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Leaving a New Mark On History By Chelsea Groomer

Transposing history’s memories over the ever-swinging pendulum of time, the historical structures of Waxahachie carry on with dignity and character, reminding those of the city’s rich heritage. With hopes to link the present to the thread of the past, Historic Waxahachie Inc. continues to preserve those ties for the future through its Historic Marker Program. “HWI is trying to augment interest in Waxahachie’s historic structures. We have more than 200 historic structures that are over 100 years old. HWI is trying to encourage homeowners and visitors interest, and get greater recognition for them for the history that’s here in Waxahachie,” explained Melissa Chapman, HWI Chairman for Historical Markers. According to HWI, the Historic Marker Program gives recognition to enhance Waxahachie’s tourism, generating increased income to local merchants and to the city, as well as, encouraging ownership interest of historic structures. Moreover, these structures and their owners receive the recognition they so richly deserve. Chapman went on to discuss that the past markers, which resemble CONTINUED PAGE 8

The Waxahachie Cotton Mill Office is the only standing relic of Ellis County’s largest cotton industry, built in 1905.

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