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IN CONVERSATION With randall okita SAT MAR 12 | 12:30PM | GRAY AREA | 40 MINS

Randall Okita’s work has become progressively more ambitious, exhibited and awarded. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Okita has lived and worked in Japan, Vancouver and Toronto. CAAM welcomes Okita to the Bay Area with a special screening of his short films and a discussion of the influences and processes involved. Shorts include: MACHINE WITH WISHBONE, FISH IN BARREL, NO CONTRACT, PORTRAIT AS A RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE and THE WEATHERMAN AND THE SHADOWBOXER.

fast & furious: tokyo drift (10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY) JUSTIN LIN / USA 2006 / 104 MINS SUN MAR 13 | 9:40PM | ALAMO

Buckle up for the 10th anniversary of the biggest thematic departure in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise, TOKYO DRIFT. Troubled American teen Sean discovers high-octane Tokyo street racing, and things get complicated when he falls for his rival’s girlfriend. Starring Sung Kang, who also appears in PALI ROAD.

youth workshops muslim youth voices


Muslim youth in Philadelphia and Minneapolis create short film magic. In the second year of this signature CAAM program, they explore the universal truths of growing up. Acclaimed filmmaker Musa Syeed returns to help young people craft their unique stories that disintegrate the borders built on stereotypes.

1990 institute: youth voices on china SAT MAR 19 | 2:30PM | NEW PEOPLE

Youth Voices on China is the 1990 Institute’s signature contest, which fosters global awareness among young Americans. 2016 student submissions address the president on how to build more positive relations with China by sharing creative cultural exchange ideas. Hear stories of the next generation calling for change. CAAMFest is excited to welcome back this innovative program.


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(Formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival)

CAAMFest 2016 Program Guide  

(Formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival)

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