age range are stepped to allow for progressive development of every individual. From U13 – U18 rugby games are intended to further develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their age and understanding of the game. This age spectrum covers the Long-Term Athlete Development framework of: Stage 3 – Training to Train; and Stage 4 – Training to Compete The ARUs Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model focusing on progressive development of all core skills (attack - catch/pass/support, attack – kicking/defence/contact) with increased pressure.


JUNIOR GOLD CUP The Junior Gold Cup (JGC) is a national long term talent development and competition program at U15 age level. It provides players, coaches, administrators and match officials the opportunity to be involved in high levels of representative rugby programming and development at a National level on an annual basis whilst maintaining and improving local/regional representation. In the 2018 season, if you/your child was born in the years of 2003 or 2004 you/they are eligible for the U15s teams.

Under 19 Under 19s is the point where junior players graduate to playing senior adult rugby laws, whilst still playing alongside and against players of the same age. Sometimes referred to as Colts, it is the final development stage before graduating to the senior rugby ranks.

Seniors Senior rugby is for players aged 18 years and above. From the school playground to the IRB Rugby World Cup final, Rugby Union offers a truly unique and thoroughly rewarding experience for all involved in the game.

Golden Oldies Golden Oldies Rugby is especially for players aged 35 and over. It provides enjoyment for players of all abilities and focuses on participation rather than winning. While still demonstrating all those skills acquired in years gone by, Golden Oldies Rugby provides an opportunity for more mature players to continue to enjoy the on and off pitch elements of the sport at a more relaxed pace as the years go by. Rugby has created an exceptional global fraternity and this is happily inherent in the Golden Oldies movement. It is ‘grassroots footy’ and traditional rugby friendship for those 35 years and over. World Festivals are held every two years in some of the best tourism, sporting and lifestyle destinations. South Africa, England, France, Ireland, Australia, USA and New Zealand have all experienced the ‘Fun, Friendship and Fraternity’ a Rugby Festival brings with it. The name ‘Golden Oldies’ does not mean your team cannot play rugby to the best of its ability or to your team’s strengths. Teams are drawn against others that reflect the level of play your team nominates, from competitive to social and anywhere in between. Age is no barrier – once you have reached the age of 35, the Golden Oldies world is your oyster!


PLAYER INFORMATION Player Attire The club provides a kit of jerseys for each team to use on game days. The club retains ownership of the jerseys. Players are required to wear Club shorts & Club socks that are supplied when registration fees are paid, together with appropriate footwear and mouth guards. The committee is hoping for a consistent look throughout our teams on game days, so please get behind Caboolture Rugby Union Club and wear our logo with pride. At Training

On Match Days

Playing Attire



We have a small selection of 2nd hand football boots available for free and you will find these in the Clubhouse for your convenience. If you have any football boots which have been outgrown but could still be used by another player, please bring them to the Club and place them in the “Boot Exchange”.


Is not to be worn whilst playing or training, this includes watches, earrings, hair beads, other body piercings etc.

Footwear (boots)

Footwear is to be worn whilst playing and the following restrictions are not negotiable:

Under 6 to 10

Are to play in sports shoes (joggers/runners), moulded football boots, or blades. Under no circumstances is any type of screw in boot tag permitted. Referees are instructed to check boots before each game for sharp edges and tags.

Under 11 and Older

Football boots should be worn in age groups Under 11 and older.

Boot Tags

Shall be no more than 21mm in length and be of such composition that no sharp cutting surfaces exist. Any player not conforming is not to take part or any further part in the match, until the item conforms to the above restrictions.

Hair (Long)

Especially for U8’s up, hair where possible should be underneath headgear (especially if in a ponytail or braided). Why? It is tackle rugby, and the chance is always present that an opposition player whether in a game or at training, could be tempted to grab and swing by the hair. This is of course painful, but also presents the possibility of neck injuries. Beads are not allowed in hair unless covered by headgear.


Proof of Birth can be a Birth Certificate or Extract, Passport or Driver’s license. This must be sighted by the Club Registrar or their appointed delegate before a player can play any game. This is not negotiable and there are severe penalties for not complying, especially for the team. It can be produced at Sign-on or on the Main Training night prior to the first game of the season. Do not blame the club if the player is stopped from playing, it is your responsibility as an adult to ensure it is produced.


We recommend that all players wear mouth guards both at training and during games. Two main types: • •

Do it yourself, which can be purchased from a Chemist or at the Canteen. Moulded type, best option and most expensive, most of which you get back in rebate if you are in a Health Fund. Look up Yellow Pages under Dental Prosthetics, or go to your Dentist. Club sponsors Greenland Dental can assist with any enquiries you may have 5495 4266.


Head Gear (optional) It should be as light as possible and adjustable. Be careful with style. Some of the types worn by Rugby League players are not legal in Rugby; they should carry the IRB logo.

Shoulder Pads (optional)

These are an optional item and not really necessary unless you are protecting an old injury. Ask your coach if unsure, as there are strict regulations for this type of protection, they should also have an IRB logo attached to the pads.

