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Integrantes:  Travaglia Camila  Vieyra Melina Curso: 4 año B

CHOCHAS CON LAS TORTAS: This organization it was founded on March 11, 2013 by Camila Travaglia. The company’s headquarters is in the neighborhood called Empleados de Comercio. This is a recently and small company that it has a turnover of $100.000, because it is a business organization. It employs only five people. It hasn’t branches or subsidiaries. The company makes different types of cakes for commercial and distribution. It hasn’t main competitors because there isn’t a well know a company yet. It is planning to open a new branch in the center of the town.

Office and installation: In the office of the responsible of marketing and owner there, there is central getting and air conditioning too. There is a bus top nearby. The office is a new well-lit room. There are two small is a comfortable office .The walls are covered with a notice board and some pictures too. There is a big book-case with some books. There is a sofa with a small coffee table too. There is a desk with office chair. In the kitchen there is a small fridge near the table. There is also a microwave.

Security: The employs most use apron and latex gloves to work in the kitchen of the organization.


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