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Andy Lehmann

The Oaks Fellowship Church

Andy is an ordained minister and currently serves as Pastor of Mis-

Age 36 24

sions and Community Engagement at the Oaks Fellowship Church in Red Oak. An outstanding leader, Andy has completed the Leadership Program of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, serves on the Board of United Way and is a founder of the Waxahachie Project. Andy is also newly married. As Missions and Community Engagement Pastor, Andy helps to determine how The Oaks can serve with other people, ministries, and organizations in the community and around the world to see a genuine transformation take place. Andy has also served on staff with OneHope, an amazing organization that engages the next generation with God’s Word. Andy loves Gospel music while also enjoying bands like Coldplay, U2, DMB, James Taylor, Jack Johnson and House music. Andy likes to hike, play tennis, ride his motorcycle, watch movies and play music. Andy was also on The Price is Right once, but didn’t fair too well.

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