Water Bottles

Players are to bring a water bottle to training sessions. They should also bring one to games so they can hydrate both on the way to the game and on the way home. Travelling in an air-conditioned car causes dehydration, so if the trip to the game is around an hour drinking approx. 750 ml water is recommended. Safety Hint - water from a water bottle or spray should not be projected down a player’s throat - let them drink from it in their own time. If you are unsure how to use the chin bottle correctly ask someone from your team coaching staff. Bottles that are not used properly have to be removed from use until they can be cleaned. It is in the interest of all team players to ensure that they are used correctly to prevent the spread of illness.


The club adopts a ZERO tolerance on any abusive or offensive behaviour or language used towards game and club officials, players, parents and spectators. Please read and abide by the Caboolture Rugby Union Club’s CODE of CONDUCT found in Appendix 2.


Team Management and persons assisting the team, are not to consume alcohol prior to or during the Match/s in which their team are participating. Anyone acting as a Club Official is not to consume alcohol whilst acting in an official capacity and should be capable of driving as per the law of Queensland when acting in that capacity. Any person who becomes intoxicated and is deemed to be breaching the Code of Conduct will be directed to leave the venue. This includes if they are a member of the club and visiting another venue. Alcohol is restricted the clubhouse area underneath the grandstand roof, in “Cyril’s Room” and in a 3m x 3m roped-off area on the sideline of Field 1 at Senior home games. The Club participates in the “Responsible Service of Alcohol” policy and is licensed to sell alcohol to persons over 18 years ONLY at the following times: Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

12.00pm until 8.00pm until 6.30pm until 8.00pm until 5.30pm until 12.00pm until

4.00pm 10.00pm 9.00pm 10.00pm 10.00pm 10.00pm

Persons under 21 will be asked for photo identification before they can be served alcohol.


Bringing alcohol onto the club premises is illegal and strictly prohibited.


The BJRU produces a calendar which lists all the key dates for the 2018 junior season. It includes all season game schedules, finals schedules, available courses, representative trail dates etc. Please see the latest version of the calendar at:


All team Coaches, Managers, Sports First Aiders, Touch Judges and the Club’s Management Committee are required to hold current Blue Cards issued by the Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian. These are free and are to be obtained and kept updated through the Club’s Rugby Manager & Child Protection Officer. Application forms are available from the Club Office. Links to the Blue Card Application form for Volunteers is available on the following website:


Our canteen sells a wide range of food and drinks for the benefit of club members, players and supporters. The proceeds from the Canteen are a major source of income for your club. Your support and help is greatly appreciated in regards to the smooth running of the Canteen. The canteen is also the ‘hub’ of communication for the Club. Canteen Roster – Your team will be required to staff the canteen on a rotational basis throughout the season. Canteen income forms a significant portion of yearly income to the club. It is our intent to have the canteen open for business and adequately staff with volunteers throughout the season.


Caboolture Rugby Union Club’s logo is Cyril the Snake and as we are part-owners of the Caboolture Sports Club their logo is also incorporated into ours. NB: The Club logo and or the Club’s name cannot be used on any item without the knowledge and permission of the current Management Committee.


The Club has a range of playing and social clothing for sale. Come to the Canteen and have a look. We encourage players to wear their Club shirt to and from games. This helps build a good Club image and promote the Club in the local community.


As the grounds are used by the public, it is recommended that everyone always wear or bring alternate footwear, as walking around both inside & outside without footwear may not always be safe i.e. sticks, broken glass, or sharps! “No Bare Feet!”


Coaching and Refereeing Courses are conducted regularly by the Queensland Rugby Union (QRU). If you would like to undertake either a Coaching or Referee course, details will be posted on the Club website and in Cyril’s Tales. The Club will pay for registered coaches and referees to complete their accreditation.


The Junior Code of Conduct has been developed by the BRJU and applies at Caboolture Rugby Union Club. See Appendix 2



See the list in front of the handbook for a current list of committee members and their contact numbers. Please feel free to contact any of the Committee members with any queries or suggestions you may have regarding the Club. All members are most welcome and we encourage you to bring any ideas or suggestions forward to make our club stronger. In all cases the Club Chairperson is the final adjudicator in all Club governance and policy issues.


Facebook is the main source of communication along with our website, go to au. It is your responsibility to remain informed! All special events will also be posted on the notice board

DROP OFF POLICY All children up to and including Under 12’s MUST have a parent or nominated guardian present at the club at all times during training. Children in Under 13’s upwards may be dropped off before an activity and picked up afterwards by their parents or guardians. Training on Friday nights is always 5.30pm or 6.00pm start through till 6.30-7pm (please confirm this with your coach). Please be aware that it is not the Coach/Manager or Clubs responsibility to transport children home if you are delayed.


