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Proper Electrical Design - How It Can Save Business Time and Money

In many businesses, server room can be quite nightmarish because the cables may be plugged in as and when they are required. When it comes to find any fault or fix any problems with the network, this can take a much longer period of time. That’s why; proper electric design and cable management becomes essential in any computer networking room. Day by day, computers are getting more advanced with wireless technology and connectivity. However, it will probably take some time to fulfil a dream of complete wireless office. Until then, cable management is essential for computer networking work areas to maintain visual acceptance and optimum safety. Having a network system server room with a good electrical design should be the goal of all people. To make troubleshooting network problems easier, one has to re-organise the tangled network wires. It would be not a pleasant task but unluckily, it has to be done to present a more professional appearance. In many small and medium businesses, most server rooms having computer networking are generally built with little or no regard for cable management and electric design. These happen as most server rooms are probably started out in small areas and expanded as per the requirements. If any problem takes place at this place, it can be a troubleshooting nightmare, especially relating to the connectivity problems of network. Want to make an organised and professional patch panel? Follow these simple ways: Make an electric design or a connectivity map. Layout the location of all devices on paper and allot a number to each. Tag each device using these numbers, along with their location on your patch panel. Route patch cables in an orderly manner. One can also use colour scheme for the patch cables to categorise devices. For instance, workstations use blue, servers red cables and printers yellow. Cables used in computer networking system must be of right length. If a small patch cord is required, use only of that size. On the sides of the rack, do route cables up and down in place of having loads of direct wires. Avoid running a direct connection straight across. If you don’t have longer one, get it first. Clamps and cable ties must be used to tidy up the network cables coming into the server room.

Prior to moving up or down to a switch, route all cables to the side of the rack. This way, you can prevent over-lapping of it with other ports and also uphold a neat front panel to make changes easily in the panel. To speed troubleshooting location tracing, label all cables in different locations with the same number as on the patch panel in computer networking room. After implementing proper electric design and cable management, all the cables will look a lot better and become more secure than before. The cost of these is so little in comparison to the labour cost for locating a broken or disconnected one.

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