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January/February 2016

New Skill-Up Site Opens at the Rock at NoonDay Mayor Richard J. Berry is pleased to announce the opening of the 35th Skill-Up Center located at the Rock at NoonDay. This new Center will provide access to free skills training for those impacted by homelessness and is part of the Talent ABQ Project. Danny Whatley, the Executive Director of the Rock at NoonDay explained: “The Rock at NoonDay is excited about the opportunity to partner with the City of Albuquerque and Innovate+Educate to provide a Skill-Up Center on location. This Program will provide much needed access and training to those who are homeless to obtain job training and opportunities for employment.” Talent ABQ, launched by Mayor Richard J. Berry in 2013 is focused on skills based hiring an objective of Innovate+Educate that has begun to spread across the country as a viable method for finding job candidates. Skills-based hiring works to connect individuals to jobs based on their existing relevant job skills, as opposed to traditional standards such as level of education or experience. Key to the skillsbased hiring effort are the Skill-Up Centers, like the one opening at the Rock at NoonDay which expand access to FREE skills training across the metropolitan area. Skills Up Centers are also located in all city libraries and community centers which are easily accessible by the city’s ABQ Ride transit system. For more information about Talent ABQ or the Skill-Up Centers, visit <>.

Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 CONTENTS - Neighborhood News January/February 2016 Edition - Volume 32, No. 1 Published Monthly “Dedicated to providing information about City Government and Increasing Communication between Neighborhood and/or Homeowner Associations”

above ground. Eliminate hiding places or areas that allow someone the opportunity to enter through a window without being noticed.

APD Crime Prevention Submitted by Steve Sink

• All primary window locks should be in place and fully operational. Install secondary thumbscrew locks on guide rails. Place them in a location that prohibits the window from being opened more than a few inches. Also, make sure screens are in place and secure. (Note: Windows and pet doors are common illegal entry points)

Residential Burglary Prevention Residential burglary rates are generally dictated by the active involvement of individual citizens and cooperative education efforts by neighborhood associations and other community groups. Homeowners who are willing to take certain steps to prevent this type of crime, along with the assistance of local law enforcement, break-ins and burglaries can be reduced and in some cases prevented. Consider the following prevention tips as well as ways to retrieve any lost or stolen property.

• Install screws in the upper rail of sliding glass doors. Place them just far enough into the rail to prohibit the door from being lifted and removed. Dowel rods and “charley bars” are secondary methods to secure the door, but make sure the primary locking devise is operational.

• Establish trusted relationships with neighbors on your block. Agree to watch out for each other and report any suspicious activity in and around your home. Remember residential burglaries statistically occur during the day, so if possible, identify trusted neighbors who might be home during this time.

• Non-forced entry burglaries are on the rise, especially during warm weather months. Eliminate this possible access point by closing and locking garage doors, windows and front/back doors. • Organize a Neighborhood Watch for your block by calling the Albuquerque Police Departments Crime Prevention Unit at 505-244-6644.

• Evaluate your existing lighting and pay particular attention to access points such as entry/exit doors and windows. Make sure that each area has adequate illumination so that your neighbors can see any suspicious activity occurring on your property. Consider adding motion sensors to lights in remote areas around the home.

• Record Your Property: The Albuquerque Police Department encourages all residents to use a free online system that will help keep track of valuables and other personal items. Reportit is a FREE, secure online service allowing citizens to record serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, scan receipts and upload images for phones, electronics and other valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, having the information will go a long way in accurately and quickly identifying your property for insurance claims and recovery. You can access this valuable site at <reportit.leadsonline. com>.

• Each door should be metal or solid core with a deadbolt lock and a minimum 1” throw. Short strike plate screws should be replaced with 3-4” screws that secure the plate into the doorframe. Doors should also be equipped with 180 degree eye viewers. Consider a security screen door. • Trim all bushes and shrubs below the window level and up from the ground. Trim mature trees up to a level 6-8 feet

Inside This Edition Message from the Mayor...........................................1 APD Crime Prevention......................................... 2/3 Parks and Recreation Department...................... 4/5 Albuquerque Housing Authority, ABQ Ride..........6 Planning Department.................................................7

January/February 2016 Calendar/Legend...................8 EPC Cases.........................................................................9 AFD.................................................................................10 NM State Association of Parliamentarians, Department of Family and Commuinity Services....11


