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…to Los Cabos and the Cabo Marine Show 2011!

We’d like to start by thanking you for being a part of the second annual Cabo Marine Show and we hope the event has enhanced your stay in the Los Cabos area. We also hope you’ll plan to join us again next year, as the Cabo Marine Show 2012 will be better than ever! If this is your first visit to Cabo you’ll find that our state, Baja California Sur, has one of the highest standards of living in all of Mexico. It’s also eco-friendly, tourist-friendly and safe! Many Mexicans speak excellent English and you won't have to go far to be understood. But can you understand the locals? Refer to “Cabo 101” on page 55 for some of the common terms used in our area. And for information on where to go and what to do, look no further than our adventure, shopping and dining ads and our Hotels & Resorts listings (page 60). Please don’t forget to mention the Cabo Marine Guide when you visit these establishments. They appreciate your business and we appreciate your referral, both here in Cabo and when you get back home.

Bienvenidos a Los Cabos México y el Cabo Marine Show 2011!

Gracias por formar parte del segundo Cabo Marine Show. Este evento náutico se llevará a cabo año con año en Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. Te invitamos a leer la página 6 en donde encontrarás mayores detalles de los eventos y fiestas que hemos preparado para este año. Estamos seguros de que Cabo Marine Show 2011 complementará tu estancia en nuestro destino y esperamos que nos acompañes el próximo año en Cabo Marine Show 2012 que será aún más divertido y espectacular. Visita a nuestros patrocinadores para lo mejor en aventuras, centros de consumo y restaurantes. Para las mejores opciones de estadía en nuestro hermoso destino, visita nuestra guía de hoteles en la página 60. Esperamos disfrutes cada una de nuestras sugerencias y nos vemos aquí, en Los Cabos!


The Second Annual

Cabo Marine Show

By: R.J. Archer

This year’s bigger and better Cabo Marine Show takes place during Mexico’s Semana Santa (the Thursday, Friday and Saturday immediately preceding Easter). The show, which is open to the public from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd, promises to be the nautical event of the year in the Los Cabos area. Set along the Cabo San Lucas marina’s popular Golden Zone, the show features exhibits and displays by charter companies and water activities promoters as well as resorts, marinas, hotels and other marine-related businesses. Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to talk with local and foreign experts from the sports fishing, boating and luxury yachting industries about what makes the Los Cabos area such a popular destination. Other exhibitors will provide information about living and traveling in Baja California Sur. Once again, this year’s exhibit area has been laid out along the marina, extending from the Puerto Paraiso Mall, past the Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall and the Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa and down to the restaurants of the Marina Golden

Zone. Beautiful in its own right, this portion of the marina has as its backdrop the breathtaking Bay of Cabo San Lucas with its famous arch at “Land's End.” Just across the marina you will find Cabo’s bustling downtown shopping, dining and nightclub district. During the day the marina is the perfect place to begin a whale watching tour, a sports fishing adventure or a scuba diving trip. Nearby there are more than 180 holes of golf designed by masters such as Nicklaus, Weiskopf and Player. This year’s show includes free, live entertainment each night from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. in a spectacular, open-air setting in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall. On Thursday, April 21st, the Bluz Explosion, from nearby La Paz, will be playing your favorite blues and classic rock tunes. Friday night features Ranchoe, from Monterrey, playing contemporary Latin rock and the show closes Saturday night, April 23rd, with the popular Latin jazz, pop and tropical rhythms of the Cosmopolitans, a seven-piece band from right here in Los Cabos. Don’t miss this spectacular entertainment!


PROGRAM / AGENDA CABO MARINE SHOW 2011 LOCATION / SEDE: Marina Golden Zone, IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas, BCS, México

DATES & TIMES / FECHAS Y HORARIOS OFICIALES: Thursday/Jueves 04/21/2011 – 1:00 - 9:00 PM Friday/Viernes 04/22/2011 – 1:00 - 9:00 PM Saturday/Sábado 04/23/2011 – 1:00 - 9:00 PM

