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Baby Nursery Design in

12 Easy Steps

Decorating a baby nursery can be a daunting prospect – especially for a first-time mom. There are so many decisions to make, and so little time…feeling stressed? Well that’s not good for the baby, so let us give you the basics for creating a haven for your little one… one step at a time…

Step 1: Baby safety is your first concern. Be sure to take this into account as you design your baby’s abode. Use a checklist for baby safety and plan accordingly. Step 2: Decide on a room style. Cute, modern, traditional, whimsical, ethnic, the choice is yours. This decision will affect your furniture, theme, and color choices.

Step 4: Find baby nursery furniture to complement the

crib. The dresser should match or mix well with the crib. The dresser can do double duty as the changing table (add a pad and safety straps and you’re set). Having said that – you can also get a changing table. If you use the dresser as the changing table, get one that is medium height – that allows you to lean over comfortably for needed supplies. The top drawer will hold all of your diaper-changing essentials – make sure the drawer is easy to get in and out of – it should glide/slide easily.

Step 5: Lighting is essential – and must be flexible. Sometimes you’ll want it bright and sometimes soft. You want to be sure your night lighting allows you to see in the middle of the night (but not so it stimulates the baby). Consider a dimmer switch for your lighting. Step 6: If you already have wall to wall carpet in the room – that’s fine – you’re not likely to make the change (or go to the expense) – just be aware that you need to keep it vacuumed to avoid allergens (and be prepared to spot clean – it’s inevitable). Other flooring options are hardwood, laminates, concrete – with the addition of a nice area rug or rug tiles. You can decorate a room around a rug – it can anchor your décor.

Step 7: After you’ve gotten the

Step 3: Select a crib. The crib will form the focal point or centerpiece of your baby’s room. Consider a convertible crib as this will save you money over time and will grow with the child (and everything will continue to match for years to come). When selecting, look for shape, style, finish or color, durability – do you like it? Very important.

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basics decided upon, it’s time to decorate the room. Do you have a theme? Is it about heirlooms? Colors? Style? Read decorating magazines, check out Pinterest, go shopping – you’ll see things you like and can build your baby’s room to perfection.

Step 8: The color you choose for the walls will be influenced by your ‘theme’. The things you can do with paint are amazing – stripes, murals, stencils, multi-colored walls – the background to your decorating vision.

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