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The MindBoggling Poetry of Tyler

I Can’t Write a Poem I can't write a poem The ideas just won't flow. They're all bottled up in there Waiting to explode. I can't write a poem It's very hard to do. I just can’t write a poem I haven't got a clue. Like a puzzled little person, Who knows not where to go I can't write a poem, They just come out so-so I can't write a poem, It never comes out right I can't write a poem, Like it's putting up a fight I can't write a poem, It always ends up wrong I can't write a poem, The words just don't belong I can't write a poem, It's always just a flop The words mush together Like a bad poetic glop It comes out disgusting It comes out gross But sitting, writing poetry Is what I love the most

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Air Audio for Poem

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Air. It is very important, Life on this planet would not exist without it Like cell phones, or television. Blowing this way, and that way Like a rushing stream, continuously changing direction Air. A survival tool, the Swiss Army knife that keeps us all living, Breathing, Powering the hearts and veins of every organism on this planet Cooling us down, that nice, refreshing breeze we all look for on a hot summer day. Who knew that such a simple thing, that is not even visible, could be so important?

Music Audio for Poem Music. Opening another piece of mind and heart A way to express feelings in a way words cannot. Like poetry. The lyrics and tune combine to add a whole new layer of depth and meaning, the way words cannot convey. When you just can't find that one word that you need To describe what you are trying to say You can use music and it will all become clear. Music. Not only useful and meaningful, but also fun to listen to. A way to escape from the stress of normal life And to live in a whole other world for 3 1/2 minutes. Music. A way to connect to someone else's feelings On a whole different level.

Tyler H  
Tyler H