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Derek Zandt Waxahachie ISD

Derek is a family man with a commitment to being an exemplary example

to those around him. Not only intelligent, but Derek also is not afraid to take a step in a new direction while listening to the voices of experienced teachers and administrators. He exhibits a real concern for the faculty and staff with whom he serves and a keen understanding of the educational process. Derek has the ability to motivate those around him while remaining well organized and willing to work beyond what’s expected. Derek is a true teacher, motivator, coach and role model. During his 11 years with the WISD, Derek has proven to be a leader with advanced management skills, questioning techniques, and pedagogical insights seen in veteran teachers. Derek often raises thought-provoking questions that illuminate the tough issues dominating society today. He recently completed his Master’s Degree in only 18 months. In addition to serving as the Finley Junior High Assistant Principal, Derek was a leader on the 2017 WISD’s Long Range Planning Committee and has spent countless hours working with students in the school district. Derek is also involved in youth sports and his local church.

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