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BEKAERT And now, Bekaert is busy launching its latest revolutionary treatment and arguably its most technical yet. Nanobionic is a treatment which uses the body’s heat energy to activate the technology, or ‘treatment’, and return Far Infrared rays back to the body. These rays are proven to help improve blood circulation, meaning a better night’s sleep for the many people who can suffer from cold hands and feet due to reduced blood flow. “Our supplier has done tests with the Nanobionic treated fabric and taken thermal images of people before and after exposure to the fabric,” Lien tells us. “The results are amazing and really do speak for themselves. You can see in the before images where people have blue coloured hands or torsos, in the ‘after’ images these extremities are much warmer. “This condition is so common that the product will have a huge impact on quality of life for so many people.” The far infrared rays have been proven to penetrate through 5cm of thickness, meaning that even if there are sheets or a mattress protector on top of the fabric, the treatment will still be effective. It is easy to envision how popular this radical new product will be. Nanobionic mattresses could become a must-have for the elderly or sufferers of Reynaud’s phenomenon, which causes excessively reduced blood flow in response to the cold. Lien also explains that the effects of Nanobionic could have such far-reaching benefits, such as leading to improved sport performance, or reducing cellulite. As with all Bekaert’s flagship treatments, Nanobionic is a complex technology. The benefits are clear, but the challenge is to explain the science behind these benefits to the end consumer in a clear and concise

Bekaert Textiles nanobionic technology

manner. “We realise the complex nature of the treatments and want to give our retailers the tools to explain the sales messages,” says Lien. “We are in the process of creating a short animated film which will make the technology easy to understand, thereby making it easy for retailers to convey messages to their potential customers. We already have similar videos for our other treatments and we have found them to be very effective and very welcomed by our partners.” Since the fabric of Superman’s bulletproof suit, we don’t think we’ve come across such a magical sounding textile. And we are sure that the future will hold plenty more incredible innovations from Bekaert.


20 Minutes After Wearing Nanobionic Gloves

The Hands Before Ice

50 Minutes After Wearing Nanobionic Gloves

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Beds Magazine January 2016  
Beds Magazine January 2016