ENTERTAINMENT / ENTRETENIMIENTO Thursday/Jueves 04/21/2011 3:00 PM – Ribbon Cutting / Corte de listón – Booth / Stand 1 5:00 PM – VIP Opening Cocktail / Coctel de Apertura VIP – Baja Lobster Co. 7:00 PM – Bluz Explozion live / en vivo – Puerto Paraiso Friday/Viernes 04/22/2011 3:00 PM – Bluz Explozion live / en vivo – Puerto Paraiso 5:00 PM – VIP Baja.com Launch Party / Coctel VIP Baja.com – Otaduy Yachts 7:00 PM – RANCHOE live / en vivo – Puerto Paraiso Saturday/Sábado 04/23/2011 5:00 PM – VIP Closing Cocktail / Coctel de Cierre VIP – Baja Lobster Co. 7:00 PM – Los Cosmopolitans live / en vivo – Puerto Paraiso


Tails of Baja The World’s Aquarium W hen Jacques Cousteau visited the Sea of Cortez

in 1987, he called this unique body of salt water the “world’s aquarium” because of the diversity of marine life it contains. Today the Sea, officially known as the Gulf of California, is home to nine species of whales, five species of sharks, giant manta rays, marlin, swordfish, tuna, sea lions, dolphins, turtles, eels and a thousand other species of marine life. On a recent wildlife voyage from Loreto to La Paz, I personally observed fin (or finback) whales, blue whales with calves, humpback whales, Orca (or “killer”) whales, manta rays, two different species of dolphins and a colony of sea lions.

Photo © 2011 R.J. Archer

At eighty feet in length, the blue whales I photographed were estimated to weigh more than 200,000 pounds and the nursing calves would have been gaining about 200 pounds per day in mid-March. Our boat was visited by pods of dolphins on three separate occasions and the last time, just north of La Paz, our guide estimated that the pod contained more than five hundred animals.

By: R.J. Archer

Further north, the Sea of Cortez is home to the mysterious and dangerous Humboldt squid. Before 1950 there had been no reports of Humboldt in the Sea but estimates now place their number at more than twenty million due to the decreasing number of natural predators, such as sharks. Humboldt can reach two-and-a-half meters in length, hunt in packs and have even been known to be cannibalistic at times. The west coast of the Sea of Cortez—the portion that stretches along the Baja Peninsula—includes many uninhabited islands and seamounts. These areas are teaming with wild marine life and many are in federally protected wildlife areas. Two of the largest areas include the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, near the quaint town of Loreto, and the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, north of San Jose del Cabo. Whether you’re a diver, a snorkeler, a sea kayaker or a boater, the Sea of Cortez has something to offer!


El Acuario del Mundo Cuando Jacques Cousteau visitó el Mar de Cortés en 1987 lo nombró “El Acuario del mundo” por la enorme diversidad marina que aquí encontró. Golfo de California, es el nombre oficial de este hermoso mar y es el hogar de nueve especies de ballenas, cinco especies de tiburones, pez marlin, pez espada, atún, tortugas, anguilas y mil especies marinas más. En un viaje reciente de Loreto a La Paz, tuve la fortuna de avistar ballenas azules junto con sus ballenatos, ballenas jorobadas, orcas, mantarrayas gigantes, dos especies de delfines, así como una colonia de leones marinos. Se estima que algunas de las ballenas azules crecerán hasta pesar 200,000 libras y los ballenatos suben hasta 200 libras por día. Más hacia el Norte del Mar de Cortés, se encuentran los misteriosos y peligrosos Calamares Humbolt—una comunidad de más de veinte millones de ellos, esto dado a que ha decrecido el número de sus depredadores naturales, como lo son los tiburones. Cada calamar Humbolt puede medir hasta 2.5 metros de largo, cazan en grupos y se sabe que pueden llegar a comerse los unos a los otros. La franja oeste del Mar de Cortés, la cual se encuentra junto a la península de Baja California, cuenta con un sinfín de islas deshabitadas, las cuales afortunamente han sido declaradas como áreas protegidas. Dos de las más conocidas son el Parque Marino de la Bahía de Loreto, así como el Parque Marino de Cabo Pulmo. Si te gusta el buceo, esnorquelear, o andar en kayak, entonces el Mar de Cortés tiene mucho que ofrecerte!

Algunos científicos consideran que entre las ballenas jorobadas, los machos pueden cantar cánticos complejos de hasta 30 minutos de duración.