The Club is always after a whole range of items to upgrade equipment, facilities and to replace items that will need replacing in the near future. Some examples from the past are, First Aid Box for Team Managers, Shade structures & Cold/Hot Packs for First Aid, and so forth. From time to time a list will be published on Facebook or on the notice board of those items we are seeking. Expertise is always in demand, so if you are willing to put your skills to use for the Club, such as, Electrician, Plumber, Builder, Accountant, etc., let us know. You never know when you may be able to help the Club and the children playing Rugby.


A couple of these are organised throughout the year and are designed to be fun nights where the adults can mix and enjoy the company of those within the Club, meet new friends or just network. If you wish to do something as a team(s) let the Committee know, i.e. BBQ after the game etc. Without Committee approval, you may not be covered by insurance.


All fundraising activities carried out at the Club must be approved by the Management Committee. Whole club fundraising activities will always take priority over individual team activities. All sections of the club are encouraged and expected to support fundraising activities onsite and at offsite venues.



The Senior Draw will be produced by the Qld Suburban Rugby Union and is usually distributed in February after all teams have nominated in the competition. The Junior draw is produced by the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union Competition Committee and is normally available in early March. The weekly draws will be available on the Club’s whiteboard outside the Office and on the Club’s website

when finalised so until then, to make sure you have a copy of the latest draw each week for update please visit for the latest changes. Occasionally game details are changed after the distribution of weekly emails from team mangers due to weather, game forfeits etc. As a general rule, the draw is always subject to changes until 6.00pm on Friday night. Please check with your Team Manager at training each week to ensure the information provided is still correct. If in doubt, contact your team manager.


Directions on how to get to each ground are contained at the end of this document (Appendix 3). Note that it uses the latest page/map references (keep it in the car). It is also available at the BJRU web site or on our club website


The designated set up team must ensure the Grounds are set up per BJRU guidelines, and remember to stay behind the sideline barrier when watching games. This is a QRU rule for the safety of the players and the spectators. Don’t hesitate to politely ask any visitors to abide by this rule.


If thunder and lightning is in the vicinity, training/games are to cease immediately and players move under cover. Our fields are owned/maintained by the Moreton Bay Regional Council, and as a result they have control over whether they deem the fields to be playable. If the fields are closed, Council will contact the Club’s Rugby Manager, who will then advise by placing a notice on the Home Page of the Club’s website and voice message on the phone line – (07) 5498 6400, sending a text and email. If you are in any doubt about whether training or games are on, please contact your Team’s Manager or see any of the above sites for information.


It is compulsory for ALL players competing in competitions managed by the ARU and/or member unions to participate in the ARU National Insurance Scheme. The ARU Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Scheme provide a basic level of insurance for players, members and officials associated with club rugby. All clubs affiliated with the ARU and/or the various State Unions and their affiliated unions are automatically covered under the plan from March 1, for a period of 12 months.

An Insurance Levy is payable by individual players participating within the ARU sanctioned competition and each club will be sent copies of the ARU Insurance Brochure annually. All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be financial with their own club and be registered with the ARU in order to obtain coverage. The level of benefits provided through this plan are not “comprehensive” for all persons, and as such the ARU encourage all players and officials to take out Private Health Insurance and ‘Top Up’ coverage over and above the coverage provided by this insurance. The ARU does provide Top Up options as well. In the event of an accident or injury, the club has secured Assist First Aid to provide coverage at home games for the Juniors. Senior home games will have a Medical Officer in attendance. All player safety is paramount to Caboolture Rugby Union. The Canteen and office can supply address and phone number of the closest Hospital and Medical center.



Referees for Under 6 through to Under 9’s are organised by the Team Managers or Coaches using a number of parents who have completed the necessary courses. The Queensland Rugby Referees Association supplies referees for older teams. Don’t forget if you are interested in undertaking a Referee Course; contact someone within the Committee as soon as possible.

Assistant Referees

Assistant Referees for Under 6 through to Under 8’s are organised by the Team Managers or Coaches using a number of parents who have completed the necessary course. Teams from Under 9 upwards must supply a qualified Touch Judge for all games. The Club will be organising a course as early as possible in the season so that each team has enough Touch Judges to share the duty. If interested in undertaking a Touch Judge Course; contact someone within the committee as soon as possible. Course duration is approximately2.5 hrs.

Medical Officer

The Club is required to provide First Aid for each HOME game. Unless first aid officers are in attendance, games are NOT allowed to proceed. Assist First Aid will provide medical coverage for all home games for the junior section of the club during 2016. Each team is encouraged to provide its own First Aid personnel to ensure optimal support for players. If you have at least Level 1 First Aid or you are willing to undertake training, please contact the President Juniors or Rugby Manager.


