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A Collection of Random Poems Sasha Kostenko

Wind It whispers In the darkest alleys, Sliding down the roofs, Reaching out And causing the carefully stacked and Sorted papers Flutter Gently to the ground.

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I tear At the bag With my hands and fingers And then my teeth, And it won't open. I peer Inside at the soft white Pillows, The pretty fluffy Clouds, That stretch and chew and melt in your mouth Sugary and Delicious.

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I Hate My Tablet

I hate my tablet so, so much. It hisses and always refuses to work, No matter how much I need it to, And no matter that I have something due the next day, The Internet crashes, The battery splutters, Microsoft shudders, And my stylus skids. And there's a lot more, So, so, so much more, Which begs the question What did I ever, ever do?

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