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CQUniversity is screening all applications for admission against the Genuine Temporary Entrant and Genuine Student criteria as defined by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. To facilitate our final assessment, this checklist is to be submitted with all requests for a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). COE ISSUANCE





Have all conditions of the offer been met? NB. A COE is not able to be issued until all conditions of the offer have been fulfilled unless the condition is to be completed with an approved pathway provider. Has the applicant completed and attached the signed student contract form? FINANCIAL Has the applicant paid the full amount of tuition fees required for the COE to be issued? Has the applicant paid for visa length Overseas Student Health Cover? Has the Financial Declaration been submitted with evidence of funding arrangements and sources?

Evidence not required if previously submitted with Financial Declaration

Have you provided comprehensive information relating to all fees and living costs to the applicant to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations agreed to in the Financial Declaration? Is the applicant aware that CQUniversity will not waive their tuition fees or assist with their study costs/living expenses if they are unable to fund their stay in Australia? Does the applicant understand that if they are unable to pay their tuition fees CQUniversity will cancel their enrolment and COE which will affect their Student Visa?

DECLARATION I confirm that I have provided comprehensive financial information to the applicant regarding the cost of study and living in Australia. I have assessed the financial capacity of the applicant and I am satisfied that the applicant has genuine access to the total funds required, while in Australia, to cover all travel, OSHC, tuition and living costs for themselves and their dependents. I have made every effort to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of all the documentation which form part of this Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) Request. Agent Signature: Agent Staff Member Name: Date: Agent Stamp: CRICOS Provider Codes: QLD 00219C, NSW 01315F, VIC 01624D