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LA Briefing Kenneth D. Arredondo President and GM, Latin America and Caribbean


 CA Technologies overview  Highlights – FY11 and FY12 outlook  CA Technologies in Latin America

 The IT market  LA IT industry forecast  Strategy – FY12 and onward

CA World´11

CA Technologies leads the way globally

CA Technologies is an IT management software and solutions company. Our products enable customers to automate, manage and secure IT environments and deliver more flexible IT services.

CA Technologies makes agility possible.

 #1 Management Software Vendor*  $4.5 billion annual revenue and strong profit  Customers in virtually every country, including majority of Forbes Global 2000  ~$600 million and ~5,000 people annually designing and supporting software  30+ years in business managing complex heterogeneous environments

 Ranked among top 50 Greenest US companies * Source: Forrester Research, Inc., “Who’s Who in IT Management Software 2.0” by Jean-Pierre Garbani and Thomas Mendel, August 12, 2010

CA Technologies first half FY12 financial overview  For the full FY11, revenue was over $4.4 billion, up 5% in constant currency and as reported. In the first half of FY12, revenue grew 5% in constant currency and 10% as reported  In FY11, GAAP diluted EPS grew to $1.60, up 12% in constant currency and 10% as reported. For the first half of FY12, GAAP diluted EPS grew 4% in constant currency and 8% as reported

 In FY11, non-GAAP diluted EPS grew to $1.92, up 13% in constant currency and 12% as reported. In the first half of FY12, non-GAAP diluted EPS grew 12% in constant currency and 14% as reported  FY11 cash flow from operations was $1.4 billion, up 3% in constant currency and as reported. Cash flow from operations in the first half of FY12 grew 20% in constant currency and 33% as reported

 At the end of the first half of FY12, CA Technologies had a net cash, cash and marketable securities position of $1 billion For a reconciliation of the non-GAAP metrics on this slide to their comparable GAAP measures, please refer to the appendix

CA Technologies in Latin America 4 LA Regions 4 Main Offices – 11 in Total

CM – Cristobal Urenda MEX

LA CSU leaders:

CM – Laercio Albuquerque

 Rosano Moraes: Virtualization , Automation & Service Management


 Christian Lewis: Service Assurance  Francisco Dal Fabbro: Project and Portfolio Management

CM – Claudia Vasquez


 Ricardo Fernandes: Security & Compliance  Idival Júnior: Mainframe

Sandro Camargo: Channels


 João Fábio de Valentin: Services  Daniela Costa: Recovery Management & Data Modeling

CM – Hernán Calderale

LA Highlights  Latin America continues to prove its ability to generate profit and drive revenue growth. Over the first half of FY 12, we met or surpassed goals for the region.  LA continued excellent momentum by recording strong double digit growth in new product sales in the first half of FY12.  We gained 41 completely new customers in Latin America in the first half of FY12, and 183 of our existing customers acquired new solutions.

 We’re seeing healthy growth in countries and business areas and success with partner relationships. The first half of FY12 saw growth not just in overall numbers, but specifically in Mainframe, PPM, Service Assurance, and VSA – proof that our solutions are answering a need for our customers.  LA has a strong investment in Pre Sales and alignment with Services, Partners, and CSUs to drive programs such as skills development, certifications, standard offerings, and go to market programs for partners. − This strategy has led to the ability to quickly execute on Sales and Organizational strategies for new acquisitions including Nimsoft and ITKO.

 Channel business grew three-fold in the last four years.

FY12 Highlights – new wins and replacements so far

LA IT industry forecast, according to IDC a continuing cautious recovery for LA World Wide GDP Forecast

IT Investment

22% 6%

17% 4%



4% 3%



4% 3%



3% 9%

8% 2%












2009-2% 2010


-2% -3% LA


Source: EIU 2011; Q1 2011 Black Book










Business expectations have never been higher CEO priorities of ‘return to growth” drive new implications for CIOs CEO priorities of “return to growth” drive new implications for CIOs CEO Priorities CEO Priorities Apply innovation Can we drive growth and competitive Grow through innovation differentiation through innovation? Can we drive growth and competitive differentiation through innovation?

CIO Challenges CIO Challenges

Increase business impact

Can you explore new ways to serve the business?