The club has a full-time Rugby Manager running our office, for any enquiries or general information please do not hesitate to speak with Grant Dwyer our Club’s Rugby Manager. Grant can be contacted on 5498 6400 or email The club also has a part time administrator in Suzanne Butler. Suzanne is in the office on Monday’s Wednesdays and Fridays. For current office hours please refer to our website


Besides those in the Code of Conduct: 1. Arrive as the Coach / Manager directs, or at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game, to ensure warm up time. For Training be there at the Start Time 2. Fulfil Team Responsibilities 3. Club expectation is that every parent volunteers at least once during the season, to ensure the smooth running of the club. This can include canteen duty, washing team kits, etc. If everyone does a little, it goes a long way! 4. Notify Manager / Coach if a player is unable to attend, thus enabling time to organise a replacement, or alternate plan. Remember if you can’t make it, but the player is available, we will organise for pick up and return. Ring the Manager or Vice President Juniors. 5. Assist in Fundraising activities to the best of your abilities. 6. Be positive.



All players are required to supply their own water bottle or, if a sponsor supplies them, ensure you mark your own with your name. DO NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES so we can limit the number of infections that may be transmitted. Each Team Manager will have a First Aid Kit on hand at all times, players need to drink water before, during and after each game and training session. It is strongly recommended that all players wear mouth guards. There must be a qualified First Aid officer at all games.

SMART RUGBY – NOW ONLINE From 2018 this compulsory requirement will be delivered online.

SNAKES ON TOUR – TAS Armidale Tour 2018 will see our U12 Snakes again travel to Armidale to take part in the TAS Armidale U12 Carnival which is currently the best U12 carnival in the country. This opportunity will expose our young players to a higher level of competition and aid player development along with continuing to reinforce the benefits of playing rugby and the rugby culture. Good luck to all successful team members and good luck to the coaching staff guiding these young players.


After all the teams have been registered, each Manager will be provided with a list of player’s names and contact numbers for their team.


Junior Team Photographs this year will be taken at the annual club day. Photos will be able to be purchased by parents online prior to the Junior Presentation day Please remember to wear your Club shorts and socks. Photos will be taken wearing the team jerseys.


Each Team is required to fill the following positions within a team: • • • • •

Coach (Level 1 Accredited & Blue Card) Team Manager / Team Official (Blue Card) Touch Judge/Ref – Accredited for U9 up (Blue Card) Sports Trainer (min qualification First Aid Certificate & Blue Card) Field Marshall

The Club covers the costs for courses, please contact a Committee Member if you are interested.


The Manager of your team will work out a roster system for each family to: • Wash the jerseys after each game • Supply the oranges/water for half time • Assist the coach in managing the players • Set up/take down fields for home games



Team write ups and high resolution photos for the local Newspaper need to be submitted to office by 10.00am Monday mornings so please e-mail these to


Junior training is every Wednesday & Friday night commencing on 14th February at Kevin Kaeser Oval. Team training may occur on other nights as specified by coaches. Senior training is every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 pm sharp.


If you have any transport difficulties, contact your Team Manger or one of the other parents from your Child’s team, there are always people willing to help out.


All fully paid registered players receive socks, club shorts, training tee, club logo polo shirt. It is the responsibility of parent/s or players to arrange headgear, mouth guards and boots. Additional merchandise is available for purchase through our online store on our webpage at www.cabrugby.


The Club’s website address is It is a great source of information about the Club, teams, training, draws and the home page is the first place to check if games or training have been cancelled due to wet weather.


Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing team sports in the world, played by more than 1.5 million girls and women in over 110 countries – more than 20 per cent of the total playing population. 2015 was the first year for a specific focus on girl’s rugby at Caboolture. In only a short period of time we were able to establish: • The Moreton Bay interschool 7 a side girls competition • Queensland Under 18 Development HUB • Caboolture Under 14 Development Squad • Women’s 7s team that won the Bowl Championship at Noosa International 7s. • Game On Sporting Schools Program with 400+ female participants We have a focus & priority to offer U12-U14-U16-U18 teams for girls. The program focusses on: 1. RUGBY - Core Skills, Introduction to Rugby 7’s, Specialist Skills 2.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – Strength. Conditioning, Speed / Agility

CONTACT: For any information regarding women’s or girl’s rugby at Caboolture contact Grant Dwyer, Rugby Manager, at the club.


APPENDIX 1 CHAIN OF COMMAND FOR ENQUIRIES, COMPLAINTS etc. All Complaints and Enquires must go through the Club, originating through the Team Manager or Coach, who will in turn refer it to the Senior, Junior or Fossils Player’s Representative and then to the Club Board for resolution. Resolving the Problem Most problems that arise fall into two categories: a.

Lack of Organisation - such things as field set up, lack of officials. These can be resolved by bringing the matter to the attention of the Opposition Manager / Coach, or to Hosting Club Officials. Provide advice and / or assistance, help set up and in the case of Officials, i.e. Referee or Touch Judge provide one if you are able to, even Medical.


Honest Mistakes / Lack of Knowledge - similar to above and if brought to their attention it is normally corrected immediately.

Avoid Confrontation Don’t be accusatory when approaching others, reconcile the matter calmly and do not get into arguments. Always Remember Almost all persons involved in Junior Rugby are volunteers and the rugby community needs them involved, not sitting on the sideline because someone has soured the experience. We are there for the Players (of both Teams) enjoyment and development, not your or your supporters perceived interpretations or goals. Competition Rules / Laws of the Game / Club Procedures Reference should always be made to the Competition Rules, appropriate Laws of the Game and any Club Procedures before proceeding with any complaint.

