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Ellis County BUSINESS JOURNAL | January 2018

A doosie at Doolee’s

Hailee Hardin dreamt of owning a bakery, now she does and it’s sweet By Chelsea Groomer

Dreaming of one day owning her own bakery, Hailee Hardin has turned her passion for the culinary arts into a novel-baking hub that serves passed-down family recipes to a sweet-tooth community. Going to school for interior design and architecture, Hardin quickly decided to change her major and enroll in baking school at Blinn College, a sister school of Texas A&M University.

“Grab onto your dreams and do not let go of it because in today’s day and age there are so many outlets to get your dream started.” “So from there on it was a pipe dream of one day opening my own bakery,” Hardin recalled. What began as a passion in 2011, soon turned into a

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January 2018 business journal  

January 2018 business journal