IGY Marina Services Guide

Front Desk Maria Robles +052 624 1739146 mrobles@igymarinas.com Customer Help and Assistance Jesus Esquitel +052 624 1739146 jesus@cabomarina.com.mx Concierge Please feel free to contact our concierge and he will assist you in booking charters. Juan Carlos Reyna T +052 624 173 9157 jreyna@igymarinas.com Telecommunications For information contact the IT Office +52 624+173 9145 Gustavo Romero (IT) gromero@igymarinas.com Agent For your convenience we recommend you use the services of the following agent: Victor Barrera agebarr@prodigy.net.mx Office: + 052 624 14 30207 Mobile: 044 624 17 75019 KEY IGY MARINA TEAM Enrique Rivera General Manager +052 624 173 9141 erivera@igymarinas.com Augusto Cachon Dockmaster +052 624 173 9142 acacho@igymarinas.com Leticia Delgado Fuel Dock Manager +052 624 173 9144 ldelgado@igymarinas.com



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Marina Costa Baja and Club de Yates Palmira


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2011 IGFA Offshore World Championship May 8-13, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.igfaoffshorechampionship.com Puerto Los Cabos Billfish Invitational May 7-10, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.igtournaments.com Eastcape BillfishTournament June 1-5, 2011 www.fishtaa.com

Los Barriles, BCS

International Roosterfish Tournament May 28-June 1, 2011 Punta Colorada, East Cape, BCS www.igfaoffshorechampionship.com Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament June 23-26, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.starsandstripestournament.com Van Wormer Resorts Dorado Shoot Out July 16, 2011 East Cape, BCS www.vanwormerresorts.com/doradoShootOut.htm Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament July 26-30, 2011 Buenavista, East Cape, BCS www.bisbees.com La Paz Gold Cup Black & Blue Marlin Tournament September 1-4, 2011 La Paz, BCS www.lapazgoldcup.com Los Cabos Billfish Tournament October 11-15, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.loscabosbillfishtournament.com Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Tournament October 14-16, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.bisbees.com Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament October 18-22, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.bisbees.com Lynn Rose East Cape Classic October 19-23, 2011 East Cape, BCS www.lynnrosetours.com/eastcapeclassic.html Puerto Los Cabos World Cup Oct 26-29, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.igtournaments.com/plc-worldcup.htm Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot November 2-5, 2011 Cabo San Lucas, BCS www.loscabostunajackpot.com

e: excellent fishingt

g: good fishing

f: fair fishing


El archipiélago de Revillagigedo, es un grupo de cuatro islas volcánicas en el Océano Pacífico y son reconocidas mundialmente por sus ecosistemas únicos y por sus altas concentraciones de especies pelágicas. La mayor cantidad de buceo se realiza en Isla Socorro entre noviembre y mayo cuando las aguas estan más tranquilas. Aqui podrás avistar a las amistosas mantarrayas gigantes del Pacífico, las cuales pueden llegar a medir hasta 21 pies de ancho de lado a lado. También encontrarás siete especies de tiburores de hasta 40 pies de embargadura, así como a más de 1,200 ballenas jorobadas. by R.J. Archer


all the incredible diving around the southern end of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, why would anyone travel 240 miles further south to go diving? Well, it turns out that there are some very big reasons! Big – as in whales, sharks and giant manta rays. For divers seeking some adventure, a liveaboard trip to the remote island of Socorro is a must. The Revillagigedo Archipelago, known worldwide as the Mexican Galapagos, is a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean recognized for its unique ecosystem and large concentrations of pelagic species. Most of the dive activity occurs around Socorro Island, a federally protected habitat accessible only by long-range, liveaboard boats which depart from Cabo San Lucas November through May when the seas are the calmest. The diving is

Baja Underwater Socorro – an underwater paradise

Photo by Deb Smrekar

for divers, photographers and videographers

considered intermediate level but less experienced divers are welcome. Okay, so why go to Socorro in the first place? The big animals that inhabit the waters around Socorro are often found in large numbers and personal encounters are quite common. One of the amazing creatures you will see is the giant Pacific manta ray, which can be 21 feet wide, wingtip to wingtip. These gentle giants are diver-friendly. At least seven species of sharks inhabit the waters around Socorro. Whale sharks as long 40 feet can be seen in the early part of the season and the winter months bring more than 1,200 humpback whales to the area to breed and calve. It’s little wonder that Socorro has become known as the best big-animal diving spot on earth! 27




