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Exceptions aside, for almost any business, the first image potential clients get from you will be crucial as it will often dictate whether or not they "choose" you. Even more so in areas where there's a lot of traffic (read, competition) and people looking for a place where to have a drink or spend some quality time with their friends. Here, that image will be highly dependent on the outdoor furniture that you display. That's why it must be selected carefully. In this presentation, we will show you how by telling you exactly what to pay attention to.

What Challenges Lie Ahead?

First of all, when choosing your outdoor furniture, you have to determine what aggressive agents it will be subjected to. What's the climate like? Hot and humid, cold and rainy...? UV's, pollution, dirt, salt air/water represent as many threats to your furniture that must be acknowledged if you are to prevent their negative impact on the longevity of your purchase. You have to understand that the pieces you buy for commercial purposes should be different from residential outdoor furniture that you only take out once in a while. Here, your chairs, tables, etc., will be put under a lot of stress.

What Industry Do You Work In?

Even though every business that offers an open space would benefit from picking its outdoor furniture wisely, some companies can get away with taking a more carefree attitude. That will not be the case if you own a restaurant, a hotel, or any other such business where the clients will be making heavy use of that furniture. In this instance, take the time to find out why exactly do you need all those pieces for. Will customers be dining outside and require not only comfy chairs to sit on but also protection against the sun? Think in terms of : what does my business need and how can I make my customers' experience the very best possible? Oftentimes, the answer will lie with the client...

Who Is Your Customer?

The customer is king, and you should know the king in order to best serve him. Does your main clientele consists of partytype youngsters meeting up for a drink or are you located in an upper-class area that attracts more classy people? You need to identify your client if you are not only to please him but also provide him with facilities that will be appropriate to the setting and use he will make of them (never forget that he may too constitute a possible source of damage to your furniture). Should you go for comfy sofas or light and sturdy chairs? Only by understanding your customer will you get an answer to that question.

What Style Would Suit You Best?

When it comes to the style, it can get overwhelming quite fast as you face hundreds of possible choices. To narrow it down, you could select a color for a start. Take a cue from your logo and the rest of your business: what are the dominant tones? Concerning the type of material, it will often come down to what characteristics you value the most. Is it durability, versatility, comfort, ease of maintenance? Depending on those, you will have access from metals such as chrome, aluminium, wrought iron, to teak, wicker and other wood pieces, or even plastic and polypropylene.

Price and Quality Matters

Business owners who go for low quality furniture which is not pre-treated are almost begging for it to rust and break. If buying cheap might save you some money upfront, it’s definitely not a good idea in the long run as you will have to replace those pieces for an extra cost and added worries.

With that being said, price should never be your only concern. Always balance it with quality. In fact, you don't have to break the bank to acquire durable pieces that will last‌ but you must keep reasonable. Never pick the absolute cheapest furniture around either. Think of that purchase as an investment in your business.


Trying to buy outdoor furniture for your business like you would for your home is a sure recipe for disaster. When shopping around for those elements, you have to take into account not only your industry and your clientele, but also the conditions these will have to endure. Only by abiding to those rules will you guarantee that you make the most of your purchase and help your business thrive.

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How to Pick Outdoor Furniture for Your Business  

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