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Prenatal Care

Prenatal and Infant Care

Many soon-to-be mothers can agree that pregnancy can produce new aches and pains that can result in severe strain and discomfort. The average weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds, which can place increased stress on the body. The low back, legs, buttocks and sciatic nerve can all be affected. In fact, studies have shown that about half of all pregnant women will develop low back pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can provide relief from aches and pains, and also ensure that your body is in the proper position to deliver your baby as naturally as possible. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy are safe and effective. The best part is that you can relieve discomfort and pain naturally, without the use of medications! Finally, in the eight weeks following delivery of your baby, the ligaments will begin to tighten up and some women experience additional discomfort from the new challenges of constant reaching, lifting, and nursing. Continuing chiropractic care will help ensure that your body heals faster and that your nervous system functions the best it can to help you in caring for your newest family member!

Infant Care

Baby’s first year has many developmental milestones. The developmental periods will continue through infancy, in to childhood, and beyond. Well documented research studies have shown why it is important to consider chiropractic care early in a child’s life. The natural birthing process exerts 40 to 50 pounds of pressure on the newborn’s head and spinal column. If there are complications, this can add health problems to the delicate balance and stability of the infants head and spine.

Problems with the head and spine can impact the infant in the following ways: • A misalignment of the spine during birth can cause respiratory problems which could cause further serious complications for the newborn. • Inability or difficulty with latching onto the mother’s

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breast and difficulty with the suckling reflex. • Difficulty sleeping. • Constant crying. • Chronic colic and digestive problems. Chiropractic care can safely help the infant by making adjustments to the head and spine. The pressure for these adjustments is a ‘light pressure’, like the amount of pressure you would use to comfortably press on your eyelid without causing pain. In the first year of life, the baby’s spine increases in length by 50%. This is the time also when the spine starts to get its distinctive ‘S’ shape. These spinal curves are important and necessary for movement, balance, upright posture, protection, and shock absorption. The head and spine also house the central nervous system – important in the growth and development of the infant. The nervous system has a direct impact on the immune system. Getting regular chiropractic care aids in the healthy growth and development of the infant and promotes a healthy immune response.

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