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Walking on the Streets of Ljubljana


A Compilation of Original Poems by Tommy H

Soft Cookie Soft Cookie Warm Cookie Little Chocolate Chips Happy Cookie Sleepy Cookie Yum Yum Yum (Chomp!)

The City Paradise It may be far away It may be high up But it is the place That rises above it all

It has turns and twists It is far from the coast But I found the city of love

There are pubs and cafes, Shops and Promenades, River Ships and Motor Bikes, Yet not a single bus

There's the old town With its low rise buildings And its old time apartments

Then the new town Further up the river It has high rise and Glass walls, everything A city should have

A speck of yellow in a land of green It has it all And is hidden enough it is not Taken by Tourism

It is off the grid, accessible Through a mountain but When you decide to give It a try, you will soon See too,

The Title of Paradise Has Been Taken By Ljubljana

That Strange Car I stand outside waiting for the bus everyday, But here comes a strange car heading my way The next day I looked at it again, it had an odd plate on the front. That afternoon I see it again driving and driving no straight way. I don’t see anyone inside Like it is driving itself. The next day I see Cary Academy, I wonder what that means. I don't really know a ton. All I know is I see it again and again every single day.

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