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Post-NACURH Update

By: Paige Hlad

NACURH 2018 was underway Memorial Day Weekend at Arizona State University-Tempe. This weekend was full of pin trading, legislation passing, and memories being made. Let's just say CAACURH was quite LIT all weekend! We won the roll call dance, especially after that beat drop. The crowd went wild after CAACURH got plethora of recognition on the NACURH level. Such as, University of Maryland winning NRHH Chapter of the Year and Rick Mikulis also from UMD winning NRHH President of the year. Our own Nicole Machovina received a Gold pin. Emily Collins won a STARS College Honorarium. Shippensburg University won an Annual Conference Scholarship. Becce Egge, Rick Mikulis, and Tesa Stone completed Link Three of the LEAD Links. That was just the beginning of the notice CAACURH received from NACURH. However, we were able to connect and do things together on a regional level. During our Regional Breakout session we were able to pass legislation on the service that Cougars Care would focus won! We also discussed other pieces that were tabled for the future. CAACURH made memories with practicing the roll call together to laughing about random things during the closing remarks. At the end of the weekend we all might have been tired from the late nights, long meetings, and far walks, however it was a good tired, a tired that reminded you of everything that happened that weekend, all the laughs, all the memories, a tired that we do not always get. NACURH 2018 was a one for the record books.


Goodbye from the Outgoing

By: Ian Snyder Hey, CAACURH! I couldn’t start a letter with “Goodbye,” as it still hasn’t sunken in fully. This year has exceeded what I could have expected coming into the position, both in difficulty and in outcome. You all see the products we create, but only various amounts of the processes, discourse, decisions, and implications that occur behind-the-scenes. Each piece of legislation, resource, GroupMe post, email, and Zoom chat has a flurry of its own texts, emails, phone calls, Zoom chats, and GroupMe messages supporting its final form. Everything we do requires a precision and meaningfulness because that’s what you all, as our Cougar pride (fun fact – the formal name for a group of Cougars), demand of us. You pushed me to be better, diligent, ethical, intentional, timely, thoughtful, and, above all, proud of the work we completed together. I’m thankful for each of you, and the relationships we’ve crafted this year. Seeing and wanting to capitalize on the passion you all bring from your campuses into the spaces we share and back is what brought me into this position. When I bid for Regional Director at Robert Morris University, I knew that cultivating this feeling to its utmost potential was my top priority. Winning Roll Call at the Annual Conference for the second year in a row shows that fulfillment to some degree, but not nearly as much as seeing the pure joy and sense of community across each of your faces as we danced and sweated together. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again; CAACURH has connected us in a way few other experiences can. For a Final Time, With Cougar Pride, Ian Snyder Central Atlantic Director, Affiliation Year 2018



By: Markayla Clayton

Take Flight 2018 is underway! The Air Traffic Control (conference team) at The Base (Wright State University) is working hard to make sure this Regional Leadership Conference is the best one yet! We are excited for the next coming months to see this conference come together! We cannot wait for you to take flight with us!

By: Alex Martin


Hey everyone! Now that everything has settled down after NACURH, I am back in full swing preparing for RBC 2019! My conference team and I are super excited to have you come to WVU for RBC 2019 in 242 days! We have working diligently to create the best possible experience for you all during your time with us in Morgantown. If you have ny concerns or questions regarding RBC or bidding to host a conference, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!


Hey from the COBRaS By: Kaelin Lynott My CAACURH experience has been quite the ride. The Regional Board of Directors (RBD) have awed me since my very first NACURH in 2016. I hadn’t had any interaction with them as a delegate, but when I got elected as NRHH Chancellor for the 2017-2018 school year, I got thrown into the CAACURH NRHH 2016-2017 groupme chat, and I was overwhelmed with the amount of messages and zoom chat codes. What had I gotten myself into?! At first, I thought that I would just be focusing on the NRHH at Shippensburg University, but NACURH 2017 proved to me just how amazing CAACURH is for student leaders just like me, and I dove headfirst into task forces. On top of the difficult journey ahead of showing The Anchor Chapter of NRHH just how awesome NRHH is through bringing recognition initiatives to meetings and rewarding members when they wrote OTMs, I was also joining all of the committees and task forces I could both regionally and nationally to learn as much as I could about NRHH, CAACURH, and NACURH. Participating on the regional level provided me with a new appreciation for recognition initiatives, and I knew that I wanted to give this experience to other student leaders. So, in March of 2018, I ran for the Coordinating Officer for Bidding, Recognition, and Service position after much debate about whether or not I would be good enough. I want everyone reading this to know that being a part of NRHH and/or RHA makes you an amazing leader, and you are more than capable of being a part of CAACURH and NACURH initiatives. No matter your leadership style, you can do anything you put your mind to. If you want to use these organizations to help you develop interpersonal and team-building skills so you can prepare yourself for the career of your choice, then give it your all every day and you will get that experience and more! Right after NACURH 2018--the most fun I’ve had in my entire conference career--I started my internship in a major I have only just chosen because this leadership experience taught me that I should do what I love and not what I think I should do to make money. Know that we as the RBD 2018-2019 are here for you in anything you need from us! We were all in your shoes before in one way or another, and we’ll always be willing to answer any questions you may have! I want to get to know all of you if you’ll give me that opportunity! Enjoy your summer, and I can’t wait to begin this new journey with you! With Cougar Pride and Diamond Love, Kaelin Lynott Coordinating Officer for Bidding, Recognition, and Service


