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5 tips to gain and keep the loyalty of your staff Even as the global economy begins to show faint signs of recovery, times are still tough, and businesses worldwide are still scrambling to respond. Layoffs, cutting expenses and eliminating employee programmes are all common, knee-jerk responses to financial pressure. But are they the right strategy for t h e l o n g t e r m ? In the haste to find new customers and keep the ones you already have, it’s all too easy to forget one of t h e most important aspects of customer loyalty: loyal employees. But it’s a proven fact: loyal employees have a big positive impact on customer loyalty and retention. So keeping employees satisfied and motivated is critical even – and especially – if raises, bonuses and benefits are a thing of the past. Here are a few strategies

ees. In fact, try two-way communication and ask their opinions: Employees appreciate being asked what they think, and may have some excellent ideas for how the business can be improved 2. Listen to staff concerns. The quickest way to alienate your employees and damage morale is to ignore them. While you may not be able to resolve all their concerns about working hours, promotions and pay, the simple act of listening and a c k n o wl e d g i n g t h e i r problems is valuable. Follow up on the problem when and if it is appropriate to do so, and even if you cannot adequately resolve the issue, inform the employee immediately so they at know you at least made an effort

3. Make sure change occurs at all organisational levels. It’s entirely possible that staff layoffs cannot be avoided. 1. Keep communicating However, to avoid seUNIAJC with employees verely damaging the 45 Años through difficult times. morale of those emEven when the news is ployees that remain, Creada en bad, keep your employit’s important for senior 1969 ees informed of changes management to share within the business so that some of the weight of the they understand the situation. cuts – either by reductions Don’t allow gossip and hearsay to in pay, bonuses or perks. While create unrest and tension within the employees realise that some business; instead, build rapport and changes and cuts must be made trust by being honest with employin order to adjust to the new reali-

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5 tips to gain and keep the loyalty of your staff ties of business, it will be easier for them to accept if they see changes at all levels of the organisation and not just within their own ranks . 4. Avoid micromanaging. Your employees are likely under more pressure than ever –

volved in their work may actually cause more problems than it solves. So while it’s smart to have an active interest in your subordinates’ work, try to avoid stepping in until it’s clearly necessary. 5. Remember to say “thank

down economy when monetary bonuses and raises are becoming increasingly uncommon. Running a business is always difficult, and now more than ever. But with the support and commitment of talented employees, you’ll be much more likely to

Dic 18 de 2013. Asistentes a la cena de fin de año del Fondo de empleados de la institución just as you are. But even as expectations are raised and demands grow, now is not the time to begin interfering in the work of your team. If you’ve done a good job of hiring, you already have a competent group of people who know what they’re doing, and becoming overly in-

you”. It’s so simple, and yet possibly the most important thing you can do to boost employee morale and loyalty. Thanking your employees for their contributions, and recognising their hard work and accomplishments is extremely vital, especially in a

weather these challenging economic times and emerge stronger. Tomado de la pag. nology at work”

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Nov 8 de 2013. Asistentes jornada de la mañana sede norte al evento “Tecnotic and smart cities” organizado por la Facultad de Ingeniería, área de sistemas y dirigido por el prof. Ciro Dussan.

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