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 APD Crime Prevention Submitted by Jill Garcia Workshop Wednesday at the Foothills: Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Forum An evening for Block Captains to problem solve with APD Foothills leadership.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. APD Foothills Substation, 12800 Lomas Boulevard NE Due to limited seating, RSVP is needed. RSVP: Jill Garcia, Crime Prevention Specialist/ICPS 505-323-4644 or <>


March 2016’s Workshop will feature Special Guest New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas

We will hear about how the Office of the Attorney General is protecting New Mexicans, the ‘Worst of the Worst’ initiative and get an update on the 2016 Legislative Session. Watch <> for details, date and how to reserve your seat at this workshop. I will open up sign-ups for the workshop in late February. Remember to log on to the APD Foothills Area Command website for the “Workshop Wednesday” details and subscribe to the web site to get daily posts on property crime in the Foothills, daily crime prevention tips and our events calendar and other crime prevention/ APD Foothills information.


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 Parks and Recreation Department Submitted by Jen Samp Exercise Opportunities to Bring in the New Year

Many Activities are FREE For a New Year’s Resolution put down the electronics and go outside! Take advantage of all the outdoor recreation and exercise available in the City of Albuquerque. Albuquerque is one of the top-ranked cities for staying healthy. Not sure where to start? Here is a list of suggestions:

Golf – The City of Albuquerque offers four golf courses and a driving range/six hole pitch and putt at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Open Space - The city maintains nearly 30,000 acres of Open Space land that includes hiking, cycling and other recreational opportunities in areas such as the Petroglyphs, Bosque and Elena Gallegos Foothills.

Park Exercise Equipment - Keep an eye out for the state-of-the-art exercise equipment around the city playground areas.

Aquatics - Don’t wait for the summer to take a dip. Albuquerque offers four indoor pools, open to the public.

Esperanza - Get that bicycle out of the garage and bring it by Esperanza during its “openshop” hours to get a tune-up.

Tennis/Pickleball - Albuquerque has over 30 tennis court locations and two tennis facilities. Pickleball striped courts are also available.


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016

Dog Parks and Agility Courses - The City offers 14 dog parks. Two of which include dog agility courses.

Trails – The Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department maintains 145 of 170 miles of multi-use trail throughout the City of Albuquerque.

Indoor track - Winter is no excuse to stop running. Each winter, the City of Albuquerque sets up an indoor track inside the Albuquerque Convention Center. Although the track is scheduled for collegiate and Special Olympics events there are opportunities for Albuquerque residents and visitors to use the track, too.

For more information on what Parks and Recreation has to offer go to <>.

Public Meeting on Multi-use Path Extension in the Bosque Well-Attended Full Room at the Los Duranes Community Center The City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation and the Office of Mayor Richard J. Berry held a public meeting to discuss the next phase of restoration in the bosque. The meeting was well attended with approximately 180 people. This comes after three separate hikes in the bosque north of Interstate 40 up to Campbell Road NW. The public received a presentation of several alternative path alignments and were encouraged to give input on which option best suited their desires. This is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to protect the habitat and improve accessibility in the bosque. • View Public Input Timeline and Construction Schedule. • View Proposed Alternatives.


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 Albuquerque Housing Authority Submitted by Brian Eagan

also to strengthen economic investment in the great places that already lie along Central Avenue. For the record: Small Starts Grant Funds cannot be used for other types of infrastructure improvements nor to offset operating expenses.

Albuquerque Housing Authority Empowering people in our community through affordable housing and self-sufficiency opportunities

Can Albuquerque’s private commercial developers build our way out this lingering, crippling recession and into prosperity?

AHA Programs Are Currently NOT Accepting New Applications but only these three EXCEPTIONS:

Private commercial developers capitalize on economic growth – they don’t by themselves create it. But when you put a good transportation system together with good land use rules, the two can work together to create economic opportunity. While no one can foretell the future, other cities such as Fort Collins, Cleveland and Phoenix have capitalized on this fact. They have all experienced a positive Return on Infrastructure Investment in a transit system; anywhere from four to $150 dollars on every dollar spent and in all cases property values along the line have gone up. There is much supporting documentation on our project website at <>.

1) Involuntary displacement - Due to: Fire, Condemnation of property or Domestic violence. 2) Homeless veterans - (The “VASH” Program – Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing). 3) Clients who are living in a skilled nursing facility and transitioning to independent living. Applicants will be individually screened by appointment only. Call 505-764-3920.