APPENDIX 2 CHILD PROTECTION The following has been taken from the ARU Member Protection policy. CRUC take a hard line on Child protection. Please contact our Child Protection officer, Tania Merrilees in the first instance of any concerns you may have on The CRUC will treat any allegation of child abuse or neglect promptly, seriously and with a high degree of sensitivity. All people working within the club in a paid or unpaid capacity have a duty to report any concerns to the appropriate authorities, following the steps outlined below. Step 1: Receive the allegation If a child or young person raises with you an allegation of child abuse or neglect that relates to them


or to another child, it is important that you listen, stay calm and be supportive. Do


Make sure you are clear about what the child Do not challenge or undermine the child has told you Reassure the child that what has occurred is Do not seek detailed information, ask leading not his or her fault questions or offer an opinion. Explain that other people may need to be told in order to stop what is happening.

Do not discuss the details with any person other than those detailed in these procedures.

Promptly and accurately discussion in writing.

Do not contact the alleged offender.



Step 2: Report the allegation • Immediately report any allegation of child abuse or neglect, or any situation involving a child at risk of harm, to the police and/or the relevant child protection agency. You may need to make a report to both. Contact details for advice or to report an allegation of child abuse are detailed below. • Contact the relevant child protection agency or police for advice if there is any doubt about whether the allegation should be reported. • If the allegation involves a person to whom this policy applies, then also report the allegation to the matter to their Member Union’s MPIO so that he or she can manage the situation. Step 3: Protect the child and manage the situation • The Member Union MPIO will assess the risks and take interim action to ensure the child’s/children’s safety. Some options that the Member Union or Rugby Body could implement include redeployment of the alleged offender to a non-child related position, supervision of the alleged offender or removal/suspension from their duties until the allegations are finally determined.


The Member Union MPIO will assess the immediate risks to the child and take interim steps to ensure the child’s safety and the safety of any other children. This may include redeploying the alleged offender to a position where there is no unsupervised contact with children, supervising the alleged offender or removing/suspending him or her until any investigations have been concluded. Legal advice should be sought before any interim steps are made if the person is in paid employment with a Rugby Body.

The Member Union MPIO will consider what services may be most appropriate to support the child and his or her parent/s.

The Member Union MPIO will consider what support services may be appropriate for the alleged offender.

The Member Union MPIO will put in place measures to protect the child and the alleged offender from possible victimisation and gossip.

Step 4: Take internal action • Up to three different investigations could be undertaken to examine allegations that are made against a person to whom this policy applies, including: • a criminal investigation (conducted by the police) • a child protection investigation (conducted by the relevant child protection agency) • a disciplinary or misconduct inquiry/investigation (conducted by the Conduct Committee of the Member Union).

• • •

Regardless of the findings of the police and/or child protection agency investigations, the Member Union MPIO will assess the allegations to decide whether the alleged offender should return to his or her position, be dismissed, be banned or face any other disciplinary action. The Conduct Committee of the Member Union will consider all information relevant to the matter – including any findings made by the police, the child protection authority and/or court – and then set out a finding, recommend actions and the rationale for those actions. If disciplinary action is to be taken, follow the procedures outlined in Attachment C5 of the Policy. Complete the report form in Part D of this Policy. Retain the original in a secure place. The Member Union will provide the relevant government agency with a report of any disciplinary action we take, where this is required.

Step 5 – Further clarify and investigate allegation Where there is an allegation made against a person to whom this Policy applies, there may be three types of investigations: • • • •

Criminal (conducted by the police); Child protection (conducted by child protection authority); or Disciplinary or misconduct (conducted by the Conduct Committee of the Member Union). Seek advice from the police and relevant government agency as to whether the Member Union should carry out its own internal investigation (in addition to or in conjunction with any police or relevant government agency investigation).


APPENDIX 3 CLUB CODE OF CONDUCT These codes are designed for players, parents, spectators, administrators, managers, coaches and referees to:

make adults aware that young people play to satisfy themselves and not necessarily to satisfy adults or members of their own peer group

 

maintain the element of enjoyment and satisfaction in Junior Rugby

Constantly remind Administrators, Coaches, Referees, Parents, that Rugby must be administered, taught and provided, for the good of those young people who wish to play the game. It is their game.

improve the physical fitness of youth by making it attractive, safe and enjoyable for all young people

Player’s Code

    

Play for the ‘enjoyment’, not just to please your parents or coach

 

Be a good sport. Applaud all good play, whether by your team or by your opponent

  

Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.

Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game.

