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Timeless Holiday Recipes

If there is a constant in the universe, it is that people like to create delectable treats during the holiday season. With this in mind, we wanted to offer up some recipes that have continued to impress for generations. However, we do not take responsibility for the calorie intake that is sure to follow the creation of these dishes.

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Hello Dolly Bars go back much further than the mid-1960s, when they were tagged with their present name. For many years, they were simply called “coconut bars.” The present name seems to have come from the Broadway Show “Hello Dolly,” which was popular during that time. Regardless, this recipe from the 1960s continues to be an extremely popular holiday treat and is easy to prepare.


• 1 Stick Margarine Or Butter

• 1 Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs

• 1 Cup Coconut Flakes

• 1 Cup Chocolate Chips

• 1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk


1. Melt a stick of butter or margarine in a 9x9 baking pan.

2. Add graham cracker crumbs and spread evenly in the butter.

3. Spread coconut flakes on top of the graham crackers.

4. Add chocolate chips on top of the coconut flakes.

5. Pour (1) 8 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk on top of the mixture.

6. Bake at 350° F for 30-35 minutes until lightly brown on top. Cool, serve and eat.


This delectable gluten-free recipe was once a featured dessert item at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars Restaurant in New York City. The restaurant closed in 1975.

Photo courtesy: Michael A. Anderson Photography

Chocolate Roll


• 3 Eggs, Separated

• 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

• 5 Tbsp. Sugar

• ¼ Tsp. Ground Aniseed

• 3 Tbsp. Cocoa

• ½ Tsp. Almond Flavoring


1. Set oven at 3500 F. Grease an 8-inch square cake pan and line the bottom with waxed paper. Grease the waxed paper. Set aside the separated egg whites.

2. Beat the egg yolks with an electric mixer until they are light in color. Add the sugar 1 Tb. At a time making sure to beat well after each addition. The mixture should be very creamy.

3. Stir in the cocoa, vanilla, almond flavoring, cinnamon and aniseed.

4. Beat the egg whites until they are stiff. Fold them gently into the egg yolk mixture. Spoon the mixture into the pan and bake for 25 minutes or until the sides of the cake shrink away from the pan. Cool for 5 minutes.

Remove the cake from the pan and peel off the waxed paper. Immediately roll the cake and wrap in a towel to complete the cooling process.

Cocoa-Pistachio Whipped Cream Filling


• 1 ½ Cups Heavy Cream

• ½ Tsp. Vanilla Extract

• ¼ Cup Sugar

• 2 Tbsp. Chopped, Toasted Pistachio

• 2 Tbsp. Cocoa


1. Mix-do not whip- together in a medium sized bowl the cream, sugar, cocoa and vanilla flavoring. Chill the bowl in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then whip the mixture until it holds its shape. (DO NOT OVERWHIP!)

2. Spread half of the filling in the middle of the cooled cake. Reroll the cake. The whipped cream will form a layer within the cake. At serving time, cover the roll with the remaining whipped cream mixture and sprinkle with pistachios. Cut into slices.


Photo courtesy: Michael A. Anderson Photography

Straight from the mouse’s house comes arguably the best bread pudding recipe you will ever try. This dessert was made famous by the Raglan Road Irish Pub, located in Disney Springs, in Orlando FL, and is a must-order if you ever visit. The secret is the combination of the crème anglaise and caramel sauces that, when poured over the bread pudding, create a culinary masterpiece. Enjoy!


• 1 Loaf Pullman or Texas Toast

• 1 Lb. Butter (softened)

• 1 Lb. Sugar

• 1 Cup Raisins (soaked in Irish mist or water)

Creme Anglaise

• 6 Egg Yolks

• 2 Cups Sugar

• 1 Vanilla Bean Split or 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

• 4 Cups Heavy Cream

Caramel Sauce

• ½ lb. Butter (Chilled)

• ½ lb. Brown Sugar

• 1 Cup Heavy cream


1. Combine the sugar and butter, spread evenly on the bread slices to make sandwiches, stack together and cut of the crust.

2. Cut the “sandwiches” in ½ on an angle (from corner to corner)

3. Butter the inside of 8 oven proof cups or preferred baking dish. One by one dip the “sandwiches” in the anglaise and place in the baking dish, layer the bread and a sprinkling of soaked raisins as you go until done.

4. Bake covered in a Bain Marie at 375 degrees for 35 minutes until it rises a bit. Remove the cover and bake an extra 10 minutes until slightly brown.

5. Carefully remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly serve warm or at room temperature with anglaise and caramel sauce.

For Creme Anglaise:

1. Heat up the cream and the vanilla bean on the stove until it almost starts to boil. Meanwhile combine the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl, and whisk well.

2. When the creams reaches the almost boiling point, turn off and remove the pot from the flame.

3. Temper the yolks by ladling a small amount of cream to the bowl and mixing well.

4. Then add the yolk sugar mixture to the cream. Whisk well so that it does not curdle.

5. Place over a low flame for 2 minutes, whisking until it starts to thicken. Strain and allow to cool at room temperature.

For Caramel Sauce:

1. Combine the sugar and butter in pot and cook over a medium high flame.

2. Whisk well to combine, when sugar is melted and it starts to boil turn off the stove, remove from the flame and whisk in the cream to combine. Allow to cool to room temperature.