Is a new bus system the answer to needed growth? Will it alone create the jobs or encourage employers to move here? Or, perhaps it is phase two or three, AFTER the corridor fills up with more people looking to settle in with money in their pockets from real jobs?

Applications that do not meet one of the above three exceptions WILL NOT be accepted by AHA at this time, subject to AHA Board of Housing Commissioners Resolution 2013-19 (December 2013). Please visit <> for updates.

The NAIOP study for instance says that development along the ART Route could create several thousand new residences and importantly several thousand new jobs. The creation of jobs is the very definition of economic development. Organizations like LAVU, Molina, Fat Pipe and Innovate ABQ could go anywhere in the City they wanted. They chose the Central Avenue Corridor. Transportation and land use have to work together.

Where Can I Apply for Rental Assistance in 2016? APPLY ONLINE TO: Bernalillo County Housing Department (BCHD) (not the City of Albuquerque) <> Your Community Housing BCHD offers both Section 8 and Public Housing

The many millions of dollars the City will need to put up to complete this project could be better used – for business incentives, improvements to public spaces and services, infrastructure repairs and other deeply needed public projects.

ABQ Ride Submitted by Rick De Reyes

The grant offers a unique opportunity for the City of Albuquerque to enhance and update the Central Avenue Corridor transit service and in doing so provide safety improvements, ADA compliant sidewalks, better lighting and landscaping. These improvements in turn support pedestrian friendly neighborhoods that support existing businesses and attract new investment while following Albuquerque’s Complete Streets policy. The grant for this specific corridor is an opportunity for improvements that would not otherwise be available.

“Ask ART” Albuquerque Rapid Transit If ABQ has the money to attract and complete this project, then the same money could be used in a much more productive and meaningful way. We need to use public funds to create large gathering places to promote pedestrians and events – places where public transportation comes up to and goes around them – creates access to it but does not chop into it. I think we have our priorities completely backwards – why would we want to send a major transport system up and down a street that is struggling instead of spending money on design that would create a place where people want to be and stay? We are not creating a new system but replacing an existing system on a major corridor where demonstrably people already want to be. That is what has made Central Avenue such an effective transportation corridor since the arrival of the railroad in 1880. It’s fair to say that transit helped build Central Avenue. Part of the goal of improving the transit system, through ART, is

Is it true that there will be a continuous median from Tramway Boulevard to Unser Boulevard to accommodate the ART bus lanes on Central Avenue?


No. The only continuous median will be the current median from Spruce to University by request of the Sycamore Neighborhood Association. At the request of the University Heights Neighborhood Association the median from University Boulevard to Girard Boulevard will remain. However, along this segment new signalized areas will be installed and some current median openings will be closed. ART bus lanes will be distinguished in the roadway by terracotta colored pavement distinguished from general purpose lanes by rumble strips.

Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 Planning Department Submitted by Mikaela Renz-Whitmore

Planning Department Submitted by Melissa Perez

Planning Department – Administration Division

Did You Know? It’s easy to find out which zoning designation your property has just by making a few clicks of a computer mouse. You can run a FREE address report online at the City’s website located at <>. This data is pulled directly from the Bernalillo County Assessor’s office. The report will also provide information on political districts, school districts and neighborhood association information for your property.


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 21 - 31 Thursday, January 21 • SEAC Community Policing Council Mtg. - 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 27 • DRB - 9 a.m. Thursday, January 28 • District 8 Coalition - 7 p.m.

1-4 NO MEETINGS IN FEBRUARY FOR: • District 8 Coalition

5 - 15 Tuesday, February 9 • NEAC Community Policing Council Mtg. - 6:30 p.m.

Monday, February 1 Wednesday, February 10 • FHAC Community Policing Council Mtg. • DRB - 9 a.m. • LUCC - 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. • NWAC Community Policing Council Mtg. Tuesday, February 2 - 6 p.m. • SWAN - 6 p.m. • District 6 Coalition Wednesday, February 3 - 7 p.m. • DRB - 9 a.m. Thursday, February 11 • SWAC Community Policing Council Mtg. • EPC Public Hearing - 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Westside Coalition • South Valley Coalition - 6:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. Thursday, February 4 Monday, February 12 • EPC Case Distribution • City Council - 5 p.m. - 3 p.m. Monday, February 15 President’s Day - City Offices Closed

16 - 29 Tuesday, February 16 • ZHE - 9 a.m. Wednesday, February 17 • DRB - 9 a.m. • VAC Community Policing Council Mtg. - 10 a.m. • AHA - 12 p.m. • City Council - 5 p.m. • East Gateway Coalition - 6:30 p.m. Thursday, February 18 • SEAC Community Policing Council Mtg. - 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 23 • BOA - 9 a.m. Wednesday, February 24 • DRB - 9 a.m.

