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Poetry collection

by: Rory H

Leaf To drift down like a leaf, Would be so wonderful, If you couldn't stand, But float like a leaf, Slowly but gently, Touching the ground,

Growing roots, To grow as my own, Growing up and up, Reaching for the sky, Slowly but surely, I am the most magnificent, I am the all-time greatest, I am a colossus,

I am the tree falling, falling to the ground, Because I am the best because, I am the most magnificent, Because I am the all-time greatest, Because I am a colossus, If only I get another chance,

Time to get off this rock

The earth, What are we? How did we get here? Why are we here These are the things that most people ask Most people The answer is THE EARTH IS GOING TO END NOW!!!!!! Jk Well that was according to the mynas What if we are just an experiment? What if we aren't But say we are What happens? We don’t know the universe is in fact in a nut shell And we are in it What if the stars are eyes peering down at us And black holes are vacuums And what if a super nova is a person taping the glass like a one way mirror What if… To be continued Now Hi again I'm back So what if That is the question What if we are in a zoo and we think we are making advancements Or what if we are in a program by a super computer How do we know? Well we don’t And that’s the mystery THE END OR IS IT

Ok it isn't the end I will stop whispering

So what is life? Some people will give you an equation Some people will say god Some people will say evolution But I say it is what you make of it THE END


Shimmering Glowing Rippling So smooth Yet It can overcome the hardest of objects With the softest of a touch Water It is essential In every way

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Rory H