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Equip Your Car with the Right Electronics Accessories Today's drivers keep connected even while on the road, and this means having access to the right accessories to keep safe while using your devices. There are lots of great accessories you can purchase to keep your electronics charged and working at their best while you are in your car. iPhone Chargers iPhones are among the most popular phones on the market today, and mobile iPhone chargers allow you to charge your phone while driving. You can connect with your USB port or with a charging adapter that works with your car's cigarette lighter. If you don't have an iPhone, you can purchase similar chargers that work with other smartphones. Bluetooth Devices Bluetooth technology allows you to talk on the phone while driving without jeopardizing your safety or violating any laws. These devices fit snugly in your ear and come with an embedded microphone, so you can easily hear and speak during any phone conversation. Bluetooth devices are also great for home use so that you can talk on the phone while cleaning, cooking, or doing other household tasks. Screen Protectors Chances are your cell phone or tablet may get tossed around your car a little while you are driving. You can protect the screen for your smartphone or tablet with screen protectors. This prevents any scratches from damaging the screen, even if it falls underneath your seat, and they come in handy when you are outside of your car as well. You can add time to the lifespan of your devices with a simple screen protector. USB Cable Many cars have integrated USB ports, which allow you to plug in your GPS device, cell phone and tablets. In order to plug each of these devices in you will need a USB cable for each device. Some cars come equipped with the equivalent of a USB hub, allowing you to plug in more than one device. If you travel with kids, or if you are in a car pool, having more than one USB cable can give everyone the chance to use their devices in the car. Cleaning Kits Over time your phone's screen can get dirty, even if you use a screen protector. Because the screen on a smartphone is so sensitive you won't want to use paper towels or facial tissues. Cleaning with these items can damage your screen, so be sure to keep a cleaning kit made specifically for phone and computer screens in your car. You can also use this cleaning kit to keep your laptop clean so you can work easily when away from home or the office.

While video cables, power strips, and custom cables from CableWholesale keep your home electronics devices connected and working properly, you will need different accessories to keep your electronics working their best while on the road. Make sure to invest in the right mobile accessories to keep connected and charged when in your car so you can always be connected to the devices that make your life easier. Description: Thankfully, with all of the innovations in technology, you can still stay in contact with all of your friends, family and business associates while on the move. The key is to stay safe while using your mobile devices in the car. With iPhone chargers, Bluetooth Devices and USB cables, you can stay in touch with everyone while keeping your focus where it needs to be -- on the road. Bio: CableWholesale is your one stop shop for all of your mobile accessory needs. Avoid the expensive markups of retail stores offering mobile devices. At CableWholesale, we offer much lower prices because of the fact that we do not have to maintain a retail store. Shopping online can save you significant money on all of your mobile device accessories. View our wide selection of accessories at

Equip Your Car with the Right Electronics Accessories  
Equip Your Car with the Right Electronics Accessories | Thankfully, with all of the innovations in technology, you can still stay i...