Play the laws of the game of Rugby Never argue with the referee’s decisions. Let your captain ask any necessary questions Control your temper - no ‘mouthing off’ Work equally hard for yourself and your team - you team’s performance will benefit and so will your own. Treat all players, as you yourself would like to be treated. Don’t interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of any player Don’t be a show off or always try to get the most points Co-operate with your coach, manager, team mates, referee and opponents, for without them you don’t have a game

Parent’s Code


   

Do not force an unwilling youngster to participate in Rugby

Turn defeat into victory by helping young people work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship. Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing a game

Remember that young people learn best by example. Applaud good play by your team and by members of the opposing team

Do not publicly question the referee’s judgement and never his/her honesty

Remember, young people are involved in Rugby for their enjoyment, not yours Encourage your child to always play by the laws Teach young people that honest effort is as important as victory so the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment

 

Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from Junior/Senior Rugby

Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game.

Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches, managers and referees. They give of their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your children

Spectator’s Code

Remember that young people play organised sports for their own fun. They are not there to entertain you and they are not miniature Wallabies

Be on your best behaviour. Don’t use offensive language, or harass players, coaches, referees or other spectators

      

Applaud good play by your own team and the opposition team

 

Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game

Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would be no games Never ridicule or scold a player for making a mistake during the game Condemn the use of violence in all forms Respect the referee’s decisions. Encourage players to play according to the laws. SLEDGING: THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED in any shape or form. Players and Referees are NOT fair game Remember, the QRU, QSRU Management Committee and BJRU Competition Committee has the power to cite Players, Coaches, and/or Spectators for behaviour that may bring the game of Rugby into disrepute.

Administrator/Club Official’s Code

Ensure that equal opportunities for participation in Rugby are made available to all irrespective of ability

  

Do not allow the game to become primarily spectator entertainment

 

Remember that play is done for its own sake. Do not emphasise the need for awards

Ensure that parents, coaches, sponsors, doctors and participants understand their authority and their responsibility for fair play in Rugby

 

Ensure adequate supervision is maintained at all games

Equipment and facilities must be appropriate to the maturity level of the young players Rules and length of schedules should take into consideration the age and maturity level of the young players Distribute the code of conduct to spectators, coaches, players, referees, parents and teachers

Behave in a manner to set an example for all participants.

Coaches Code

 

You have responsibility for the behaviour of your team and its supporters. EXERCISE IT

Teach your players that laws of the game are mutual agreements, which no one should

Be reasonable in your demands on the young player’s time, energy and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests and demands on their time


evade or break

Ensure that all players get a game. The ‘just average’ players need and deserve equal time

Remember that young people play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it. Never ridicule or yell at the players for making mistakes or losing a game

The scheduling and length of practice times and games should take into consideration the maturity level of the players

Develop team respect for the ability of opponents, as well as, the judgement of referees and opposing coaches

 

Follow the advice of a doctor in determining when an injured player is ready to play again

Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed on sound coaching principles and the principles of growth and development of young people

Encourage young people to develop basic skills and avoid over-specialisation in positional play during their formative years

 

Create opportunities to teach sportsmanship, just as you would in teaching the basic skills

Ensure that skill learning and free play activities have priority over highly structured competitions for very young people

INSIST ON FAIR PLAY, do not tolerate foul play, fighting, or foul language. Be prepared to take off an offending player

   

Discourage excessive talk on the pitch

Remember that young people need a coach they can respect. Be generous with your praise when it is deserved and set a good example

Ensure that efforts for both skill improvement and good sportsmanship are rewarded by praise

INSIST on a disciplined approach by players and mean what you say Set a good example by personal good behaviour Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game

Manager’s Code


    

Encourage parents to take an active interest in the Team

  

Be fully informed of Rugby recommendments and matters affecting your team

  

Insist on an appropriate standard of team behaviour both on and off the field

Encourage parents and supporters to talk to opposition spectators Encourage supporters to praise good play by both teams Discourage supporters from excessive barracking Provide administrative assistance to the Coach including full knowledge of the Competition Rules and paperwork recommendments Look after injured players while they are not able to take the field Ensure that players are aware of representative trials and if selected, they are fully aware of their commitments and that they know of their selection Set an example in terms of behaviour Do not approach a referee/touch judge at any stage during or immediately after a game.

Referee’s Code

Ensure that “over-refereeing” the game does not lose the ‘spirit of the game’ for young people

Actions speak louder than words. Ensure that both on and off the field your behaviour is consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship

  

Compliment both teams on their good play whenever such praise is deserved

Publicly encourage law changes, which will reinforce the principles of participation for fun and enjoyment

Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed on sound refereeing principles and the principles of growth and development of young people

Be consistent, objective and courteous Condemn the deliberate ‘good foul’ as being unsportsmanlike, thus retaining respect for fair play