Advisors, Become an ARTist

By: Barry Hendler The Advisor Resource Training (ART) program was developed with varying advisor needs in mind. The 29-session curriculum covers a variety of content to equip advisors with skills needed to be successful on the campus level and through CAACURH and NACURH-level experiences. ART sessions are offered at all regional conferences as well as the NACURH annual conference. To view the entire curriculum, you can access the ART brochure. On Friday, June 8, 2018, we hosted our first ART Drive-in Conference at the University of Maryland-College Park. Aaron Hood and I worked together to organize all aspects of the event, which offered advisors with the opportunity to complete up to 5 ART sessions. I’d additionally like to thank Evan Huckfeldt from Stevenson University and Jacklyn Gentile from the University of Maryland-College Park for presenting sessions throughout the day. With 15 advisors in attendance and overall positive feedback received, we are looking to expand the ART Drive-in model and looking for host sites! If you are interested in chatting about this opportunity, feel free to reach out to me at In addition to attending the described sessions, it is also required to complete a specific number of experiential credits in each level to become ART complete. The brochure outlines all of the 1- and 2-credit experiences. You can log your experiences; as a reminder, 8 credits are required for level 1 completion and 16 cumulative credits are required for level 2 completion. Over the next few months, I’ll be reaching out to advisors to discuss what is logged for you in the system and provide some guidance on next steps. However, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Lets Get COLD

By: Timmy Miller

Hey CAACURH! My name is Timmy Miller, and I am so excited to serve as your 2018-2019 CO for Leadership Development! NACURH 2018 was a wonderful way to start off the year, and I cannot wait to see you all at Wright State for our Regional Leadership Conference. I have quite a few goals for the year, and want to make sure that I am engaging the NCCs that I will be working with throughout the year as well as other representatives and members of your institution. One of the biggest ways that I hope to do this is through case studies. The Regional Board and I have already begun working on many case studies that we want to present throughout the year to help you engage various members of your institution in meaningful discussions about current practices and ways in which we can improve. These will then be collected and kept as a resource for you to look back at in future years! I also am very excited to work to make our Paw Points system even bigger, and collaborate with Kaelin and Paige to add spirit and recognition as ways to earn them. We hope to continue our paperless recognition with this, especially through our online Cougar Compliments and new Snapchat Paper Plate Awards! If you’ve got spirit and want to help spread these initiatives, join the Campbell Crew. I will also be working with Corey and Rick to bring back Mack Chats, an open roundtable for individuals or institutions to begin conversations with each other! We are working over the summer to come up with ideas on how we want this to look, and hope to create a space where institutions can problem-solve, innovate, and share ideas together! I also want to work with the Regional Board and the NACURH Executives to solidify current parliamentary procedure, and to create educational resources on how and why we use it so that you can use this at your institutional levels. We will also have leadership positions for NCCs, NRHH Representatives, and RHA Presidents to serve as Parliamentarians with me. Applications for these roles will go out at least a month before Regional Leadership Conference, so keep an eye out! I have many more small goals throughout the coming year, but my biggest goal is to engage with and assist each and every member of CAACURH in developing individually as a leader. I cannot wait to see you all, whether it be over Zoom or in person. Until then, take care and enjoy your summer! With Cougar Pride, Timmy Miller


Shine like A COMT

By: Paige Hlad

Hey! Hey! Hey! I am beyond excited to be entering my second year as the CAACURH COMT. Since I started a little late last year because of the election process it took me a while into the summer to get into it all. However, not this year!!! I am beyond excited to share some of my plans with you all! Do you love spirit?! Well then sign up for the new CAACURH Spirit Squad! After seeing all the amazing spirit coming from our region, I knew we could use that in many different ways. From challenges on social media, to a hype team during conferences, we are going to be known as THAT region, the ones who are spirited like no other. The letter of intent form will be released June 29th so keep posted! Also, I am pumped to be able to work with many people on the RBD such as Kaelin and Timmy to work on Paw Points, recognition, and fun! This year is going to be one to get lit with. So I hope you all are ready! Thank you for re-electing me into this position, and with that I want you all to be able to feel comfortable coming to me about anything! Need help with marketing CAACURH to your RHA or NRHH? Lets put something together. We are all a team here and I am ready to be there for you all! Don't be afraid to email or groupme whenever at With Cougar Pride and Crazy Spirit, Paige Hlad Coordinating Officer for Marketing and Technology


