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opening night The TIGER HUNTER

LENA KHAN / USA 2016 / 94 MINS THU MAR 9 | 7:00PM | CASTRO

Sami Malek’s father is a tiger hunter; a man who stares danger in the eyes, takes aim and BANG. With the same fearless blood running through him, Sami decides to leave his small Indian village to chase the “American Dream.” But once he arrives in the U.S., reality sets in that this will be his grandest adventure yet. Danny Pudi (COMMUNITY, POWERLESS) lights up the screen as Sami with the perfect mixture of sweetness, optimism and determination. Along the way, he does his best to woo his childhood sweetheart (GALAVANT and ONCE UPON A TIME’s talented and charming Karen David) and develops friendships with a lovable and hilarious band of misfits, perfectly played by some of the best South Asian and South Asian American actors today. Set in the 1970s, THE TIGER HUNTER is a blast of nostalgia that chronicles the journey of many immigrants to America. Like Sami’s father, Director and Co-Writer Lena Khan is truly fearless with a bold and refreshing voice. For her debut feature film, it’s a remarkable achievement and with numerous festival awards under it’s wings, THE TIGER HUNTER is sure to bring the Castro Theatre to its feet.



Follow THE TIGER HUNTER with a feast for the senses at our Opening Night Gala at the Asian Art Museum! Dine, drink, dance and discuss as you indulge in what CAAM does best — art, music and food. Experience global creations from Bay Area favorites, including Boba Guys, Sol Food, Hodo Soy, Reem’s, Magnolia Ice Cream, The Chai Cart, Lee’s Deli, Socola Chocolatier and Rémy Martin. Sway to the sweet sounds of the 70s, with pulsing beats from local DJs and soak in the visual riches of the museum’s newest exhibit, Tomb Treasures: New Discoveries from China’s Han Dynasty. Glimpse the secret lives of Han-dynasty royals and the pleasures they pursued in this world and the next through fascinating objects — including a toilet and bronze phallus that are over 2,000 years old — unearthed from newly discovered tombs.


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