APPENDIX 4 Brisbane Junior Rugby Union GROUND LOCATIONS Albany Creek-GPS - South Pine Sports Complex Cribb Rd, Brendale. North on Old Northern Rd from Everton Park. Old Northern Rd continues into South Pine Rd, entry into grounds accessed off Cribb St on right, or via Leitchs Road on right then right on Cribb Street. Club Phone: 0411 601 941 UBD MAP 108 REF F11 Ashgrove-GPS - Ashgrove Sports Ground Yoku Rd, Ashgrove. Along Waterworks Rd and between bus stops 22-23, right into Glenlyon Drive. At stop sign, left into Grevillia Rd and right into Yoku Rd. Club Phone: 3366 2567 UBD MAP 138 REF K19 Ballymore Clyde Rd, Herston. Proceed along Herston Rd, at lights turn into Scott Rd and then Left into Clyde Rd, or proceed along Butterfield St to end and turn right into Clyde Rd, entrance on right. Beenleigh – Noyea Park 175 Beenleigh Beaudesert Rd, Windaroo. UBD MAP 284 REF A10 Brothers - Crosby Park Crosby Rd, Albion. Proceed outbound along Sandgate Rd from Breakfast Creek to Albion Fiveways, right into Crosby Rd. Crosby Park is on the right (top oval). Club Phone: 3262 5484 UBD MAP 140 REF G15 Browns Plains Logan Metro Sports Park (Browns Plains Smart Tip) 349 Browns Plains Rd, Boronia Heights. Proceed south along Beaudesert Rd (Mt Lindsay Highway). Exit left onto Browns Plains Rd, travel for approximately 3kms. Turn Right into the entrance of the Browns Plains Smart tip and fields are located directly on the right. Club Phone: 0432 613 601 UBD MAP 240 REF Q20 Caboolture - Kevin Kaeser Oval Petersen Rd, Morayfield. Morayfield Rd (at Bunnings), left into Walker Rd, 2nd left into Petersen Rd. Oval approximately 1 km further on. Club Phone: 5498 6400 UBD MAP 57 REF L17 35

Camp Hill – Whites Hill College Burn St Camp Hill. Proceed along Samuel St and turn into Burn St, entrance is on the right. Easts - Bottomley Park Halifax St, Coorparoo. Drive to the end of Stanley St (South Brisbane) continue on over railway line up hill and then straight down to the grounds. Club Phone: 3843 1577 MAP 24 REF G15 Everton Park – Horse Blake Oval Hurdcotte St, Enogerra. Proceed outbound along South Pine Rd from Pickering St Roundabout, at traffic lights continue straight ahead into Hurdcotte St. Field is on the right just past Hillbrook School. Club Phone: 3355 7670 UBD MAP 138 REF Q8 Goodna – Evan Marginson Sports Ground Woogaroo St, Goodna, opposite the RSL. Take Goodna exit off Ipswich Motorway, at lights turn right under the Motorway (left if coming from the West), and the Ground is straight in front of you. UBD MAP 215 REF N12 Ipswich – Woodend Park Woodend Rd, Woodend. Take Ipswich Motorway through Ipswich CBD. Right into Burnett St then the second right into Woodend Rd. Club Phone: 3812 2226 UBD REF 213 REF C8 Kenmore Centenary- Cubberla Creek Reserve Hepworth St, Chapel Hill. Proceed along Moggill Rd, past Centenary Highway, turn left into Sutling St, just before Cubberla Creek, left into Burns Parade, right into Hepworth St and on to the end of the street. Club Phone: 3378 6954 UBD MAP 178 REF A11 The Lions – Anthony Short Oval Illawong Way, Karana Downs. Through Kenmore along Moggill Rd, right into Mt Crosby Rd, through Anstead, left into Tanderra Way, right into Colleges Rd, left into Illawong Way. Illawong Reserve is on the left. Entrance under power lines. Alternate Route - Along Ipswich Rd, onto Warrego Highway (to Toowoomba), exit at Mt CrosbyRd/ Karana Downs exit, follow Mt Crosby Rd, over Colleges Crossing then right into Colleges Rd,right into Illawong Way. Illawong Reserve is on left. Club Phone: 0438 131 809 UBD MAP 194 REF N8 Logan City 200 Queens Road, Slacks Creek 4127 Club Phone: UBD MAP 243 REF F8 North Brisbane Junior Eagles - Hugh Courtney Oval Shaw Rd, Wavell Heights. North on Gympie Rd from Kedron. Right into Rode Rd, at about 2 km, turn right into Shaw Rd. Ground is on right at about 1 km. Club Phone: 0423 605 703 UBD MAP 140 REF G2 North Lakes – North Lakes College Memorial Dr, Mango Hill. Turn off ANZAC Av into North Lakes Dr, next right into Memorial Dr and at 4th roundabout turn right into the college. Club Phone: 3886 4369 UBD MAP 89 REF P8 Pine Rivers Pumas - Les Hughes Complex Francis Rd, Lawnton. Take Strathpine exit off North Coast Highway - continue on Gympie Rd through Strathpine until Todds Rd. Turn left, then left into Nightingale Dve, turn right through the roundabout into Francis Rd, left into Baker St, ground entrance on left. Club Phone: 3889 7574 UBD MAP 98 REF G10 Redcliffe Sea Snakes - Ray Frawley Fields


