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Identifying Warning Signs of For many pregnant women and expectant parents, the whole pregnancy phase is fraught with physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy should be the time for women to be vigilant about their health. Pregnancy complications are not uncommon and while most problems may be relatively mild and can be immediately treated, in other cases, warning signs can carry some significant health risks to the child, mother and possibly both. Although it is generally advised for pregnant women to have frequent doctor visits, it is equally important to be aware of the possible danger signs to look for during pregnancy. These include the following signs:

Pregnancy Danger

Premature Labor

One of the most common problems of pregnancy is premature labor and delivery. Babies born prematurely run the high risk of having respiratory problems and underdeveloped lungs.

Hypertension Elevated blood pressures are a common complication that occurs in 3 percent of pregnancies. It can cause some adverse effects on the placenta as well as the fetus. Severe elevation of blood pressure can cause pain in the abdomen, fluid retention, seeing spots, and headaches.

• Vaginal bleeding • Sudden weight gain • Fever • Chills • Seeing spots • Persistent headache • Burning sensation when urinating • Vomiting • Blurred and/or double vision • Lower abdominal pain • Thigh pains • No baby movements for 12 hours • Premature cramping • Persistent lower back aches • Nausea

Miscarriage Bleeding during the first trimester can be a sign of possible miscarriage. According to statistics, about 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. These incidents usually occur when a woman is not aware that she is pregnant. Clots, bleeding and cramping are among the most common signs of miscarriage.

Ectopic Pregnancy There are some cases the fertilized egg may not reach its correct position in the uterus and the embryo grows on the fallopian tube. Since it grows in an abnormal location, it causes tears in the blood vessels and delicate structures. It is known to display the following symptoms: lower back pains, nausea, lower abdominal pain, and cramping. This can require surgery to remove the non-viable embryo. Photo by Chaunva LeCompte Photography

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