2016 CALENDAR/LEGEND AHA - Albuquerque Housing Authority, Carnis Salisbury Building, Manuel Cordova Conference Room, 1840 University Boulevard SE, 505-764-3915 BOA - Board of Appeals, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room Basement Level, 600 Second Street NW City Council - Vincent E. Griego Council Chambers, Basement Level, City Hall District 8 Coalition - Holiday Park Community Center, 11710 Comanche Road NE East Gateway Coalition - Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center, 501 Elizabeth Street SE EPC - Environmental Planning Commission, Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, (Basement Level), 600 Second Street NW EPC Case Distribution - Planning Department, Plaza del Sol, Hearing Room, (Basement Level), 600 Second Street NW Foothills Area Command - Holiday Park Community Center, 11710 Comanche Road NE Northeast Area Command - North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, 7521 Carmel Avenue NE Northwest Area Command - Don Newton-Taylor Ranch Community Center, 4900 Kachina Road NW Southeast Area Command - Cesar Chavez Community Center, 7505 Kathryn SE Southwest Area Command - Alamosa Community Center, 6900 Gonzales Road SW Valley Area Command - Los Duranes Community Center, 2920 Leopoldo NW LUCC - Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission, Plaza del Sol, Hearing Room, (Basement Level), 600 Second Street NW SVCNA - South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, Sheriff’s Department South Area Command, 2039 Isleta Boulevard SW SWAN - South West Alliance of Neighbors, Alamosa Multi-Purpose Center, 6900 Gonzales Road SW Westside Coalition - Don Newton/Taylor Ranch Community Center, 4900 Kachina Drive NW ZHE - Zoning Hearing Examiner Office - Plaza del Sol Building, 3rd Floor, 505-924-3894; ZHE Hearing are held in the Plaza del Sol Hearing Room, (Basement Level), 600 Second Street NW


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 EPC Hearing Notice All written materials including petitions, legal analyses and other documents should be submitted to the Planning Department at least ten days prior to the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) Public Hearing in time for full consideration by staff and presentation to the EPC at its Study Session. Except in circumstances, the EPC will consider limited clarifying written material only if it has been submitted to the EPC and any known opposing party at least 48 hours prior to the Public Hearing. In quasi-judicial proceedings - all communications - whether written or oral with the EPC shall be through the Staff of the Planning Department. The EPC Public Hearing will be held on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. in the Planning Department Hearing Room, (basement level), 600 Second Street NW for the following case: Northwest Ladera Heights, Vista Grande, The Enclave at Oxbow, Rancho Encantado, Westside Coalition of NA’s (neighborhood/homeowner association/coalition); 15EPC-40079 and 40080, Project #1000032 (case #’s); Approximately 21.224 acres located on the west side of Coors Boulevard NW and Saint Josephs Drive NW between Saint Josephs Drive NW and Western Trail NW (location of request); G-11 (zone atlas page #); Retail Equity Development 3 at 505-262-2323, agent for Oxbow Town Center (applicant or agency and phone #); Requests an Zone Map Amendment from SU-3 to SU-3 for SU-1 for C-2 Uses and a Site Development Plan for Subdivision for a proposed development of the 23 acres of land for a mixed use shopping center (action requested); Vicente Quevedo at 505-924-3357, e-mail: <>. (City staff planner) West Bluff, Westside Coalition of NA’s; 15EPC-40081, Project #1000188; Approximately 1.0018 acres located on the west side of Corona Drive NW between Miami Road NW and Ouray Road NW; H-11; Retail Southwest Development at 505-998-9094, agent for Walmart Stores East, Inc.; Request a Zone Map Amendment from R-T to C-2 for a proposed Wienerschnitzel Restaurant with drive thru window; Maggie Gould at 505-924-3910, e-mail: <>. Taylor Ranch, Las Casitas Del Rio, Las Casitas Del Rio Unit 2 Subdivision, Westside Coalition of NA’s; 15EPC-40075 and 40076, Project #1007776; Approximately 6 acres located on the east side of Winterhaven Road NW and the Lower Corrales Riverside Drain between Coors Boulevard NW and Montano Road NW; E-12; Cherry/See/Reames Architects at 505-842-1278, agent for Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home; Requests a Zone Map Amendment from SU-1 for WTF to SU-1 for ACCH and an Amendment for a Site Development Plan for Building Permit for addition of a fourth cottage and a fifth cottage on the subject property; Vicente Quevedo at 505-924-3357, e-mail: <>. Southwest West Park, Huning Castle, Vecinos Del Bosque, Pat Hurley, Gardens on the Rio Grande, Historic Old Town, South West Alliance of Neighbors (SWAN), South Valley Coalition of NA’s, Westside Coalition of NA’s; 15EPC-40077 and 40078, Project #1009542; Approximately 2.8 acres located on the south side of Central Avenue SW between Rio Grande Boulevard NW and the Rio Grande River; J-12; City of Albuquerque, Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency at 505-924-3927, agent for City of Albuquerque, Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency; Requests at Zone Map Amendment from C-2 to SU-1/C-2 Uses and a Site Development Plan for Subdivision for high-quality design with respecting the redevelopment of the Historic El Vado Motel; Maggie Gould at 505-924-3910, e-mail: <>.