Increase speed and agility Can you find new ways to serve the business by Improve quality of service

Provide transparency Improve quality of service Reduce IT costs Manage risk Increase business impact Can you see and resolve risk and performance Maintain cost efficiencies meet the innovation performance of the Can you embrace fordemands competitive

delivering services faster and more cost of the Can you meet the performance demands effectively? — cost efficiently? organization

risk Can you see risk new to control explore ways it? toManage serve the issues Mitigate Can you see risk risk to controlbusiness? it? organization —and cost efficiently? differentiation reduce costs? Can you see and resolve risk and security issues in your business? transparently for your business? Reduce IT costs

Can we support continued cash and profit Attract and retain new customers generation? Can we grow our market share through a positive corporate image?

Build/maintain a positive public reputation Can we grow our market share through a positive Maintain cost efficiencies image? Can we support continued cash and profit generation?

Can you embrace innovation for competitive differentiation and reduce costs?

Reduce transparency IT costs Provide

Canyou yousee embrace innovation for competitive Can and resolve risk and performance issues differentiation and reduce costs? in your business?

The problem: IT needs a game changer

Complexity Slows Productivity

Demand for Shorter Cycle Times

IT Service Supply

Business Demand for IT Services

Enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud services to gain efficiency and speed time to market for new business services  80% of enterprises surveyed have already deployed at least one cloud service.  Over 50% have deployed six or more cloud services, while maintaining legacy infrastructures. Cloud Virtual Distributed Mainframe


Latin America is the fastest growing cloud market in the world

Source: IDC Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2010-2015 Forecast, June 2011, IDC Document #228485

Cloud computing presents new opportunities for IT to serve the business and narrow the alignment gap New options to deploy and source technologies through public and private clouds External suppliers IaaS



Business User

Business Service



Internal resources

Private Cloud

Additional complexity is created by the cloud Enterprise Data Center/Private Cloud

Gartner’s top 5 challenges of cloud computing

Cloud Computing/ SaaS




SaaS Applications


 Management of hybrid world  Performance monitoring  Reliability/service assurance  Automating service delivery across platforms  Security






Virtualization/ Operating System

Virtualization/ Operating System

Virtualization / Operating System



Networking Public Cloud SaaS Infrastructure

All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies

CA complete and integrated portfolio address that complexity

DESIGN Design business services with quality, agility, cost, security per SLAs with business service owners

PLAN Create a decision model for which apps belong in which public and private clouds — and when

Brokered Cloud Services


Traditional Services

Private/Hybrid Cloud Services

Automate service processes and provisioning across virtual, physical and public cloud from a self-service catalog

Business Services Optimize SECURE Extend your identity and access controls across virtual, cloud and traditional

End-to-end visibility and orchestration

ASSURE Extend monitoring and support processes across virtual, cloud and traditional

IT in Latin America The CA Technologies Analysis  Latin America’s economy keeps growing at a rate above global equivalence statistics, while IT investments are expected to keep the good momentum, as LA companies are focusing on improving their IT infrastructures, management, and security. Meanwhile, CA Latin America continues to grow at a rate faster than market growth .  We expect to continue seeing a new wave of policy-making around reducing the 'digital divide,' state modernization, fiscal transparency and e-government that will stimulate the IT industry in the region.

The CA Technologies Situation

 The number of customers that choose our solutions as replacements for other technologies, as well as the ones who come back to purchase additional implementations, are strong proof of the value we’re standing behind.  Our regional expansions continue as LA markets develop . In fact, CA Technologies opened new offices in Northern Latin America during the last fiscal year in Medellin, Colombia and in Mexico.  We also hired additional employees in all regions, grew more than 10% on the sales side, and expanded all CSUs.

CA Technologies summary of capabilities platform agnostic Integrated solutions to manage IT services across all platforms including mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud

technology breadth The broadest and most robust portfolio in the industry across the infrastructure, application and security layers of your environment

solution provider Anticipating technology trends and developing or acquiring new capabilities to help customers deliver flexible IT solutions

proven partner 30 years of experience and 14,000 people focused on customer success

LA strategy, FY12 and onward In summary  LA is still a hot market.

 CA Technologies has the right strategy, the right products and the right people to achieve constant growth and to drive customer success.  IT agility is key to enabling business agility, and agile IT organizations will out-innovate and outperform the competition to become new market leaders. − This is CA Technologies’ Agility Imperative

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CA WORLD 2011: Latin America Briefing  

Kenneth D. Arredondo, President and General Manager at CA Technologies for Latin America and Caribbean, made a business overview about the I...

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