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How To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets in Top Shape The Kitchen is definitely the central and most bustling part of any house. It is that part of the house in which everyone comes and goes, doing one thing or the other; fixing themselves a snack, getting water or making the morning coffee. Since the kitchen is such an essential part of the house and even plays a role in the lives of each family member, it is necessary that the kitchen of the house be always in prim and proper shape, with every single thing, from the drawers to the cabinets maintained properly to reduce any kind of damage. Caring for your kitchen is not easy. Since almost every kitchen cabinet is made of wood, it means that you have to be careful, even while cleaning as wood has to be taken care of more carefully. Taking care of your wooden kitchen cabinets does not mean the occasional cloth wipe. No, it goes a little deeper than that. But don’t fret. With these handy tips, you will become an expert in taking care of your kitchen cabinets and keeping them in excellent condition.

ďƒ˜First and foremost, make sure that your kitchen cabinets are waxed. There are different kinds of waxes available in the market, choose one according to the wood you have used. Also be sure to test the wax on a small area first before applying it fully. The wax protects the wood from dust, moisture and small stains. With waxing, your kitchen cabinets will shine and look good for a long long time. ďƒ˜To maintain sparkling surfaces that are free of dust germs, clean your kitchen cabinets as often as you can. And it does not have to a major clean up project. Simply take a soft cloth and clean the surfaces and the cabinets with a solution of dish soap and water. You could also use the cleaners available in the market, but again, test them on a small portion first. Cleaning the cabinets regularly will wipe off any accumulated dust and clean stains of the kitchen tops and cabinets. While cleaning the cabinets, dip the cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution, wring it and then use it to wipe the surfaces. Divide surfaces into sections and dip the cloth into the solution after completing each section. Repeat this process for every cabinet.

ďƒ˜For cleaning the inside of your kitchen cabinets, first wipe the shelves with a damp cloth or sponge. Once you are done wiping every single inside surface or shelf, vacuum away all the crumbs that might have collected in the corners.

If taken care of properly, your kitchen cabinets will shine bright for years and years and you will enjoy a beautiful kitchen everyday! Do you have any tips on keeping your kitchen cabinets clean? Share them with us in the comments below.

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