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Deanna Lariz Not Just Piano

Deanna began playing piano at a very young age. Years later, while

raising two daughters, Deanna realized that her love of music could help her achieve financial freedom. So, Deanna began ‘Not Just Piano’ from inside her home three years ago. In that time, her home business in Midlothian has grown to include over forty families. Deanna’s students offer Christmas and spring recitals which reach more than 100 people at each event. To give back to the community, Deanna provides single mothers and students, who would not normally be able to afford lessons, the opportunity to learn for free. She also teaches once a week at the Salvation Army in Waxahachie. Deanna is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at Tarleton State University.

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Amber Jones

Ellis County Acts of Kindness

Amber started Ellis County Acts of Kindness (ECAOK) a few years

ago as a Facebook group but has grown it to over 5,000 members to date. The purpose of the group is to help each other whether someone is in need of an item or service. If someone participating in ECAOK has it, they will give it to those in need. So as to maintain an inventory, all that’s asked in return is that another item be gifted back. By example, if someone needs a crib for a new baby, someone will gift it. In return, the person receiving the crib will gift back an item to ECAOK. Amber is a mother of 12 who works two full-time jobs in addition to running ECAOK. The group has recently applied for Non-Profit status. ECAOK holds Christmas and school drives each year in addition to providing emergency food for those in crisis.

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