Time to be an ADNRHH

By: Emily Murasso I am your Associate Director for NRHH for this 2018-19 affiliation year. I am excited to get the ball rolling this summer with zoom chats, GroupMe discussions, and even talks of affiliating new chapters! I plan to include all members of your NRHH Chapters while having engaging and progressive moments to make NRHH as inclusive as possible. We will focus on our service and recognition values to ensure that you are getting the most out of CAACURH. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you all and see some of your ideas become a reality through OTMs, task forces, and even NRHH bids! Being a part of NRHH is to keep cool under pressure and shine as bright as a diamond. Combine that with being as fierce and courageous as a cougar and that is a combination to create success! With Cougar Pride and Diamond Love, Emily Rose Murasso


CORHA? More Like Corey!

By: Corey Livelsberger

Hey CAACURH RHA! My name is Corey Livelsberger and I am honored to be serving as the Central Atlantics Coordinating Officer for RHA for the 2018-2019 year. I am entering my senior year and will be graduating with a degree in business management with a concentration in human resource management at Shippensburg University. I hope to continue my education in graduate school, with a desire to enter the field of student affairs. I served as my University’s RHA President for the 2017-2018 year and have been involved with RHA as a Hall Council President, Treasurer, and Senator within RHA prior to serving as President. Ever since freshman year, I have been deeply devoted to working with my campus’ RHA, and I am so blessed I am able to serve as CAACURH’s CO for RHA. I’ll be honest, when I ran for hall council president, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was not even remotely prepared for what RHA had in store for me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my deepest desire as a student leader was to become someone that others can depend on, and look to for guidance. I fell in love with RHA, which led to me bidding for my current position on the regional board of directors. I am so excited to work with you all and have a productive and fun year together! We will be tackling a variety of topics together as a region through a variety of mediums including (but not limited to): roundtables, Mack Chats, regular bi-weekly zoom chats, and conferences together. Although not all of our organizations share the same name (RHA, RSA, ARHC, tRAC, etc.), we as student leaders are united together for the betterment of our campus communities. I am thrilled to see how we all will grow together as student leaders and seeing all the incredible things you all will accomplish! I have nothing but faith in all of you! You all have incalculable value and incredible potential. You were elected for a reason, and I am humbled to work alongside all of you. With Cougar Pride, Corey Livelsberger, CAACURH CO for RHA


And Now, Hello Incoming Director Hello Cougars! My name is Rick Mikulis and I am your CAACURH Regional Director for the 2019 Affiliation Year. A couple things about me: I am an undergraduate senior hosted at the University of Maryland, located in College Park, MD. I’m a Business Management and Government & Politics dual degree with a minor in Public Leadership. I have been to 8 NACURH-affiliated conferences and I have met many great friends along the way.

By: Rick Mikulis

I’ll keep this introduction letter brief, but I wanted to touch a bit on what you can expect from me this year. A key theme for my directorship is “intentionality.” Every part of our regional conferences, every minute of online chats, and every regional project should be designed in such a way that we are truly maximizing your experience and giving you everything we can to set you up for success on the campus level. If at any point in time, our work seems too disconnected from what you’re doing for your residents, please let me know immediately and I will do what I can to fix the situation. We’re here for you; not the other way around.


Most of my job will be spent managing the RBD. We have a wonderfully talented board, and every member of our team is practically overflowing with good ideas. It’s my job to give them the resources, training, encouragement, and agency to turn those good ideas into amazing results for you all. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on what I do, but you’ll know whether or not I’m doing a good job based on the engagement of the rest of the RBD. In addition, I am handing off the job of chairing NCC legislative business to our highly qualified CO for Leadership Development, Timmy Miller. I will still have a presence at NCC chats, but the intention of this is for me to be able to better connect with all the reps and all the delegates. Expect me to drop by all the boardrooms at RLC and RBC to say hello, and let your delegates know to look for me walking around between programs. As will always be the case, you’re welcome to email me with any comments, questions, ideas, concerns, dank memes, etc. to I’d prefer that you don’t DM me on GroupMe – sometimes those notifications don’t show up and I’m likely to miss those messages. I can’t wait until I get to see all of your wonderful faces again at RLC or the next Zoom chat! With Cougar Pride, Rick Mikulis, CAACURH Regional Director


Pictures, Pictures, get your Pictures Come and check out the pictures and videos from NACURH 2018 NACURH 2018: ASU-Tempe Photo Drive Link


Cougar Spirit-Summer 2018 Edition  
Cougar Spirit-Summer 2018 Edition