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Essentials of Baby Shower Throwing a baby shower is just like throwing any other party. Who do you invite, when do you have it, where do you have it, is there a theme, what time of day or night… be aware there are certain times of day when the mom-tobe feels her best – ask her – she’ll let you know.

Appropriate Time For A Baby Shower Baby showers can be held before the baby is born or after. Many choose to do it a couple of months before when the mom is really showing (and glowing), while others wait until afterward, giving the mom the perfect opportunity to show off her little one to several people at once. Your host should check with you and make sure of the date and time and the guest list.

Etiquette for a Second Child Shower (or third, or fourth, etc.) Every baby should be celebrated – right? In my view – yes. When it comes to a second pregnancy, people have differing opinions on shower etiquette – she’s got everything right? Well – maybe not, what if the child is a different gender? What if she’s having twins? What if she needs a few things? What if it’s been a few years since the first child? Have that shower and enjoy being together. Find out what the Mom needs, have a shower, and celebrate.


Sometimes they call a second baby shower a ‘sprinkle’… the entire celebration is less formal, low key, less expensive – it’s about celebrating.

Who Will Host the Party? According to ‘etiquette’ , anyone but the mom-to-be and her family can host a shower. This tradition is outdated and often disregarded – if you love the person – you’re related – are a best friend – are a close co-worker – host the shower. Consult with the guest of honor to determine the guest list. Consider having a couples shower – Dad’s need car seats too…a recent trend has been ‘Diaper Showers for Dads’…you’re going to need them (diapers and Dads), so you might as well get them (diapers).

Location Most showers are held at the host’s home, but they can be held at a restaurant, a party room, the office conference room, even at the home of the mom-to-be (it’s her most comfortable place). Whatever works.

Invitations The host may go casual and phone or email each invited guest (evites are very popular and so much quicker in this busy world)…some like a more formal invite and spend the money on this type of invitation (it is a memento and I prefer this kind of invite – they can be absolutely

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Oh baby 2017 waxahachie final (1)