Marina Golden Zone and Lodging, Shopping Dining


...at its

By: R.J. Archer

W hen

it comes to lodging, shopping and dining, the Marina Golden Zone inspires all tastes. Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas' downtown area, the Marina Golden Zone has it all! For lodging the Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa offers luxurious suites overlooking the marina that provide high quality, great value and a premier downtown waterfront location. For fine dining, there are an excellent variety of independent franchise restaurants along the marina boardwalk where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the astonishing view. Dentro de Luxury Avenue encontrarĂĄs boutiques de renombre como Gucci, Tiffany's y Fendi. El centro comercial Puerto ParaĂ­so Mall ofrece todo lo que esperas de un centro de compras de alto nivel.

Para hospedaje, Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa ofrece lujosas suites con vista a la marina que brindan precio y calidad y una locación céntrica privilegiada

If you're a shopping addict, the Marina Golden Zone offers the finest selection of stores in Los Cabos. Inside Luxury Avenue you'll find designer boutiques such as Gucci, Tiffany's and Fendi. The adjacent Puerto Paraiso Mall offers everything you'd expect from an upscale shopping center – a wide variety of stores and boutiques as well as a movie theatre, an arcade, a casino and even a bowling alley. The Marina Golden Zone is committed to providing its visitors with the best possible service and quality. Our desire is that you, your family and your friends will enjoy your stay.

The Marina Golden Zone is in one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of Cabo San Lucas. marinagoldenzone.com rp@marinagoldenzone.com Tel. 624.145.6011 33

Jack’s Bar & Grill Jack’s Bar & Grill with its fascinating pirate atmosphere offers an eclectic mix of seasonings, spices and flavors intertwined with meats, pastas, seafood, sandwiches and salads. Their specialty dishes are born from the creativity of Executive Chef Jorge Pineda, and inspired by food from Mexico, Italy, France and the United States. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner Open daily from 7:00am – 11:00pm

Museo del Tequila Come to Museo del Tequila and enjoy photo blowups of ancient Tequila factories, a Tequila press, distilling equipment and most important of all – a Tequila Cantina. Here you can experience a Mexican Cantina Ambiance and learn all about Tequila. Taste different types, flavors and popular brands. Serving lunch & dinner Open Daily from 11:00am – 12:00am

Los Deseos Restaurant Bar Our Guests will enjoy dining in a Mexican ambiance in our air-conditioned dining salon or on our harbor view terrace along the marina’s waterfront. We offer an extensive menu with over 35 entrées ranging from Chicken Pibil on Banana Leaves to beef filet with blue cheese, along with many seafood dishes topped with Mexican sauces. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner Open daily from 7:00am – 11:00pm

Presto Fast & Casual Cuisine Visit Presto where you’ll enjoy timeless Italian specialties from our Italian Chef Roberto Macciadris served in a modern bistro atmosphere. Our classic fare features savory homemade soups, salads, Carpaccios, pasta, anti-pasta, gourmet pizza and foccacia and cibatta sandwiches. Serving lunch & dinner Open daily from 11:00am – 11:00pm

Imomo Sushi house A unique and cozy sushi place on a prime location with a harbor view terrace along the marina’s waterfront, offering an eclectic mix of seasonings, spices and flavors intertwined with soups, salads and a variety of sushi rolls. Great spot for a gathering of family or friends who wish to enjot a very fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Serving lunch & dinner Open daily from 11:00am – 10:00pm

Baja Lobster Co. We specialize in seafood prepared in exotic and imaginative ways. Dine inside our air-conditioned dining room, outside on the patio overlooking the waterfront marina and luxury yachts or on our very own deck-bar that is cantilevered off the malecon over the water. Serving lunch & dinner Open daily from 11:00am – 11:00pm