Silcock St, Clontarf. Travel along Elizabeth Ave (Note that it becomes Snook St if travelling from the North & then changes its name back to Elizabeth Ave). From the North turn right into Silcock St, from the South Left, Fields on the right. UBD MAP 91 REF D13 Redlands - Judy Holt Park Corner of Randall Rd and Old Cleveland Rd East, Birkdale. Drive along Old Cleveland Rd, through Capalaba Shopping Centre. At 4th set of traffic lights, left into Old Cleveland Rd East, 2 kms along at the first set of lights turn right, this is still Old Cleveland Rd East. Another 1.5 km to Birkdale Tip and turn right, straight ahead takes you to Judy Holt Park. Club Phone: 3822 1431 UBD MAP 184 REF M9 Riverside - Bulimba Sports Club Bulimba St, Bulimba. Proceed outbound along Wynnum Rd, left into Hawthorne Rd, follow to roundabout, left into Oxford St, after shops right into Bulimba St. Field is on left. Club Phone: 0423 294 177 UBD MAP 140 REF K20 Riverview & Districts – Riverview Primary School Old Ipswich Rd, Riverview. Travel along Ipswich Motorway and take Moggil Ferry turn off. Turn into Tessman St, left into Old Ipswich Rd, just past Anderson St (on the Right) turn left into dirt side road that runs along School boundary. Club Phone: 0402 283 019 UBD MAP 215 REF G11 Southern Bay – Charlie Buckner Oval Boundary Rd, Redland Bay. Follow Cleveland Redland Bay Rd: from the North Pass Double Jump Rd, from the South pass Gordon Rd. and then turn into Boundary Rd and the grounds are on the left. (There is another Boundary Rd to the North in Thornlands) Club Phone: 0405 970 636 UBD MAP 226 REF H13 Souths - Shaftesbury Oval (Juniors Grounds) Shaftesbury St, Ekibin. From Chardons Corner on Ipswich Rd, head along Cracknell Rd 1.3 km. At the shops, turn right into Shaftesbury St. Grounds are on right. Club Phone: 3892 6788 UBD MAP 180 REF D14 Souths – Chipsy Wood Oval (Seniors Grounds) Villa St, Yeronga. Travel along Ipswich Rd and turn into Villa St. Entrance is Opposite Frederick St. Club Phone: 3848 3215 Springfield - The Lakes Ovals Cnr Springfield Lakes Boulevard & Summit Drive, Springfield Lakes. Travel South on Centenary Highway, take off ramp, left at roundabout into Springfield Lakes Boulevard, continue through next roundabout and at the next Roundabout the grounds are on your right. Club Phone: 0429 627 826 UBD MAP 237 REF E19 Sunnybank - Biggs Field Corner of McCullough and Grandilla St, Sunnybank. South on Freeway from city. Take Mains Rd exit and continue along Mains Rd to K Mart, turn left into McCullough St, then second left into Granadilla St. Grounds are on the right. Club Phone: 3246 2500 UBD MAP 200 REF R16 Taylor Bridge - Graceville Memorial Park Corner Oxley Rd and Plumridge St, Graceville. Travel South on Coonan St Indooroopilly (FROM TOWN), across the Walter Taylor Bridge. Left immediately after crossing the bridge into Bridge St, Right at lights into Wharf St which becomes Oxley Rd. Follow along Oxley Rd to Plumridge St (fourth street on right). Parking available in the grounds simply by proceeding a further 200 m along Oxley Rd. Entry into grounds immediately opposite the tennis courts. Club Phone: 0431 254 482 UBD MAP 178 REF L2


The Lakes - Forest Lake State High School High St, Forest Lake. Proceed along Forest Lake Bvd to the lights at High St, turn left, entrance on left. Alternate Ground - Forest Lake State School Kauri Pl, Forest Lake. Proceed along Forest Lake Bvd and turn into Woogaroo St, then at roundabout, left into Kauri Pl, entrance on left. Club Phone: 0407 679 007 Wests - Memorial Park Sylvan Rd. Toowong. Travel west along Coronation Dve from city. Turn right just past the Wesley Hospital into Land St. Follow it around, then turn right into Sylvan Rd under railway bridge. Oval on right. Club Phone: 0412 268 703 Wynnum - Elanora Park Granada St, Wynnum North. Follow Wynnum Rd east to Tingalpa, veer left and continue along Wynnum Rd past Wynnum Golf Course. Cross railway lines (becomes Glenora St), 5th left into Granada Street. Grounds are on right adjacent to Wynnum RSL Bowls Club.Club Phone: 3893 1305 UBD MAP 143 REF G14


APPENDIX 5 Caboolture Rugby Union Facilities & Junior Training Layout 2018 Please note: these allocations are provisional upon the number of teams per age group. Refer to the whiteboard outside the Admin Office to confirm your location




U9 G

Field 3




U9 M U12 M

U8 G





U7 M U12 G

Grand stand

Petersen Rd Carpark

U7 G


U6 G & M



Touch Field

Undecover Area Coffee Ladies Toilets Mens Toilets

ChangeRoom 1 REF/MED Changeroom 2



U10 G

U11 G

U10 M

U11 M

Cyrils Room

Undercover Area


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