The City of Albuquerque does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, disability, age, gender, Vietnam Era or disabled verteran status, sexual orientation or medical condition in employment or in the profision of servies. If you have a disability and will need special assistance to benefit from any of the meetings, hearings or workshops, etc., appearing in the newsletter contact the office sponsoring the event two weeks prior to the date of the meeting you plan to attend Whenever possible, TTY phone numbers will be listed. TTY users may call any phone number listed in this publication via Relay New Mexico at 1-800-659-8331.



Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 AFD Submitted by Melissa Romero Winter Slip Prevention As you race through the door to run your daily errands your foot slips in the puddle of slush. You are now flat on your back you wonder how this happened. A small patch of ice on the stairs, a puddle on the floor or snow on the sidewalk can easily make you slip and fall. Use extra caution to ensure a fall doesn’t occur. • Don’t hurry when conditions are likely to be slippery. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. • Wear slip-resistant footwear, appropriate for the weather. Leather soled shoes for men and high heeled shoes for women are especially hazardous in winter. • Practice good housekeeping habits. Clean up small spills immediately. Mark bigger ones with a warning sign while you advise the maintenance department of the problem. • Keep skid resistant door mats near entrances to dry your footwear. Check the bottom of your feet every time you enter a building and clean off the accumulated ice and snow. • Anticipate hazards as you are walking. When you come to a corner, slow down. If you think a surface might be slippery, take short sure steps instead of longer strides. • Make sure you can see over the top of parcels you are carrying while you walk. Try to keep one hand free to use handrails on stairways. • When getting in and out of vehicles, always keep at least one hand on the handle or grab bar so you can catch yourself if you start to slip. • Try to avoid climbing ladders in cold weather. The rungs could be covered with clear ice. If you must climb a ladder, examine it carefully and proceed with caution. • Keep pathways at work and home clear of snow and ice. If possible, turn on extra lights at night to illuminate the area. • Pay particular attention when you are walking after dark. Remember that drivers will have a difficult time seeing you, so be sure to wear light colored clothing and watch out for vehicles.


Neighborhood News - January/February 2016 NM State Association of Parliamentarians Submitted by Janice Strand

Adjournment – When there is no further business the meeting is adjourned; a time for adjournment can be listed.

Preparing the Agenda/Order of Business ......the Plan for the Meeting

Specific items on the agenda will be covered thoroughly in other issues….keep looking for them!

The agenda for a meeting is usually developed by the president/ chairman/presider with the assistance of the secretary who has the minutes of the previous meeting and can give information on business that must come before the group.

Information can be reviewed in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, (RONR) pp. 353-375. Check the website of the Albuquerque Parliamentarian Unit (APU) at <>. Make plans to attend the February Meeting where the FREE educational program, “Practicing Presiding: Main Motions and Primary Amendments” will be presented!

Meeting Agendas should include the following: Call to Order – including the time that the meeting is to be convened.

Parliamentary Pointers will appear each month. If you have a parliamentary question that could be covered in an article or would like a “Smart Meeting” presentation on a specific topic at your meeting (by an APU member, for a negotiated fee) contact Jan Strand, PRP, Treasurer of APU at <>.