Cabo del Sol Golf Course 18 ocean holes by Jack Nicklaus & 18 desert holes by Tom Weiskopf Km 10.3, Los Cabos Corridor Toll Free: (877) 703-4394 www.cabodelsol.com Cabo Real Golf Course 18 holes by Robert Trent Jones II Km 19.5, Los Cabos Corridor Local Phone: 624-173-9400 www.caboreal.com Palmilla Golf Club 27 holes by Jack Nicklaus Km 7.5, Los Cabos Corridor Local: 624-146-7000 www.oneandonlypalmilla.com Club Campestre Golf Course 18 holes by Jack Nicklaus Km 199, Airport Bypass, San Jose del Cabo Local: 624-142-523 www.clubcampestresanjose.com Cabo San Lucas Country Club 18 holes Dye Designed Km 3.7, Los Cabos Corridor Local: 624-145-7100 www.golfincabo.com Puerto Los Cabos 36 holes by Jack Nicklaus 15 miles north of the Airport on Hwy 1 Local: 624-146-9656 www.puertoloscabos.com/golf.php El Dorado Golf & Beach Club 18 holes by Jack Nicklaus Km 21, Los Cabos Corridor Hwy Local: 624-144-5464 www.eldoradogolfandbeachclub.com Costa Baja, La Paz Gary Player Signature Golf Course 18 holes by Gary Player KM 7.5 Carretera a Pichilingue La Paz, Baja California Sur Toll Free: (866) 409-9940 U.S. Toll Free: (866) 453-9172 Canada www.costabaja.com/disenodelcampo_en.php




Todos Santos Desert Oasis By: R.J. Archer

Just 80 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, on the peninsula’s Pacific side, is the coastal oasis town of Todos Santos. Nestled between a large palm grove and the 6,000-foot high Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, Todos Santos is a tropical paradise full of art galleries, shops, boutique hotels and unique restaurants. Todos Santos has strived to maintain its authentic Mexican look and it was officially designated a “Pueblo Magico” in 2006 by the federal tourism secretariat, SECTUR. Todos Santos was initially founded by Father Jaime Bravo in 1723 as the mission of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de La Paz but it eventually reached mission status and was renamed Santa Rosa de Todos Santos. Abundant water supported a large sugar cane crop and by 1850 there were 8 sugar mills in the area. The industry thrived for 100 years until droughts caused the water table to drop dramatically. This, coupled with the sinking prices of sugar after World War II, caused Todos Santos to fall into financial decline until the 1980s

El Festival del Arte en Todos Santos ofrece funciones de teatro, exposiciones artesanales, danza, muestras gastronómicas y todo tipo de expresiones artísticas.

Fundado en 1733 este hermoso y pequeño pobaldo es refugio de intelectuales y artistas internacionales. Todos Santos se viste de antiguas misiones, pintorescas construcciones coloniales, se divierte en sus hermosas playas y se entretiene con el surf.

when an influx tourist activity and the paving of Highway 19 revitalized the area. Today, the rich farmlands outside of town have been re-purposed and the area is known for its organic vegetable farming, its avocado, papaya & mango orchards and its fishing & ranching activities. Todos Santos has become a popular winter get-away destination for many Americans and Canadians and these “snowbirds” swell the town’s population from November until mid-May. However, they also contribute to the town’s well-being by directly or indirectly supporting a number of local schools, orphanages and other social service programs. Day trips to Todos Santos are available from several local tour companies or you can rent a car and be there in about an hour. The road between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos is currently being rebuilt but when finished it will be a modern 4-lane divided highway.


Los Cabos International Airport

To Corridor, Cabo San Lucas & La Paz via Toll Road

1 2 3

San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas & La Paz, free of toll

4 7




Terminal 1


Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 1

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Terminal 3

Mexicana Aeromexico Continental Interjet Volaris America West Us Airways Meza Airlines Aeropacifico Air Canada

