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RyanS Moving Out Two People Being Six

Moving Out What happens when you move away, What do you feel, Do you hurt, are you angry? Have you ever felt bitterness? Frustration, knots in your stomach, All the things going through your head. Are you going to meet new friends, Will they be as good as your old friends? What school will you go to, Will it be a good school? Will you learn a lot? What will you wear, what if it's different? If you ever get that feeling, Where you feel empty, and there’s no emotion Know that you can trust the ones around you!

Two People There are two kinds of people in this world. There are the crazed people, who aren't afraid to do anything, And there are the shy people, who are afraid to show their face. People can take this to a greater extent, and say that crazed people might, Jump off a cliff, dive into canyon, or jump off an airplane, with an altitude of 500,000ft without a parachute. Whereas people can take shyness to greater extent, To the point where some people are afraid of everything! Won't come out of their house, won't come out of their room. There are two kinds of people in this world!

Being Six That six year old boy, Do you know him? He goes to my school, He's my best friend! You know that kid, That kid with black hair. He rocks that crazy do. But can't bear that peculiar girl. He's not afraid of anything, Not even a shark! He's known across town, As the uncanny miniature boy.