Reading/ Approval of Minutes – If the minutes are distributed by e-mail/US Mail several days before the meeting, the reading may not be necessary. Minutes are draft minutes until they are approved. The minutes are the legal document of what was done at the meeting not everything that was said. (Minutes to be covered in another article) Reports of Officers – The list should include only the officers who are expected to report. The officers are listed in the order they are listed in the bylaws. Some organizations have the treasurer report immediately after the reading of the minutes. The report is filed not adopted.

Department of Family and Community Services Submitted by Paula Delap-Padilla Neighborhood Associations Invited to Participate in the 2016 Read to Me Children’s Book Drive

Reports of Boards – This may be the report of the Executive Committee a summary of that meeting. If recommendations are included the motion to implement the recommendation may be made at the end of the report.

Neighborhood Associations are invited to participate in this year’s Read to Me Children’s Book Drive by collecting new and gently used children’s books. The Book Drive runs February 15, 2016 through March 31, 2016. If your neighborhood association is interested in participating contact Paula DelapPadilla at <> or 505-848-1334.

Reports of Standing Committees – Standing committees are those committees listed in the bylaws; these committees function throughout the year for which the officers serve. The committees are listed in the order in which they are listed in the bylaws. Only the committees expected to report are listed for a specific meeting.

The goal of the Book Drive is to get books into the hands of children in our community whose parents do not have the means to supply books for their children, which makes it more difficult for them to read to their children. Statistics show that children who are read to at an early age will have an easier time learning to read and will enjoy reading more. We want all of our children to read well and enjoy reading.

Reports of Special Committees – Special committees are formed to perform a specific responsibility and do not exist after their final report....after the responsibility is completed. Special Orders – These are matters that the bylaws require to be completed at a specific meeting; examples are election of officers, election of nominating committee, etc. It can also be issues made a special order (by 2/3 vote) for this meting at a previous meeting.

Last year before school was out for the summer the community collected and distributed some 53,000 new or gently used children’s books. The books were distributed to children through some 90 different schools, preschools and community groups. The following is one of the many thank you’s received: Dear Read to Me Program, “Thank you for the books you gave my class, and me. We all really loved them. We appreciate all the hard work you did to let us have them. I have begun reading it nonstop. So I thank you very much” Student from Dolores Gonzales Elementary School

Unfinished Business and General Orders – Items on the agenda for the previous meeting but not completed at that meeting or items postponed from the previous meeting. New Business – New issues introduced to the group through the use of a main motion. Announcements – Made by the chair or by previous arrangements with the chair.


For more information and for posters contact Paula at 505-8481334 or e-mail <>.

Neighborhood News - January/February 2016

Neighborhood News is published monthly by the Office of Neighborhood Coordination (ONC), a division of the Planning Department, City of Albuquerque. Articles and information from neighborhood associations and others are welcome. ONC reserves the right to edit and/or reject any submissions.

City of Albuquerque Richard J. Berry, Mayor Robert J. Perry, Chief Administrative Officer Planning Department Suzanne Lubar, Planning Director Brennon Williams, Associate Director Office of Neighborhood Coordination Staff Stephani Winklepleck, Neighborhood Liaison Dalaina Carmona, Senior Administrative Assistant Newsletter Editor: Dalaina Carmona (Please send submissions as e-mail attachments in a word document to: and Questions or Comments - direct them to: City of Albuquerque Planning Department Office of Neighborhood Coordination, Room 440 Plaza del Sol Building, 600 Second Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 Phone: 505-924-3914 1-800-659-8331 (TTY) Fax: 505-924-3913

Related ONC Links URL for printable Annual Report Form (pdf): <> URL for neighborhood association individual maps: <> URL for “Neighborhood News” ONC newsletter: <> URL for current Department Directors List: <> URL for Important Telephone Numbers List: <> URL for On-going Sector Plans and other Planning Projects: <> URL for Building and Safety Permit/Application Information: <>

ONC Website: < office-of-neighborhood-coordination>

Upon request, the Neighborhood News is available in alternative formats. The Neighborhood News can be accessed at the City’s Website: < neighborhood-newsletter>. (Available in HTML/PDF files, including archived editions.)

Neighborhood News - Jan/Feb 2016  

Read the January/February 2016 issue of the Neighborhood News published by the City of Albuquerque and the Office of Neighborhood Coordinati...

Neighborhood News - Jan/Feb 2016  

Read the January/February 2016 issue of the Neighborhood News published by the City of Albuquerque and the Office of Neighborhood Coordinati...