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charming – and set the tone or theme of the shower). Make sure all the details are on the invite (who, date, time, location, theme, where registered, list of needs, and RSVP information).

How Many Guests Should You Invite? There are no hard and fast rules on this subject. Having said that, the normal number should be about 20 guests. If over 25 guests, you might want to co-host the shower with another person to keep the costs in line. The host should know how many people will fit the venue (home, restaurant, etc.), so consider these things carefully.

Themes The theme of the shower will be determined by the host. People are getting more and more clever (thank you Pinterest) with themed showers and celebrations…for example, if the parents are Irish, the shower might be Luck O’ the Irish inspired (can you see the green and the shamrocks?)…check out the background of the parents and go from there…What you want to do is consider the parents and you’ll have your theme. Questions to ask are: Do you go co-ed? Do you go traditional? What is the venue – that can also determine your theme? What works best in your setting? What is appropriate at your shower location? Are you trying to match the baby’s nursery theme? These are just a few ways to set the theme of the shower.

Trends in Shower Themes • Nursery Rhymes • Travel • Monograms • Butterflies • Color Themes • Golden Book • Vintage • Baby Bling • Carnivals • Love you to the moon…

Gifts Though a gift is expected if a guest attends the shower, guests should only be invited to help celebrate the upcoming arrival (I’ve never seen a person come to a shower without a gift)…if you cannot attend, you are not

obligated to give a gift (though you might want to give a gift). Creating a registry at your favorite store or stores is a helpful way for guests to find the gifts that are needed. Registry information should be included with the invitation or provided when the guest sends their RSVP in the affirmative. If you are relatively well-equipped in the baby department, the shower host might consider themes that benefit the mom and/or dad…a night of babysitting, coupons for take-out meals, spa days, date night dinners, movie tickets.

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