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Contrast Collection By: Will B

Dark By Will Barbrey

It’s dark. He stands and rests his hunched and tired back on the street lamp. It is about midnight now and there is not a soul in the world except for him. He stands, almost as if he is waiting for someone. You cannot see his face under his trench coat, a dark fedora, and a cigar. The only piece of light than can be seen in this world is shining down on his coat and hat. It’s dark. He waits. He is still.

He drops his cigar as he looks off into the distance to see a small figure sprinting in his direction. His eyes open wide and he leans off of the street lamp post to try to make out what this figure is. He stares in disbelief as no one or nothing was supposed to be out here except for the person that he was waiting for. This was not the person he was waiting for. It may not even be a person. He watches with wide eyes as he tries to comprehend what is sprinting towards him. It defiantly is not human. As the thing gets closer and closer he steps back slowly, still trying to find out what this thing is. Closer, closer, closer.

He can now hear the pitter patter of small feet hitting the hard, cement ground.

He steps back in fright as to what will happen next. Closer, closer, closer. He slowly starts to gain speed to run away from this thing that he is about to come into contact with. He thought that the creature would slow down but it doesn’t.

Running, running, running. Both of them, running. Closer, closer, closer. Running, running, running. The creature is catching up. Closer, closer, closer. It caught him. It’s dark.

Poem Recording

-Will Barbrey

You watch as a small, fluffy white rabbit comes hopping beside you.


You look back up to the beaming blue sky.

The grassy field is lightly coated in a layer of sunshine.

You think to yourself, “This is what heaven must be.�

The only thing to be seen for miles around is a small log cabin and some mountains.

You put your arm around her.

No supermarkets, no airports, no gas stations,

You close your eyes to soak in the beaming sun, the beautiful mountains, and everything around you.

What is Paradise?

Only peace and relaxation.

Both of you wishing that this would last forever.

You are feeling tired and woozy. She lays with you in the grassy meadow looking up at the small clouds that seem to patch the light blue sky as if the sky were a pair of worn out jeans.

She looks over to you and smiles.

You fall asleep in the arms of Mother Nature.

You open your eyes. What? What happened? You wake up to a small, dark bedroom.

You slowly drag yourself out of bed, Ugh, it was only a dream... You walk over to your window. You look out of the window as the bright light of midday comes beaming onto your slow and tired face. You squint as you see a small object, Poem Recording

You look closer as you begin to make out what the small object is. “What is it?” you say to yourself. Then you realize what it is. A rabbit.

So, what is paradise? Well, I can’t exactly tell you. But this, this is my depiction of paradise.

Poem Recording

The Crazy Zoo By: Will Barbrey

Purple bunnies and Barbarian monkeys. Demented giraffes and Annoying hyena laughs. Brainless gorillas and Food rapped in tortillas. All of these things happen at the Crazy Zoo while we run from the Crazy monkey flinging poo.

Will b  
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