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Step 9: Now the accessories are added to your vision… pictures, art, lamps, bedding, wall hangings, storage, fabrics – as you go through the process, shop for things that please your eye. BUT, stay with your vision – see it through to perfection. You will get sidetracked along the way – just look for the items that go with what you have, that fulfill the look, and that are pleasing to the eye. This is the room your child will grow up in and it is a room you want to be happy with too. Step 10: Curtains, blinds, shades – stay with the vision. Also make sure that you can block light when needed. Make sure the crib is not near these things as children tend to climb and are attracted to anything within reach (keep any and all cords away from the baby).

Step 11: Equipment – you’ll need a few extras: a baby monitor, a mobile, safety gates, high chair, stroller, travel crib, diaper bags, playpen, white noise machine, humidifier, diaper pail, a car seat, a baby carrier, a rocker or glider, shelves and bins for toys, outlet covers. That’s a good start.

Step 12: You’re done. Now relax and wait for your baby to come and change your life forever.

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Oh baby 2017 waxahachie final (1)