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Chandigarh - A Place Where Fun Resides Chandigarh is home to too many tourist attractions which are worth exploring. This city was planned by Le Corbusier who was a French architect. The travelers from all over the globe plan visit here to eye the beautiful facets that this city offers. The city can surely bestow you a reviewing and enriching holiday trip and also acts as a great spot for those taking Gurgaon to Chandigarh taxi. Those planning holidays to Chandigarh must plan their trip during the autumn season running from mid-August to November. During this part of the year the city’s climate stays moderate and calming enough to go out and relish the weather. Moder, independent and highly energetic, Chandigarh seems to be a favorite of young people with hot blod. Tourist lures in this city may not include very ancient roots. Chandigarh is home remarkable architecture and gorgeous landscape that is certainly a treat for the eyes of the beholder. The brilliancy of contemporary architecture has produced a number of tourist attractions here. Chandigarh has made its place at the hills the Shivalik ranges. Decorated green patches and tree-lined avenue praise the neat rectilineal residential areas. Let us delve deeper into some of the most gorgeous attractions that lure travelers into booking Gurgaon to Chandigarh taxi services. Government Museum and Art Gallery The Government Museum and Art Gallery is a popular museum of the country featuring a unique set of beautiful art objects, charming paintings and attractive sculptures including small paintings from Pahari and many Rajasthani and Gandharan sculptures. Most of the displays of the museum dated from the time of partition of India in the year 1948 many of which have been brought here from Lahore Museum. Shanti Kunj Shanti Kunj is a beautiful garden of the city away from the hectic and polluted city life. It is situated between Rose garden and the famous Cricket stadium and can be visited quite easily. The garden features an array of varieties of plants and trees. The verdant vegetation of Shanti Kunj is watered by a natural stream which separates the garden into five divisions each flaunting different plant varieties. Fun City Gurgaon to Chandigarh cab can also take you to this one of its kind amusement park that presents an array of games that excite people of all age groups and likes. The park is far stretched to over 43 acres and is a perfect place to be visited with your family. One of the main draws here is the 5D cinema theatre which takes the visitors into a completely different planet.

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Gurgaon to chandigarh taxi  
Gurgaon to chandigarh taxi  

Chandigarh is home to too many tourist attractions which are worth exploring. This city was planned by Le Corbusier who was a French archite...