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Blossoms By: Sarah Cate Niles 2012

Where Would I be Without You? Where would I be right now without you? Would I be dead or would I be blue? Would I be happy with a different best friend? Would I be broken and impossible to mend? Would I be surrounded but still alone? Would I be able to hear my grandmother say "You've grown" Would I be sad day and night? Would I be so scared that anything would give me a fright? Where would I be without you? Would I grow old? Would I remember you being so bold? Would I be the girl that has no friends? Would you be the guy that can't reach ends? Would I be the blossom that never blooms? Would I be the wood that goes up in fumes? Would I have a different view? Where would I be without you? Thankfully I don’t have to think about that right now I don’t have to think about how.

Flowers Are Like Humans Flowers are like humans. They grow They die They are killed They breath They thirst They hunger They long to be loved And cared for. They are kept And dread They are stared at They are different shades Different kinds, heights ages Shapes.

Little Sister I remember standing on my toes Looking out that bright window Trying to forget about that little girl The blossom that didn’t fully bloom I remember you wiggling in next to me when you were scared in the night Tiptoeing into my room trying not to awake me. The time we had together wasn’t long It seemed like a dream I wish I could go back Hear you breathing Where you are, I don’t know. I remember all that looking through the glass I'm not gonna forget