Private & Small Flights

Delta United Alaska Sky Service Frontier Northwest West Jet

Cabo 101 A Crash Course Our local lingo uses many nicknames. Below you will find definitions for a few of the more common places in our area. Our Guide also includes several new maps of area hot spots, including the airport and marinas in Baja. (Find them throughout your Guide.) And you may have other questions such as “Where does the Pacific Ocean end and the Sea of Cortez begin?” (Refer to the maps on pages 18-19 for the answers.) Baja – Short for Baja California or “Lower California,” it refers to the entire peninsula, from the U.S. border in the north to Land's End in the south. Baja California Sur (BCS) – The southern-most of the two Mexican states on the Baja peninsula. BCS is Mexico’s newest state, joining the union in1974. Cabo – “The Cape” – an affectionate term for Cabo San Lucas, also often referred to simply as San Lucas. The Corridor – The area along the southern end of the peninsula that connects the cities of Cabo San Lucas on the west to San Jose del Cabo on the east. It includes a hotel strip, golfing and numerous residential developments. East Cape – An area on the Sea of Cortez, north of San Jose del Cabo, where many retired U.S. citizens reside. One of the most popular areas is the town of Los Barriles, midway between San Jose and the state’s capital city of La Paz. Land’s End – A tiny finger of land on the west side of Cabo San Lucas that separates the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean. It’s famous for its rocky Los Arcos (the Arch) and for Lover’s Beach, a beautiful strip of sand that touches both bodies of water. Los Cabos – the twin capes of San Lucas and San Jose, including the Corridor. San Lucas Bay – the bay immediately south of Cabo San Lucas at the western edge of the Sea of Cortez. Sea of Cortez – Officially named the Gulf of California, this body of water separates mainland Mexico from the Baja Peninsula. It begins at Land’s End and continues east along the Corridor and then north along the peninsula for more than 600 miles.


Hotels & Resorts Guide

Cabo Azul Resort & Spa Ocean Front, Five-Star beach resort located in San Jose del Cabo. It redefines high-luxury resort living, offering first class villa amenities, a variety of dining options, as well as spectacular spa and wedding services in an idyllic location. San Jose del Cabo Local Phone: (624) 163-5189 www.caboazulresort.com

US: (877) 216-CABO

Cabo Surf Hotel Ocean Front, Five-Star beach and surf resort located in San Jose del Cabo. This stunning hotel offers beach weddings, surf lessons and plenty of relaxation under the Baja sun.

San Jose del Cabo Local Phone: (624) 142-2676 US: (858) 964-5117 info@cabosurfhotel.com www.cabosurfhotel.com

Esperanza Hotel & Resort An exclusive luxury resort and private residential community in San Jose del Cabo. Esperanza boasts 50 casitas and six luxury suites offering spectacular views of the sea of Cortez. Rooms feature original artwork and handcrafted furnishings. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 145-6400 US: (866) 311-2226 info@esperanzaresort.com www.esperanzaresort.com

Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Ocean Front, Five-Star resort located on the tourist corridor. This Grand resort elevates the famed Fiesta Americana experience to a new level offering outstanding architecture at a prime destination surrounded by luxury. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 145-6200 www.fiestamericanagrand.com

US: (800) FIESTA1

Finisterra Hotel Perched on a hill, the hotel overlooks the town of Cabo San Lucas, with the Sea of Cortez to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The location offers incredible views from tastefully appointed rooms and suites complemented by a feeling of seclusion. Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 143-3333 www.finisterra.com

US: (866) 417-5039

Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa Ocean Front, Five-Star resort located on the tourist corridor. It has a stunning Land’s End view and is a seven minute drive from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Its Hacienda-style dÊcor will charm you.

The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 104-3614 US: (866) 360-9003 www.clubhaciendaencantada.com

Las Ventanas al Paraiso An exclusive luxury resort overlooking the Sea of Cortez. It is a window to Paradise. Las Ventanas has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality. San Jose del Cabo Local Phone: (624) 144-0300 US: (888) ROSEWOOD lasventanas@rosewoodhotels.com lasventanas.com

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa Five-Star resort is located on the Cabo San Lucas Marina with a view to the pier and downtown. Nestled in the heart of San Lucas this resort is a centerpiece of Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 145-6020 www.marinafiestaresort.com

US: (877) 243-4880

Marquis Los Cabos Beach Resort Ocean Front, Five-Star resort located on the tourist corridor. This resort offers its guest utmost luxury and service, spectacular amenities and breathtaking views. Marquis Los Cabos is dedicated to surpassing our guests’ expectations. Member of The Leading Hotels of the World® The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 144-2000 www.marquisloscabos.com

US: (877) 238-9399

ME by Meliá Designed to raise eyebrows, blur boundaries, tempt, tease and seduce, ME is an experience beyond mere accommodation. In-room amenities range from free pre-tuned iPods to home theaters and private Jacuzzis. Inspiring global cuisine. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 145-7800 me.cabo@solmelia.com

