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JANUARY 9 - JANUARY 15, 2019 ISSUE 2802


that are 1,000 square feet larger than a similar resale but cost less to heat and cool. “Energy efficiency continues to be key to the new home buyer,” Slater says. Going solar is a major way to have a greener home that appeals to energy conscious buyers. While solar can be installed on existing houses, the best time is during construction, explains Madeleine Ray, Marketing Manager for Sigora Solar. Sigora partners with a number of local builders and is always looking to work with more of them, Ray adds. “Solar ready and solar panels are asked about more often these days,” Mills says “especially as the solar panels are getting smaller.” She adds that competition in the marketplace has brought down costs of the panels and made them more affordable.



Design Trends New homes open the door to customization of everything from paint colors to tile to adding the perception of increased square footage with outdoor living spaces. When you choose a new home, you also have the opportunity to be on the leading edge of design. Today’s buyers love great rooms with “glass, windows and light,” Pace says. Along with this open look, many also favor rustic accents, she adds, such as old barn wood, hardwood floors and

Decks, porches and patios are other ways to expand a home’s living space to the outside. And sometimes they come with extras such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits or screened porches designed so occupants can enjoy a two-sided fireplace.

New Home Agents

sliding barn doors. When it comes to exterior design, “a richer color palette featuring deeper, darker colors for trim” is popular says Chris Sylves with Nest Realty Group. For inside colors many buyers opt for a classic look choosing shades of grey and white, says Lindsay Milby with Loring Woodriff Real Estate Associates. A less ornamental look with clean lines is also in vogue, she adds. On the practical side her buyers are asking for more and bigger closets, and families often look forward to the extra space that comes with a basement. In the kitchen, appliance colors run

the “full spectrum,” agents say stating buyers are moving away from the stainless look that has been so popular in recent years.

Outdoor Rooms Outdoor living is a growing trend and comes in a variety of forms. One exciting example is the rooftop terrace available in some townhome plans. “The rooftop terrace is very popular, especially in the locations where you have a view,” Mills says. She described one of her listings, a townhome that features a rooftop terrace with a cedar pergola.

Many buyers don’t intend to build when they start a search for their next home. Eventually, though, they may be frustrated with the choices of resale homes on the market and decide to investigate new construction as a way to have a home that meets their needs. However, they soon realize they are entering a whole new world, one that is very different from previous home buying experiences. For these buyers, the new home process can seem mysterious and even overwhelming. “Buyers have to be educated to the process and the differences between buying new vs resale,” Slater says. He suggests that a REALTOR’s® advice in this regard can be very helpful. If you are ready to buy your next home, a brand new one may have everything you need. Call your REALTOR® today to learn more about this rewarding opportunity. n Celeste Smucker is a writer and blogger who lives near Charlottesville.

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The Real Estate Weekly 01.09.2019  

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