US: (866) 43-MELIA www.mebymelia.com

Melia Cabo Real Beach & Golf Resort Tucked away on a tranquil sandy cove along Los Cabos’ colorful sapphire coast, Meliá Cabo Real All Inclusive Beach & Golf Resort lies between the spectacular scenery of the exotic desert and the only protected safe swimming beach in the area. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 144-2222 melia.cabo.real@solmelia.com

US: (888) 956-3542 www.solmelia.com

One & Only Palmilla An exclusive luxury resort and private residential community overlooking the Sea of Cortez. A verdant oasis where the gracious style of Old Mexico is quietly nestled amidst swaying palms, birds of paradise and other tropical blooms. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 146-7000 US: (866) 829-2977 reservations@oneandonlyresorts.com www.oneandonlyresorts.com


Playa Grande Resort & Spa Ocean front, Five-Star resort located in Cabo San Lucas with a view to the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez and Downtown. Uniquely located on a private, secluded beach only a 10-minute walk from shopping and Cabo San Lucas nightlife. Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 145-7575 caboresort@aol.com www.playagranderesort.com

US: (800) 344-3349

Pueblo Bonito Rose Experience the many colors of Land’s End. Stroll into town, walk on the beach or watch the daylight fade to shades of crimson poolside or from your private balcony. Discover a restful place where warm hospitality and beauty harmonize. Walking distance from downtown. Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 142-9898 lzatarain@pueblobonito.com.mx

US: (800) 990-8250 pueblobonito.com

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Situated on the western side of the tip of Baja, overlooking the Pacific. Set away from the concentration of hotels along the Sea of Cortes, the resort’s 50-acre site and expansive private beach provides guests with a uniquely tranquil and secluded setting. Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 142-9999 US: (800) 990-8250 reservations_hpbsb@pueblobonito.com.mx

Tesoro Los Cabos Located squarely in the center of all the action in magical, mesmerizing Los Cabos, is Tesoro Los Cabos, the all-inclusive resort hotel where those in the know flock to bask in the sun and have some serious Mexican fun. Cabo San Lucas Local Phone: (624) 173-9300 US: (866) 99TESORO TesoroResorts.com

Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos As guests arrive, a celebrated rendition of the Arch opens to the Sea of Cortez, offering guests a rewarding peek of what awaits them. The good life is just outside your door. Plus, you can fall asleep to the sound of waves against the shore. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 142-9000 info@westinloscabos.com www.westinloscabos.com

US: (877) W HOTELS

Vistazul Suites & Spa A boutique SPA in Los Cabos with a perfect location along the Corridor. The Aquazul Holistic Spa features the very best of natural therapies including Temazcal, a pre-Hispanic treatment. The charming, fully-equipped suites are comfortable, spacious and decorated in contemporary Mexican-style. The Corridor Local Phone: (624) 144-4727 US: (877) 292 8207 info@vistazulsuites.com www.vistazulsuites.com


1973 - 1974

The Transpeninsular Highway Mexican Federal Highway Number 1, also know as the Transpeninsular Highway (or Carretera Transpeninsular in Spanish) extends from the U.S./Mexico border south to Cabo San Lucas and is the only highway connecting Los Cabos to the Mexican mainland or the United States. It serves as the extension of Interstate 5 at the Mexican border south of San Diego although its 1,061 miles are mostly 2-lane, undivided highway. Locally, Highway 1 passes through La Paz and then heads up into the mountainous region of El Triunfo and San Antonio before it rejoins the Sea of Cortez at Los Barilles. Continuing southward, Highway 1 passes through San Jose del Cabo, becomes the “Los Cabos Corridor” and finally terminates in downtown Cabo San Lucas. When Highway 1 was finished, in 1973, tourists from the U.S. and Canada could, for the first time, drive their cars and RVs the entire length of the peninsula. Just 10 months later, on October 8, 1974, the southern half of the peninsula became Baja California Sur – Mexico’s 31st and final state.

Today the Los Cabos area is a popular tourist destination for both foreign and national travelers and many “snowbirds” drive the entire length of the Transpeninsular Highway twice a year – once about November 1st to reach their winter homes in La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Barilles or Los Cabos and again about mid-May to return home to the United States or Canada.

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Cabo Marine Guide 2011  

Official Publication of the Cabo Marine Show

Cabo Marine Guide 2011  

Official Publication of the Cabo Marine Show